If you are called to become your own healer ~ for yourself, your twin flame and other loved ones ~ or to begin work as a healer for others, this page is for you!

You will start by taking our basic training webinar Transforming Blockages, which gives you the transformational and healing tools we use for ourselves and our clients.

In this powerful six-part webinar (meeting live July-September 2018), we help you heal and transform as many of the major blockages to your twin flame union and mission as we can pack in, plus give you the tools to continue healing on your own after this series!

You will receive effective tools to help you to be more fully in union and on mission (whether you are separated or together), and help you dance more effectively, and with more peace, joy, power, and clarity, with the twin flame energy you are experiencing. You can also use these tools to do healing work for your other loved ones, as well as for your clients if you are a professional helper.

The Transforming Blockages webinar comes with a healing manual, an invitation to join a private Facebook group, ongoing Healing/Q&A Calls, invitations to small group sessions, and much more!

If you’re called to go further, you can join one of our ongoing training groups where you will receive ongoing guidance, practice your skills in a small group setting with personal attention from us, and receive support for your own healing and transformation.  Come join the team!