Going More Fully on Your Mission




All twin flames have a mission. For some, it is simply to heal and love and join together in as much union as we can accomplish with our twin. For others, it is a very specific undertaking such as teaching something, transforming a particular lineage or place on the Earth, or joining our gifts in some particular way to help the world.

We can really easily get stuck in terms of our mission as advanced souls as well as twin flames. There are MANY things that can get in the way of mission – within us, between us, and around us. Some of these are issues that we’ve been avoiding for many lifetimes and that we don’t want to acknowledge in ourselves.

Part of our job is to help you and your twin flame clear these things so you can be on your mission more fully, whether you’re physically together or apart. Join us for this webinar where we’ll help you go more deeply into your mission, and how to use your inner masculine and feminine energies, and the energetic connection between the two of you, to do what you came here to do!