Guides and High Beings



We all have a variety of guides working with us in our twin flame journeys – some higher and wiser than others.

In this webinar, we’ll teach you what we’ve learned about guides and assistance from higher beings.  We’ll help you determine the difference between wiser guides and lower ones, who may be steering you astray, although they usually have the best of intentions.  We’ll show you how to get more appropriate help and what to avoid.

We’ll also help you upgrade your guide team for you and your twin flame, and connect your two teams so they can work together to serve you and your union better, and do healing for issues you may have around receiving and acting on guidance.  In addition, we’ll help you repair your connection with the heavens and to connect with a variety of higher beings as well as with the unmanifest (Source, the Divine) to help you with your union and mission.