Your Earth Grid Assignment & Transforming Negative Energies Where You Live



Many twin flames don’t know how impactful their environment is on their twin flame union and mission.  If you are living in a place with lots of negative energy, it can be much harder to connect with your soul/higher self, and it can be much harder for your twin to feel you and connect with you.  The good news is that it can be cleared, and in fact it may be part of your twin flame mission to do this.

Where we live can be a minefield of energies – EMFs, collective energies from old traumas that happened nearby such as war or famine, curses on the land where you live, houses with entities or ghosts, death energy from previous inhabitants, lots of noise and city energy, etc.  There can also be damaged ley lines, grid lines, and negative portals that impact you.

In this webinar, we’ll help you assess what energies could be impacting you and your twin flame, and how to transform them to help yourself, your twin, and the Earth.

We’ll also discuss what it means to have a “grid assignment” — a particular place on the planet that you and your twin flame are connected with and usually are called to travel and/or live — and how to work with the Earth grid as a twin flame.