Dancing With Your Twin Flame: Essential Healing for 3D Connection (four-class webinar)



This is our most recent series, with our most powerful energy yet!  In this webinar series, we cover four topics we’ve found crucial in our own union.  We help you transform your inner dance and your dance with your twin flame, including twin flame energy attunements to help you in your union process and vibration.  Full descriptions of these webinars can be found on the “webinars and books” page.  For what participants are saying about this series, scroll down.

Class 1: Dancing with Your Twin Flame: Hidden Selves

Class 2: Dancing with Your Twin Flame: Communication

Class 3: Dancing with Your Twin Flame: the Goddess Within

Class 4: Dancing with Your Twin Flame: Reconnecting After Separation

Feedback from this series:

Thank you for this past outstanding webinar series.  It is obvious how much you both have grown and how much I and my twin have too.  I wanted to let you know that the separation webinar was very relevant even if one has not been separated.  Like you, we have not had a real separation but have had smaller times of disconnection, and I thought everything you said in this webinar was spot on. I am looking forward to the future ones in the spring!

–       Mary H.

Thanks a lot for the last series, it was very very, intense and beautiful I learned a lot!

–       Rose A.

I wanted to express my appreciation for your most recent webinar series. I listened to the goddess one this week and found it very powerful. I recently felt a lot of things shifting. I feel much more connected with my twin right now. There is some 3D evidence of the shift as well, but I’m allowing myself to stay focused on basking in the 5D energies right now. I’m doing better at not being so attached to the 3D results.
I also had an interesting experience today of offering healing for a friend and her husband relying only on my intuition (rather than using my pendulum). It feels really good to be trusting and surrendering more. Thank you so much for your wisdom, guidance, and support.

–       Suzanne M.

I had to give you guys a review for your last webinar series.  I’m starting to understand the benefits of this journey thanks to your insights and magnificent teaching capabilities.  These exercises are working miracles for others in my life too.  I’m truly amazed.

–       Melissa O.

I will use the tips from the webinar series. I have listened to these all weekend and they have helped me get back in the right frame of mind and space with my twin and our connection.

–       Marissa W.

I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful webinar series this last one was!

Being that it was a number 1 year – New Beginnings (for those who follow astrology) – it has been a really tough one in a lot of ways!!

–       Leah M.