Transforming Victim Consciousness



As a twin flame, one of our most crucial tasks is transforming victim consciousness.  In victim consciousness, we see other people and outside factors – the economy, the world, God, our twin flame – as the source of our problems and misery, and we see ourselves as helpless or powerless – and act accordingly.  Guess what comes back to us?  More of the same!  This is the spiritual law of attraction.

Each of us chose certain conditions and circumstances in our pre-birth plan in order to accomplish a greater goal during this lifetime – namely, the transformation of old templates and the awakening of a new vibration.  Because of this goal, nearly all of us twin flames “choose” challenging lives – which we promptly forget we chose once we incarnate. Because of this forgetting, and for many other reasons (past lives, ancestral templates, childhood wounds, etc.), we can feel like major victims and forget we have the power to do what we came here for.

This can – and absolutely must – be transformed in order to ascend and live your life purpose as a twin flame.  It is impossible to fully unite with your twin flame while you are in victim consciousness — as well as manifest what you want, be on your mission, be in joy, have inner peace and power, and so on – all of the good things in life!

Life on the other side of victim consciousness is better than you can imagine – and this webinar is designed to get you there.  Join us if you want to make this life-changing leap!