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Transforming Blockages

In this powerful six-part webinar, we help you heal and transform as many of the major blockages to your twin flame union and mission as we can pack in, plus give you the tools to continue healing on your own after this series, and lots of other goodies including ongoing support just for our Transforming Blockages team!

Become your own Twin Flame Healer!

This webinar is all about empowering you to become your own twin flame healer — teaching you how to assess what needs to be healed and cleared for you and your twin flame, and sharing with you how we transform them for ourselves and our clients.

You will receive effective tools to help you to be more fully in union and on mission (whether you are separated or together), and help you dance more effectively, and with more peace, joy, power, and clarity, with the twin flame energy you are experiencing. You can also use these tools to do healing work for your other loved ones, as well as for your clients if you are a professional helper. People are reporting lots of shifts as they do this work for themselves and their twin; join us for this transformational journey!

The Transforming Blockages webinar comes with a 220 page Healing Manual, two free Healing Calls, ongoing twice-monthly Support/Q&A Calls, a private Facebook group, access to individual healing and guidance sessions just for Transforming Blockages participants, and more.

We will be covering the following topics, among others:

  • understanding our energy system and our vibration from various perspectives

  • how how to upgrade our energy field

  • how to precisely determine the source of blockages, including two very precise assessment tools to help you to assess issues such as ancestral, past lives, negative energies, etc. for you, your loved ones and for others you may want to help, including clients

  • how to heal trauma from this lifetime within minutes using methods from energy psychology

  • how to quickly and precisely resolve ancestral trauma and past life trauma 

  • how sensitive people can be in this world more easily, including learning, protection, grounding, personal power, transmuting negative energies around you, etc.

  • helping people to be more in their heart and power, and to understand their mission more fully so they can serve in a way that brings them satisfaction and joy

  • learn various spiritual methods to help balance and uplift you – and help you go to a higher and higher level of functioning

  • help resolve blockages between you and your loved ones, including your beloved

This updated series has a lot more methods to help you…

It includes not methods that are not only meant for healing, but also to help people who have a more mental orientation. It also focuses on the four main areas to help you and your loved ones go up and up: healing methods, upgrading your mental perspective, how best to take action to transform your life, and connect more fully with other people. We first did this course live a few years ago and we have learned so much since then, that we have been guided to upgrade it and broaden the focus to include not only twin flames, but individuals on mission and in the ascension process, and parents of advanced soul kids (indigos, crystals, and so on).

We love working with our Transforming Blockages team and are constantly cooking up new things to offer you to help you in your journey!

When you register, you will receive both the current version (as an instant download) and participate live in the updated version, meeting for two Healing Calls and six classes as follows:

Healing Call — May 8

Healing Call — June 5

Six Classes: July 3, July 17, July 31, August 14, August 28, September 11

If you are ready to become your own healer and upgrade your life, this webinar is for you! We look forward to you joining us.

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