Essentials Package for Twin Flames with Children: Your Map and Tools for Union, Mission, Ascension, and Parenting



In this package for twin flames with children, we share with you the map and the transformational methods we have used to create our own harmonized twin flame union, mission and ascension — with children in the mix.

You will receive four powerful webinar series — at a 30% discount (for dates and details, please see the individual descriptions of each webinar series).  We look forward to you joining us!

If you are a single parent, living in a developing country, or are receiving public assistance, please contact us for a reduced rate.

Twin Flames: Navigating the Journey (six-part webinar series)

Parenting & Your Twin Flame Union (six-part webinar series)

Dancing with Your Twin Flame: Essentials for 3D Union (four-part webinar series)

Transforming Blockages to Your Twin Flame Union (six-part training webinar, plus Healing Manual & ongoing support)