New! Thriving as an Advanced Soul




All twin flames are advanced souls (indigos, starseeds, lightworkers, etc.), and almost without exception, advanced souls needs some help thriving here on Earth.

We don’t have to tell you that Earth is an extremely challenging place to be.  Some say it is one of the more difficult planets to incarnate on.  It was designed to be a place of both challenge and support, so we could test our muscles and skill as a powerful creator — to come into such a dense environment and then wake up to our Divine nature and realize we have the power to transform it.  What a game!  Yet most of us don’t know how to play it.

We forget that we’ve come here to transform all of this, and we get caught up in it instead.  It all looks very do-able when we’re “up there” in the higher vibrations, so we plan all kinds of challenging things before incarnating in order to both grow, and serve.  If we’ve been here before, we forget how hard and intense it can be.  We can do it, we think!  

We arrive full of stars, ready to play and transform, and then — “wham!” we’re hit with EARTH, full of density, toxicity, and a variety of powerful energies we don’t know how to handle.  And then it gets worse from there as we look around us and see FAMILY (which is usually set up as challenge for our growth and lessons and preparing us for our mission as transformers, as well as finishing undone past life issues and contracts (“oh no, not you again!!”).  We also begin to tune into what’s around us more broadly: war, suffering, trauma, stuffed emotions, stuck energies, disembodied souls wandering around, lack of love, etc.   And then it gets even “worse” when we meet our twin flame, our life turns upside down, and it all gets more intense from there.  No wonder many of us are kicking and screaming, forgetting we planned all of this and need to remember how to transform it!

This webinar will help you do just that — giving you some tools and tips for thriving as an advanced soul on Earth.

We will meet live on Wednesday, December 7, at noon Pacific.  If you can’t attend live, you can listen in later via the recording.