Dancing with Your Twin Flame: Reconnecting After Separation




Have you ever had your twin flame reach out to you after not hearing from them for awhile  – and after the initial feelings of elation (or a brief honeymoon period) — you want to bite his/her head off for being such a dirty dog leaving you high and dry without him for so long?  Or fall apart at the first contact because of how painful it’s been to be away from him?  Or tell him you’re no longer interested because you’ve found your worth and deserve better (but maybe you can be just friends)?  And then he runs for the hills once again…

No matter what your feelings are, it doesn’t have to be like this.  From your twin flame’s side, it took a lot to reach out, and he/she has some intense feelings too – and all of this makes reconnecting a tricky and delicate time.  There is a lot on the plate that needs to get dealt with, and how you do this can mean the difference between a return into separation land, or a move toward more union with your twin flame.

No matter the past – it’s time to learn a new dance.  And if you “blew it” last time – there are many energies working behind the scenes for your union – and chances are very good you’ll get another opportunity.

Even if he/she is just reconnecting for 15 minutes – any contact is a golden opportunity to create more union, and this webinar is here to teach you how to use it.  This is an opportunity to learn the skills of reconnecting and do this very differently, in a way that creates more connection, deeper understanding, healing, and can be the gateway for further union.

In this webinar, we will teach you a “reconnecting formula” that works very well (if you use it!), help you heal what may get in the way of a more graceful and harmonious reconnection, and help you prepare for the “next time,” making each opportunity for connection the best it can be.