Healing the Wounds of Sexual Trauma



If you have survived sexual abuse or sexual assault, you know how deep these wounds are and how profoundly they impact your life until you heal.

Our sexual wounding (from this lifetime and past lives) also deeply impacts our ability to be in sacred sexual union with our beloved, as well as our physical health, life energy, joy, and ability to be fully present in our bodies and on Earth.

The good news is, healing from sexual trauma can be done more quickly and efficiently than you may believe, using energy medicine, working with the archangels and ascended masters, and by doing cord cutting, releasing of vows, and deep clearing and healing of your energy field.

If you still have wounds to heal in this area, we invite you to join us for this deeply transformational healing call, where we will be:

· Cutting energetic cords between you and your abuser(s)/perpetrator(s), from this life and past lives
· Healing past lives where you have experienced abuse and assault
· Healing the womb (for women)/sexual area (for both genders) and bringing the energy of peace, healing, and innocence to our sexual areas of both the physical and energy bodies
· Clearing past life vows, contracts and agreements with any who have harmed us sexually, and any we may have harmed in past lives
· Healing shame
· Reclaiming our power and establishing energetic boundaries more fully
· Connecting with our archangels and ascended master team to continue the healing process and bring us more peace, healing, and positive energy 

You deserve a life free of sexual trauma, and the new life that awaits you on the other side of your healing.  Please join us!