New! Parenting & Your Twin Flame Union (six-class webinar)



This one is for all parents, partners of parents, and future parents who want to be prepared — whether you are on a twin flame/soul connection journey or not.

Is your child or teen very sensitive, intuitive, intelligent and strong-willed?

Do you often feel “out of your league” when trying to parent — like nothing you do works, or parenting takes up so much time and energy you have little left for your own mission? Do you find yourself struggling or overwhelmed on a daily basis, blowing up in anger or falling into despair?

Many of you are parents of advanced soul kids who are very sensitive, intuitive, and powerful, tend to struggle with “Earth life” and do not play by the old rules — and who challenge us (and ultimately help us grow and transform) almost as much as our twin flames do!

If you are a twin flame or in a strong soul connection, children and parenting issues can be some of the biggest challenges to integrate in our union journeys — and this has been true for us.

If you are struggling with parenting your indigo or sensitive kid/s, twin flame or not, you are warmly invited to join us for this transformational series!

*If you live in a developing country, are a single parent, or receiving public assistance, please contact us for a reduced rate.

Listen in to the free healing/intro call for this webinar here:

In this series, we will be covering:

  • Understanding and parenting indigos/advanced soul kids

  • Soul issues for and with your children: past life, soul group, etc.

  • Energy clearing for your kids

  • Creating a template of parenting that works for advanced soul kids

  • Single parent and blended family issues

  • Children and trauma

  • Parenting if you had childhood trauma

  • Parenting and mission

  • Parenting and twin flame union/relationship issues

  • When your child pushes your buttons/handling parenting triggers

  • When your child has special gifts — mediumship (seeing spirits), psychic abilities, etc

  • Multi-dimensional healing for you and your kids, and beyond

  • Balancing your needs and your child/ren’s needs

  • And much more!

* A note about our experience with this: In addition to navigating our own twin flame union with kids in the mix from day one, both of us were focused on helping advanced soul/indigo kids before we met (Remi has written a book on indigo kids and in “pre-twin flame life” spent forty years as a therapist and trainer working with couples and families) — so we combine our training and experience pre-twin flame experience, with all that we’ve learned and transformed since.

This webinar has been many years in the making, and we finally feel ready to share it with you. If you’re struggling regarding any of this, and would like a hand, this webinar series is for you!

This class is currently live and in progress.  The first four classes are available for immediate download, and the last two will be meeting on Saturday, July 28, and Saturday, August 4 at 11 am Pacific.  If you can’t join us live, you can still participate by listening in to the recording at your convenience.

 We look forward to sharing this journey with you!