Initiation and Ascension in Your Twin Flame Connection



All twin flames, from the moment we first meet this lifetime, are on a journey of initiation and ascension — no exceptions.

We can fight the process, we can dig in our heels, we can get mad at the Universe (or our twin flame)…but it doesn’t help much.

As one wise teacher said: “We are all being dragged kicking and screaming to heaven,” and that’s what it can feel like on the twin flame journey.

Understanding the process you and your twin flame are going through and having tools to navigate the journey can make all the difference between a smoother journey and a very bumpy ride!

In this webinar, we talk about the initiation/ascension process and how that applies to your twin flame journey and give you tools and survival strategies so that you can go through initiation with the maximum of grace and ease (and the minimum of kicking and screaming).

We’ll be sharing what worked — and what didn’t — in our own twin flame initiation process (so far), doing healing work for everyone, and answering your questions.

From a participant:

“WOW!!!! The Initiation and Ascension seminar was AWESOME! So much great information, healing and affirmation were amongst the gifts you bestowed this morning! Thank you!

By the way, it is remarkable that you were able to transmit from Sedona! Those Holy Red Rocks hold such power!

As usual, this was right in time for me and my Beloved. We are living apart but deeply connected. He is still in a 3D marriage 850 miles away from me, but I no longer chafe and whine about our full time Union and Mission taking soooo long to manifest in 3D. He’s finishing important things; I am finishing important things. There is no f*ing way we could attend to those important things while living together without killing each other. That’s hyperbole, but I think you understand. Both of us are in the Ascension process. I’m having grand meltdowns (going into the dark places, huge storms of feeling and weeping…) and then the crap is offloaded and cleared~ and then we rise into the Light! Sometimes it is my stuff that is cleared away. Sometimes it is the stuff of my Beloved. It’s pretty amazing! It’s also exhausting! It’s no accident that my current work/living situation a avails time and space to go through this process.

I am grateful beyond measure to you, to our Guides and to my Beloved for this perfect timing! Also, I have no doubt whatsoever that my Beloved and I will be together in full time Union and Mission. We are simply in a season of Ascension. Lol! It’s as simple and as complex as that!!!

Thank you also for the laughter that accompany the tears as we all ascend together! Shit happens. In the moment it often feels horrible, but passing through is possible…and laughing with delight on the other side of it is wonderful!

On behalf of my Twin and myself, thank you for serving and living On Mission!”

~ R.G., USA