Twin Flames and the Dark Night of the Soul




When we meet our twin flames and feel that incredible blissful connection we’ve been waiting for all our lives, we have no clue what we’re really in for!

We love the image of the phoenix in relation to twins and we have experienced this over and over again – like the phoenix, we are reduced to ashes (our egos) and are reborn at a higher level, over and over again. If this process sounds painful and scary, it is. As we go deeper into our union process (within us and between us and our twin flames) the ego deaths get more and more intense, triggering a “dark night of the soul” that can feel like too much to survive.

Most people are not taught tools to understand what is happening to us during these “dark nights” and a result, we panic, think there is something wrong with us, think we can’t survive, even start to think of ending it all. The good news is there are some things that really help when you’re going through a dark night of the soul – we’ll share them with you during this webinar and do healing for you so this can become a survival kit for twin flames in dark nights of the soul.