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Union & Ascension Groups

If you are wanting to make quantum leaps in your journey of union, ascension and healing with our support, are willing to learn and use the tools you need to do your own healing work, and are ready to take positive action steps in your life – this group is for you!

Create a deep community

Our Ascension & Union Groups create a deep community and a very rich opportunity for transformation in all areas of your ife. We have gotten such positive feedback from past participants about the impact these groups have had on them, and also how much they get from interacting with the other group members, practicing their transformational tools, and having an ongoing “spotlight” on their union, mission, and ascension journey.

If you’d like to join us…

….begin by taking our webinar series that teaches you the healing tools you’ll need for this group: Transforming Blockages To Your Twin Flame Union. After you have completed all six classes in the webinar series, you are welcome to join a group to go deeper, practice your skills, and make great leaps in your journey. The format is as follows:

  • Small group size (maximum 8 participants per group)

  • Six meetings of 2 hours each (meeting once every two weeks for three months)

  • Each participant will check in at the beginning of each meeting, and will receive guidance and healing for your individual situation, as well as receive group healing and benefit from the healing and guidance we do with other group members

  • Group members will meet between groups to exchange “mini-sessions” with each other, using your tools from Transforming Blockages to Your Twin Flame Union (this greatly accelerates your process and creates wonderful connections with the other group members)

  • Each group will serve as a healing and support circle that can choose to continue together after the six meeting group is complete, creating your own ongoing healing & support “tribe”. (Other groups have chosen to do this and have found it to be one of the most valuable aspects of these groups!)

  • We find Spirit “divinely organizes” these groups and synchronicity between members is common and often very powerful.

  • We use powerful group field energy/vortex creation to “supercharge” your intentions and goals for healing, mission, union, ascension – anything you want to create!

We look forward to connecting with you and participating in the magic, manifestation and mastery that is our intention for those of you in these groups!

Join a Group

I just want to let you know that this class was an absolutely incredible journey. I definitely grew so much, and I feel much more empowered than ever before. I loved the format in terms of hearing everyone else’s stories, and getting to learn from their journeys as well. Again, it was incredible and I hope many more people can benefit from this! Thank you so much. I have so much gratitude for what you guys do for all of us.

Coertunay K.

I wanted you to know that I feel it’s a miracle how much more my twin and I have grown since I first starting doing sessions with you 1 year ago. At that time, and I were hardly speaking.

The other changes that are happening to me have to do with my mission and how well everything is falling into alignment and the opportunities that are opening up at the perfect place and time. I’m very excited about this! I’m feeling much stronger and confident in putting myself out there and what I have to offer the world. This I feel is also connected to the work I’ve been doing with you both. Your work, guidance, healing, teaching, kindness, caring, compassion, devotion, integrity, dedication, patience, sincerity, etc. has been of the utmost blessing to me and invaluable. I’ve learned to follow my heart so much more and I feel a deep gratitude to both of you for that as well.

Melissa O.

I really enjoyed the group. So many synergies. So much healing. I think it brought me to a new low which has actually turned out to be the biggest blessing. I’ve been through the mill a bit with the TF thing – totally hacked off with it/twin/me/everything. But now I feel great! I’ve been shown a load more stuff to heal. I think the format, group etc was fabulous. Wouldn’t change any of it. Thank you.

Nicola P.

There are no words to describe how much your ascension and union series has helped my twin and I. He pulled away recently and I took Remi’s advice and cleared for the gunk in his field etc. I listen to the recording daily, sometimes more than once and I clear all the time. My twin called yesterday and he wants to get together soon but couldn’t give me a date. I told him that sounded good and the Miracle is: I really meant it! I really felt ok with all and everything! God bless you beautiful souls!

Melissa O.
I had been strongly guided to take that series even though I felt quite apprehensive at first. I experienced much emotional upheaval release during the series, which is a really great thing but sucked eggs at the time ha ha. The teaching component was hugely helpful, and each time I went back and listened again to the recordings, the teachings went deeper. The laser focus for the series enabled/pushed me to open up more to my twin and ask for more from him in a productive way, as well as to be more honest and truthful with him and myself, as well as kinder & more gentle. I learned to hold compassionate understanding space for him and for us more fully in the physical & in the higher realms, and it magically shifted the relationship dynamic. I really began to resonate with our relationship as being sacred and it shifted gradually but surely my perspective, and I began to resonate more with “our story” instead of the “human story”. The teachings were invaluable to me, as well as the energy and activations brought to each class.

My connection with my twin has reached new levels: more regular communication, more time spent together in the physical, more connecting & communing in the ethers, and a powerful opening up by him with respect to his private life, children & how he is doing.
I also feel that because the group participants (both series) appeared to all be in a more mature advanced stage energetically & knowledge wise, really helped shifts also 🙂

Cara B.