Onward & Upward: Manifesting Your Next Level of Mission and Union (five-class webinar)



In our perspective, the primary mission of every twin flame and lightworker is to awaken to your own divinity and live as your divine self doing your unique sacred purpose on Earth.

No matter what, you can awaken to your own divinity and do your mission. It doesn’t matter if you have kids, if you live in deepest Peru, if you had a terrible childhood, if you got kicked out of the tribe for being a weirdo in a past life (or this one!), if your husband/wife disapproves — you can still find a way to awaken to your own divinity and do your mission.

There are no circumstances, and we mean none, that can prevent you from doing this.

We know this, because we look into the Akashic records of you wonderful souls every day. We see you as the infinite, powerful, and gifted beings you are.

So much of not being in mission and in union is not claiming who we truly are, and the energies of Earth right now are very supportive of us stepping into our divine selves and living our mission.

This five-part webinar will help you step into these new energies and take your place there, whether or not you are with your twin flame in the 3D (this webinar is also for those of you who are on the ascension path but not twin flames).  For many of us, the mission is shifting and expanding and this webinar will help you catch that wave to your next level (and beyond!).

A few of the things we’ll be covering:

  • Taking your seat on the “Throne Of Your Life” — and kindly but firmly giving the boot to people and things that don’t belong there!
  • Assessing where you are on the path of mission, clearing blockages regarding this, and clarifying the steps you need to take to go to the next level
  • Activating and working with the “third energy” you generate as a twin flame to fuel your mission
  • Getting out of obsession and doormat behavior into power and self-love: moving from victim to powerful creator
  • Upgrading and balancing your inner masculine and feminine at a higher level
  • Freeing yourself from anything that keeps you small or stuck: relationships, work, place
  • Cutting cords with anyone who has “plugged in” to you and is draining your energy
  • Updating all of your soul contracts so you are not stuck in relationships that no longer require your presence
  • Claiming your place and path as an advanced soul
  • Freeing yourself from collective energies (jumping the matrix) and living as the radiant being you ARE
  • And much more…..

We have set powerful intentions for you to take your next steps and leaps in manifesting your next levels of mission and union — join us!