Becoming a Twin Flame Goddess (four-class webinar)



All twin flame women — no matter what is happening in 3D with your union — can take the twin flame path as an opportunity to grow, heal, and transform deeply and rapidly, gradually becoming a twin flame goddess who radiates power and love, and is a powerful channel for healing and transforming the planet.

We’ve worked with women in all stages of the union process; separated with “no hope” of coming together with their twins, in full 3D relationship, and every situation in between. No matter what your situation is in 3D, we’ve seen women blossom and transform incredibly if they persist on the path of healing. That’s what this webinar is all about.

In this four-part webinar series, we will use the chakra system as our map for helping you transform into your own unique and radiant goddess.  In addition to the four webinars, there is a free healing call designed to help you integrate the energies between the first and second class.

We will be focusing on how each chakra relates to mission and union, doing healing and upgrading for you at each level, and helping you build an energy body that can dance with more joy, radiance, sensuality, peace, love, power, abundance, connection, and divine knowing.

We will also be working with a team of high beings/goddesses who can help you embody these qualities more fully, and experience the joys and deep gifts of becoming a goddess in a human body!