Dancing With Your Twin Flame: The Goddess Within



If you are a twin flame, your inner goddess is crucial to the dance of your union — and to every aspect of your life.  There are many aspects to your inner goddess: the lover, the mother, the healer, the wise one, the powerful one, and so on. These parts can be working against each other, or they can be working as a powerful harmonious and whole in a beautiful dance – an inner goddess who is fully in her power, wisdom and love.

Having a strong and balanced inner goddess helps upgrade everything within you, including your inner male, all of your hidden aspects of self, your wounded inner child, and so on.

As twin flames, we are here in part to transform the old feminine templates and create a new energy – so transforming your inner goddess does so much more than just help you and your twin flame.  It helps transform the world.

We have been working with the goddess recently to hold and send light to the twin flame males who are caught up in lower energies – with great success.

In this webinar, we will be helping you transform your inner goddess into a harmonious, luminous, dancing being who can help you, your twin flame, and the world.