Twin Flame Videos

We hope that you find these videos informative and helpful.

Twin Flames: Three Stages to Union

What are the three stages of the divine masculine, divine feminine, and sacred union, and how do you get to “Stage 3” — sacred union with your beloved? This video includes healing visualizations at the end.

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Your Map to Greater Union (Healing Video)

We share with you our newly-created “map to union” and do guidance & healing for three topics from the map: the heart chakra, “other players” such as spouses and children, and being in the 3D/on Earth more fully.

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Transforming the “Runner” Dynamic in Your Twin Flame Union

In this video, we talk about why the twin flame “runner” runs — how the “chaser’s” response can make things better or worse — and what you can do to help resolve this dynamic.

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Why Is My Twin Flame Such a Jerk?!

Why do our twin flames act like jerks? And what can we do about it? In this video, Jill and Remi discuss the underlying causes of twin flame jerkiness, how we can respond, how we may be acting like a jerk too without realizing it, and how to heal all of this within and between us.

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Onward & Upward: Twin Flames Out of the Waiting Room!

In this video, we talk about getting out of the “Twin Flame Waiting Room” of despair and depression, feeling stuck and powerless, hiding out and playing small — and how you can use your twin flame energy to raise your vibration, get on your mission (whether your twin flame is “ready” or not), and experience joy, meaning and purpose on this wild and crazy twin flame journey.

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Twin Flames: Going More Fully Into Union

If you are a twin flame — whether you are separated or together — this video is for you! Jill and Remi discuss how you can be more fully in union and on mission no matter what is happening in your 3D connection with your twin flame.

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Using Your Feminine Power to Heal Your Twin Flame

So, women twin flames…Do you know how powerful you actually are? Do you know you can use your inherent goddess energy to heal not only your own wounds, but those of your twin flame/soul connection, and even more broadly, to help heal the world?

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Twin Flames: Why Is It So Hard?

Why is the twin flame reunion so painful and difficult? Why do so many twins and other soul couples struggle to complete their reunions? In this video, we talk about why this is, what you can do to help your reunion process, and do two energy healing exercises.

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Healing the Twin Flame Runner Dynamic

How can we heal the dynamic between twin flame runners and chasers? What makes a runner run? What makes a chaser chase? Does a chaser have more power and responsibility to help resolve issues than they think?

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