Substance Abuse as a Spiritual Issue – and How To Transform It



This webinar is for anyone who struggles with substance abuse or other addictions, as well as if you have a twin flame or other loved one with this issue.

People who are depressed or anxious are more likely to misuse substances. If this is you or your twin, one or both of you likely have sizable childhood wounds you haven’t found a way of resolving. As advanced souls, you and your twin are also very sensitive and sometimes we turn to addictions to help us cope with all of the energies around us that are difficult to deal with.

Because life as an advanced soul on Earth is very challenging, for many of us, there are parts of us that just don’t want to be here, that want oblivion, or want the high of using the substance, whether it’s food, gambling, alcohol, pornography, cocaine, and so on. After a while, nothing else cuts it and the substance takes over. We just yearn for that high and to disconnect – at least for a while.

In this webinar, we’ll help you to manage your sensitivity more effectively, to heal the childhood wounds and other energies that really impact you, to learn to be more in charge of your own life rather than being taken over by the substance and other energies, to heal some of the damage that coping with your substance has done.

For those of you who have a loved one who’s into substance abuse, we’ll help you heal some of the damage – for them and for you. And we’ll help you learn how to heal the causes at the energetic level and how to help transform them – even if they’re not a participant. (Distance healing is far more powerful than most people realize!)