Falling Apart and Freaking Out (Handling Intense Energies)



It’s clear to us what happens to us when we’re freaking out or falling apart — we feel awful! We are also less available for our union and mission.

There’s an impact on our energy field over the long term that we’re usually not aware of, and an impact on our twin flame because they’re in touch with our energy field. And the same applies when our twin flames freak out and fall apart.

To top it all off, there are also various issues impacting us — ETs, curses, ancestral issues, collective consciousness, soul group issues, and so on. In this webinar, we discuss all these issues, along with the dark night of the soul, as well as how to resolve them, including how to become stronger so we can withstand the energies rather than fall apart. This webinar also takes you through healing exercises to help you and your twin heal at a profound level.