New! Unblocking the Flow of Love




The wounds of the past block the flow of love, much more so than many people realize.  When we hold a grudge or have unforgiveness toward anyone in our lives, it creates a negative energy flow that can create major distance in our relationship with our twin flame and other loved ones.  We can be holding on to old anger, mistrust, resentment from the past that we’re not aware of, and are having a major impact on us all the same.

In this webinar, we will be helping you free yourself from unforgiveness, cutting the negative energy cords that you have with those you have not yet forgiven, and healing the wounds that lie beneath lack of forgiveness.  We will be helping you develop your higher heart, and go more fully into love and compassion, which will help you become more ready for union with your twin flame. 

We will meet live on Wednesday, December 19, at noon Pacific (if you can’t join live, you can listen to the audio recording at any point after the live webinar ends).