Your Mission — Are You On It?




Is there such a thing as being on mission – and what does that look like for twin flames? The mission of twin flames varies enormously depending on which soul group you come from, and what you and your twin flame planned before incarnating.

In our experience, all twin flames have a collective mission to help the planet, and each pair in addition has their own unique to them mission based on their particular soul gifts. Clarifying what your mission is, and being powerful moving forward with it, is one of the most profound things you can do as a twin flame.

What does your mission look like if you’re apart as a couple? Can you still proceed, does it look different than if you were together, can you be successful? Can the mission be adapted due to 3D circumstances? What gets in the way of mission and how can you resolve these things? This webinar takes you through transformational exercises to help you accomplish your mission as an individual and as a twin, no matter if you’re together or apart.