Dancing With Your Twin Flame: Communication




Most of us, by the time we’re logged any significant miles in our twin flame union, have at least a master’s degree in how NOT to communicate.

We’ve blamed them, tried to take away their power, squawked, complained and howled like children, scared the crap out of them, picked fights, pushed them away…you get the idea.  And we can bet they’ve done the same.

Of course we need to forgive ourselves for this, and if we want more union – we need to learn a different dance!

This webinar will teach you how to connect even better if you want greater union with your twin.

We’ll be covering a wide range of topics, including:

  • Your inner attitude

  • What to say – and what not to say – when your twin flame is triggered

  • How to communicate with your twin flame when YOU are triggered

  • How to create greater union and connection by honoring and allowing each other’s differences, quirks and sensitivities

  • Not wrestling with their inner bully

  • Speaking from the heart/wise self rather than the ego

  • How to have your door open for your beloved, how to greet them when they’re ready to dance, even if only for 10 minutes