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Dear Twin Flame: The Top 5 Reasons You Should Not Go On Your Mission!

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Dear twin flame, this is your small self speaking with a very important message in case you are getting any wild and crazy ideas! Here are the top five reasons you should NOT go on your mission (also known as following your soul’s true bliss and activating your sacred life purpose):
#5 — It will be too hard and/or I won’t cut it
Dear twin flame, this is your large self speaking. Don’t listen to this small voice — you (and every other soul) is designed to be and have everything it takes to do your mission. What you need will be provided, as long as you say yes and clear the obstacles as they come up. You will be helped by many invisible hands. I (your large self) and your Divine team of helpers will be here with you and it will be quite an adventure. You’ve been waiting lifetimes for this; let’s go for it together!
#4 — Going on my mission will take me away from my twin flame
Nothing could be further from the truth. Mission and union both mean connecting more fully with your soul (me!) and your mission takes you closer to union and vice versa. Don’t be afraid of losing your twin flame as you go on your mission. As you live your mission/sacred life purpose, you increase your joy and raise your vibration and that draws all kinds of wonderful things to you, including your twin flame.
#3 — I’d love to go on my mission, but my (kids, dog, aging parents etc) need me too much
There is a way to do both (handle ongoing life responsibilities while still finding a way to do your mission). Many do. When you put first things first — your joy and sacred life purpose — the Universe supports you in finding creative solutions to help take care of what you need to take care of. And then that joy permeates all of the other aspects of your life, and you become a more joyful caregiver of the people and things that need you, rather than a martyr secretly longing for a different life.
#2 — God/the Universe won’t support me
“If you do follow your bliss, you put yourself on a kind of track that has been there all the while, waiting for you. You begin to meet people who are in your field of bliss, and they open doors to you. follow your bliss and don’t be afraid, and doors will open where you didn’t know they were going to be.“ ~ Joseph Campbell
Have faith that God/the Universe/Spirit will make a way, and it will. This is the way the Universe is designed. Many don’t believe because they give up too soon, blame it on themselves, their childhood, on God, etc. You are a powerful creator and you can absolutely co-create with the divine moment by moment. It’s why you’re here.
#1 — I would love to, but I’m too old, sick, tired, have nothing to offer…
Dear twin flame, that is just your fear speaking — none of these things are true. As the saying goes, “it’s never too late to be what you might have been.” Say you are 70 — what are you planning to do with you next 10 years? Would you prefer to be an unhappy 80 year old, or a very happy one serving the world and living a life of meaning and purpose? That is your choice, and you can make it today. What will you do with the time you have left? There are many ways to do mission, some of them from your own living room or even bed. The Universe is endlessly creative with our circumstances and we can always find a way.
Dear twin flame, Jill and Remi here. We hope you have enjoyed this talk with your large self. It may have other things to say to you today, if so you may want to listen!
And if you are considering making a wild and crazy leap into a life of more meaning, joy, and purpose — we are too! We are creating a powerful container to support you in your mission in the coming months, join us! http://twinflamehealers.com/product/onward-and-upward/
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Saying YES: Awakening To Your Divine Self and Activating Your Sacred Life Purpose

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How do you feel when we say this: the primary mission of every twin flame and lightworker is to awaken to your own divinity and live as your divine self doing your unique sacred purpose on Earth.
And then what does your mind tell you? Are there any “yeah-buts” or “well I can’t because…?” Yeah, fine but I’m too (tired, wounded, old, sick, my twin flame won’t come forward, everyone will hate me or think I’m crazy…)
Did you know: there is nothing more powerful outside of you than what is inside of you? There is nothing “out there” that can stop you from being the divine being you are, from finding out and doing your sacred life purpose, from manifesting higher and deeper levels of union.
No matter what, you can awaken to your own divinity and still do your mission. It doesn’t matter if you have kids, if you live in deepest Peru, if you had a terrible childhood, if you got kicked out of the tribe for being a weirdo in a past life or this one, if your husband/wife disapproves — you can still find a way to awaken to your own divinity and do your mission.
There are no circumstances, and we mean none, that can prevent you from doing this.
We know this, because we look into the Akashic records of you wonderful souls every day. We see you as the infinite, powerful, and gifted being you are.
So much of not being in mission and in union is not claiming who we truly are.
There is nothing sadder to us than a world full of infinite powerful beings playing small and being in despair.
And there is nothing more inspiring to us than imagining a world where all twin flames and lightworkers are awakening to their divine selves and living their mission.
Imagine at the end of your life, being able to look back and say: “I did it!  It wasn’t perfect, sometimes it wasn’t even great, I fell down a thousand times, but I kept saying yes, I kept getting up, I kept going for it, I kept persisting.”
Your YES fueled by the energy of of your limitless infinite being is far more powerful than the voices and forces outside of you that say no.
God/the Universe/The Divine will make a way. Always. Your job is not the “how” — it’s the YES, and then the persistence to keep going when the “no’s” try to stop you.  The miracles unfold from there.
(If you want our help with this, we’re here!  We’re starting a series to help you manifest your mission and union this Saturday — all the info and registration is here: Onward & Upward: Manifesting Your Next Level of Mission and Union
All our love,
Jill & Remi
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Had Enough Yet?! Healing Your Core Wounds

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We’re about to enter into a very sacred journey with some of you to heal your core wounds — a hero’s/heroine’s journey you could say. As we prepare for this, we’re moved to send a very deep bow to all of you who are engaged in this deep work of healing and transforming the wounds that keep you small, that keep you away from your beloved, from joy, and from your sacred mission on Earth.

And this of course isn’t just for those of you working with us — we know many of you reading this are working with others (or doing your own work), and our bow extends to you all on this journey!

We found this recently, and wanted to share because it’s beautifully written and explains this so well:

Core wounds are wounds that occurred in childhood. These are wounds that happen when one is not tended to properly as a child through neglect, abuse or maltreatment. Parents can damage the core essence of their children without even knowing it. Some caretakers are deficit in their own needs and are unable to give to their child. In fact, the way our culture raises children leads to much core wounding among us all. Everyone has core wounds at some level–some have it worse than others.

The core wound is experienced as deep-level pain due to some unmet childhood development need. This pain is triggered in current day situations when you encounter a similar situation or dynamic. It’s the deep stuff that surfaces when you face difficult losses in life. It’s the pain that is beneath the pain. The emotion that’s fueling all emotions. It’s the pain that drives one to drink, smoke, take drugs, gamble, shop or addictive relationships.

Core wounds include rejection, abandonment, betrayal, loss, injustice and the like. When our needs are not met as children, we experience the core wound and we experience toxic shame. We believe that because we were rejected or abandoned or that we lost a parent or a friend, that we are bad. We turn the external maltreatment internal and onto ourselves. The wound produces beliefs. These beliefs are what perpetuate the wound over and over and over until we die or the wound is healed.

People do anything to avoid their core wounds. Core wounds are the lie that says:

“You’re not good enough.”
“You’re incompetent.”
“Nobody loves you.”
“You are worthless.”

These voices in both your subconscious and conscious mind repeat over and over in myriad ways throughout your life unless they are healed. You will find yourself getting into scenarios again and again that prove your false beliefs to be true. Your core wounds are the fuel for false beliefs.

Healing the core wounds takes a lot of devastating work; much personal destruction and rebuilding…the key to setting you free is found at the center of the wound. If you want healing, you have to go into the eye of the storm. ~ Jenna Ryan

We (Jill and Remi) both spent decades wrapped up in our own core wounds and living the effects of how we felt based on what we went through in our childhoods, and YES we can say this work is just as she describes — devastating, requiring much personal destruction and rebuilding — going into the eye of the storm indeed.

We can both tell you though, this IS the key to setting you free, and also one of the crucial keys to going into union with your twin flame, and also going fully on your mission as an advanced soul.

Why wouldn’t everyone work on transforming these core wounds? Because we feel the horrors of our pain there, because we feel powerless to transform it, because we face our self-hatred there. It feels far too scary. And it’s also something called internalized oppression — we avoid healing deeply in order to continue to beat ourselves up and hate life. And as painful as that is, it feels safer than transforming deeply.

But our avoidance of going there perpetuates our unlived life — our inability to get the love we want, our not getting the money we need, our not being on mission. And our avoiding healing ourselves deeply guarantees that our twin flame or other soul connection won’t be coming to us — it helps to keep us safe!

If you know you still have core wounds to heal, this is the time when the energies are here to support you in doing this. Freedom is right here for you. There are many resources out there for you to support you in this — but please don’t waste your time with people who are either promising you a quick, easy fix around your emotions by avoiding your feelings or focusing only on the light (spiritual bypass), or are using old-school “traditional” methods of counseling. These likely won’t take you very far and won’t help you much, and can even make things worse as you can feel discouraged when you don’t feel better.

If you’ve been focused mostly on your twin flame and what they need to heal — now would be a great time to turn your focus to you. Paradoxically, the road to union in great part lies with the self. We must transform ourselves very deeply — otherwise, our twin will reflect our wounds and remain in avoidance or acting out. We can’t promise you they’ll come to you if you clean out your basement — no one can. But we can promise you it’s far more likely to happen if you work very deeply on yourself. We know, it’s really hard and really scary to do so. But this is where the gold is!

One of the reasons we avoid deep healing is because we’re afraid of more pain. That’s one of the old ways of healing — feeling our pain very deeply. That method is retraumatizing for a lot of people. We end up feeling worse or, at least, no better.

Healing doesn’t have to hurt so much! We think of what we do as “touch and go” — you touch into what needs to be healed, then apply the remedy to transform it quickly. You cry, you feel, you release, and the energy moves. Relief is very fast, and then your life changes accordingly. Did you know even major traumas can be transformed in a minute or two using energy healing methods? Yes, they can.

In healing your core wounds, you have NOTHING to lose and absolutely everything to gain. When you are vibrating as a transformed being, life can’t help but meet you there.

We share a lot of our hair-raising challenges and moments as twin flames, and we are also here to share with you the utter bliss and wonder that we live on a daily basis, having gone through the eye of the storm and made it out on the other side.

Healing and ascension, healing and mission, healing and union are all intertwined. In many ways, healing your core wounds are your ticket to reclaiming your sacred self and sacred life. Healing at this level is the re-establishment of the sacred self, where you are free to participate in the cosmic dance of the beloved, being fully on mission

As we jokingly say to each other: “that’s not so bad!”

Sometimes we don’t do this work until it just plain hurts too much not to. A favorite story of ours is from Neale Donald Walsch, the author and teacher, whose core wounds had pushed him to the very basement of life — homeless, having lost everything, in utter darkness — rock bottom. He recalls the moment when he awoke in the early hours of the morning and heard a voice say: “Have you had enough yet?”

His answer was a definite “yes.” And then his journey began…

Have you had enough yet?

If so, what are you waiting for?

© Twin Flame Healers

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Kuan Yin On the Dragon and You

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Gather round for some stories, dear twin flames, starseeds, indigos and sensitive souls!  We have some things to share.
When our work was just getting started, back in 2014, we got the guidance to leave behind our respective lives and security and move to the small island of Salt Spring, off the coast of British Columbia. We were told by Spirit that was where we needed to be to grow our work exponentially. It made no logical sense, but after sitting with it, pondering and continuing to check in and get a “yes,” we made the leap.
It was our first time living together, we found a beautiful home up high on a hill overlooking the ocean and a nearby island, and we thought we were going for peace, quiet, and bliss and all was going to be rosy in our world. Ha!
What actually happened was we got there and very shortly, one of our neighbors began clearing all of the trees on their property – besides being heartbreaking, it was noisy and actually at some points shook the ground, making being in our home unbearable. Our landlord came onto our property daily and did various projects (at one point even building another cabin he planned to rent out right next door). Then the neighbor on the other side of us began logging his property. So much for peace and privacy!
In addition, the energies there were so powerful it brought up many of our wounds very quickly. We both went into deep emotional states and various coping styles we had learned from childhood and just let me say, it wasn’t pretty or fun. We were in the fires of purification for sure.
We could have run away and said “to hell with this, and you – this isn’t what I signed up for!” But our guidance kept telling us to stay, to go through it, that this was happening to get us where we needed to go. So we said yes over and over, and stayed there, and stayed together, and kept going on our mission — even though we were kicking and screaming along the way. And Spirit was right – through all of this, we clarified our mission, we grew and healed and learned so much – and our work did grow exponentially. That was the birth of Twin Flame Healers.
Another story: we’ve shared with you the bliss of our wedding, now we’ll tell you a bit about what it took us to get there.
It took us five years from our meeting to our wedding, and we can say all kinds of things about that, but the truth is we had things from our past that got in the way – fears, wounds, you know the drill.
Last year, as soon as we decided to get married, to say yes to fuller union, guess what – the crap hit the fan. For six weeks before the wedding (even though we had no date set, Spirit knew!), we had tons of fears and distrust come up and we were bickering more than we had since Salt Spring.
Yes indeed – another trip through the fires of purification, this time in relation to Union. Some of the fears that came up were ridiculous: At one point, I (Jill) confessed to Remi that I was terrified that, as soon as we got married, he’d turn into an undershirt-wearing, squirrel-shooting husband yelling at me, shotgun in hand, to bring him his dinner and a cold beer. Haha, it’s funny now but it sure felt real then!
Even getting to Remi the day before our wedding (we still didn’t know yet we were getting married the next day!) was extremely difficult – my kids were melting down and I was feeling guilty for leaving, I had all kinds of things happening that I needed to deal with in 3D and felt irresponsible leaving home, there was terrible weather moving in, etc. etc.
As I was driving to the airport, Remi and I were talking and he told me that once I got down there, he was getting me a ring – I almost drove off the road! I started shaking and part of me was excited and part terrified.  I actually considered turning around and going home instead of coming to him – the feelings were that intense (twin flame “runner” aspect coming up at the last minute).
Until the very last minute I wasn’t sure I was getting on the plane – it was that touch and go. Of course I did get on the plane, and even though there were more glitches along the way, you all know the story of what happened after.
This happens every time – we say yes to something very powerfully (Salt Spring and mission, our marriage and union), then the Universe/our higher self gets busy putting us through all kinds of purification and clearing what stands in the way. It’s all orchestrated by Spirit to get us where we need to go, and it’s also why so many people turn away from transformation. It hurts! It’s hard! We don’t know what’s happening!
I shudder now to think of what I would have missed if I had said “no” the day before our wedding – the magic and bliss of the following day and all that has come after. Of course, we would have had another window, but I am sure glad I jumped through that one. The rewards have been incredible since we both said a fuller “yes.”
So how do we do this? We’ll share with you one of our powerful guides.
Before the shit hit the fan on Salt Spring and we were newly there, we wanted to get ourselves a gift as we celebrated this new phase of our coming together. We went to a metaphysical shop and saw this statue that immediately drew both of us. It was an image of the goddess Kuan Yin riding a dragon, and we both went “huh?” Kuan Yin is gentleness itself — what is she doing on a dragon? Even though we work with Kuan Yin all the time, we had never seen this version of her before.
We discovered that this image represents a goddess of compassion, in her heart and healing radiance, riding the dragon whose job it is to transmute the darkness she encounters along the way. To us, this represents the powerful masculine serving the powerful feminine so that a great deal can be accomplished.
The twin flame journey is about love, yes, but it’s also equally about power. Having the power to withstand the fires of purification that will inevitably come your way as a twin flame and advanced soul and still say YES. You could say that this is transforming and activating the masculine and feminine at a higher level within us and between us. Healing, love, and power = high level of transformation.
Those of us with crappy childhoods usually become experts at saying “no.” We’ve learned that being in our power is a terrible thing, and the last thing we want is more pain. We wrongly think that by avoiding our pain, we’re going to get the goods, or at least avoid more crap, when actually the opposite is true.
So a lot of our wounds are still there even though we might not realize it. We end up feeling it’s pointless to try to resolve it and we either give up or aim small. Why bother trying to resolve it and go more fully into light and service? We learned from childhood that going forward in our power is a terrible thing. And too dangerous to consider! We’ve learned to put up with small jobs, small love, or not even that much – the opposite of mission and true union.
You, and we, voted to go into this darkness this lifetime – our souls said “sign me up!” We decided to go through various forms of darkness so we can transform for ourselves and the planet and so we could go more broadly and serve more powerfully. Through transmuting our darkness, we become a bright light, a beacon. We can’t get there unless we open up our dark corners and transmute them.
Difficult childhoods are the norm for twin flames and advanced souls. We’ve seen some exceptions, but not many. We chose to experience this, of course, so we could transform it for ourselves and more broadly. In some ways, this is the “game” of Earth – alchemy of darkness into light. But we forget what we’re up to and get caught up in it, stuck and small. As a result, we (and our twin flames) often carry a whole pile of luggage that we haven’t yet been able to heal.
Traditional forms of helping (psychology and counseling) don’t deal with these issues deeply enough, so many of us have given up on that stuff. A lot of us have turned toward holistic methods, such as psychics, meditation and so on, and that usually doesn’t heal our basement either.
We can also go into wanting our twin to save us, or anybody else to save us, and for sure that doesn’t work!
Because of all of this, too many of us end up saying no: We don’t get on the plane, we move off the island, we run away from the chainsaws of life. We give in to our fears and doubts, we take all of the difficulties as a “sign” that it’s not meant to be. Sometimes of course, we need to move on, but it’s crucial to know when we need to stay. This applies to both union and mission — saying yes to being a transformer however that looks for you, taking your place as you who you truly are.
It’s now time to transmute these issues more deeply – to say no to our small side, to say yes to our inner Kuan Yin on a dragon.
If you think that’s all well and good for others but not for you — “I’ve been through too much crap and I can’t do it,” please think again. In our experience, ANYTHING can be healed and no one is a hopeless case.
I (Remi) “defeated” over 60 helper/healers over decades because they didn’t have the right tools for me. I figured I was the problem — I was a hopeless case. Once I found the tools that worked for me, and for other “hopeless cases,” I learned that even our deepest wounds and traumas can be transmuted quite quickly. Today, that’s what we do.
As a result, we’ve both become more fully Kuan Yin on our dragon, facing darkness (both inner and outer) head on, calling on the powers to do that, transmuting everything in the way, and saying yes to dancing with the universe more and more fully.
We want this for all of you. But only if you want it too!
This is now the focus of our work: helping you get free of the wounds that keep you stuck and small and saying “no,” and helping you get get on your own personal dragon so you can say YES to your highest path and purpose. We’re starting this weekend with a free call, then launching into our next webinar series, and onward from there. Find it all here:
If you’re ready, we’re here.
All our love,
Jill & Remi
P.S. – If you want to see our Kuan Yin statue (she’s pretty awesome!), go here: https://www.facebook.com/twinflamehealers/
© Twin Flame Healers
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What’s New in 2017: Getting Free!

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Thank you all for your gifts of love and blessing as we shared our wedding with you.  It was amazing to take a ride on that bliss wave with you all <3. Now on to the next leg of the journey…
Welcome to 2017! It looks like it’s going to be a wild ride. We’ve been given some powerful visions and teachings that are shaping what we’re up to this year.
Ascension for everybody is intensifying and speeding up. Can you feel it?
Ascension goes in a spiral — we go up to connect with light, then we go down to purify the dark, and then up again. These cycles support each other and both are necessary, and these waves are stronger and more powerful than ever before. We’ve been experiencing very high highs, and very low lows. It feels to us like a “final clearance sale” on Earth — a time of great purification of whatever is left over that needs to be transformed so that we can go UP into the vibration of love, awakening, and bliss. As the saying goes, we can only go as high as we’ve been low.
In a vision I (Jill) had on our wedding day, I saw this great big ball of light, like an energetic sun, coming gradually and surely to Earth. In front of this ball of light was what looked like an asteroid field of dark particles, and I was shown that, as this light was coming, it was pushing up and outward all darkness in all forms, more powerfully than ever before here on Earth.
I then was shown twin flames, starseeds, indigos and all other souls who volunteered to come be a part of this shift activating their light and creating a gridwork across the planet that allowed this light access points into the 3D.
I saw that the more souls activated this light, the easier and quicker the process can go — and that a great deal of the darkness that has been here can be transformed and transmuted quicker and easier than has ever been possible before, finally creating this great shift we’ve all known was coming, and why many of us signed up for this lifetime.
This time is incredibly powerful for individual, twin flame, and collective transformation. We’re seeing it, we’re experiencing it in our own lives and with our clients.
At my end, as much as I’ve dedicated myself to healing and ascension, there were still some parts of me that were stuck and blocked and really getting in the way of both mission and union. In the last few months, two huge patterns I’ve had (avoidance of greater mission, and avoidance of greater union) have been able to shift — blessed be. These patterns didn’t shift because of more effort, but because I could see them more clearly (the light shining on the dark). I took advantage of these powerful energies coming our way to finally transform them.
This is possible for you — right now. It’s not only possible, but we see it as part of your divine purpose on Earth. The more of us who transform our darkness and negativity and activate our light NOW will be helping to shape this next phase of Earth into something much better than it would otherwise be, for everyone.
We also see Earth getting very uncomfortable for those who aren’t transforming. You will be feeling the collective purging that’s going on — and seeing it in 3D around us, you sensitives and empaths especially. Spirit is really going to be “shaking your tree” if you try to stay in the old vibration.
Purging isn’t fun. It’s messy and you’ll likely be seeing sides of you (and your twin flame and others around you) show up that you’d rather not deal with. It’s OK, they’re just coming up to be healed. Treat yourselves and others with compassion, but don’t get passive — do your healing. The energies are supporting you in moving through old stuck patterns and wounds very quickly and more efficiently than ever before.
The old matrix is dissolving, but we still have work to do. The darkness is afoot, as well as the light, and it’s in our hands how we dance with this.
If you’ve been hiding in your closet, or avoiding healing the icky stuff you haven’t wanted to deal with, NOW is the ideal time to shift this and show up for yourself, your mission and the planet.
It’s time for ALL of our fears and limitations to be transformed — these come from past lives, collective energies, childhood wounds, and negative outside influences we don’t know how to transform. The more darkness you transform, the more light can come in.
We’ve been guided to use these current energies to help you transform all of this at a deeper level than was possible up to now — using this wave so that you can go UP to the new levels of vibration, mission and union that are possible now and in the future.
Then, we’re going to be helping you create and manifest what and who you are meant to be in the new energies. There is no stopping this wave, you’re on it, we all are. Your only option is whether you flow with these transformational or resist and struggle more.
In these times, healing = miracles. Activating your light = miracles.
The theme of our mission right now is “getting free,” and here’s what we’ve got upcoming for you:
* As our gift to help you with these energies, we’re offering a free transformational call for you this Sunday, January 22, at 11:30 am Pacific/2:30 Eastern/8:30pm Central Europe time.
This call is for all twin flames, starseeds, indigos, and everyone on the ascension path. Register here: http://twinflamehealers.com/product/getting-free-intro/ Please share with anyone you feel would benefit!
* Quicker access to us for SOS sessions. We’re also trying an experiment so that those of you who need SOS sessions can get in sooner. We’ve created two small group session spots in the coming few weeks with room for three people and see how this goes. Each participant will get 20 minutes of personal healing, and will benefit as well from the healing we do with the other two. (We find that the Universe arranges these things synchronistically!).
* Weekend sessions. We’ve also opened up some weekend sessions spots for couples who need our help quickly, with a 60 and 90 minute option. Info about the new session types is here: http://twinflamehealers.com/book-your-session-online/
And last but not least, we have two upcoming webinar series for those ready to dive in and get free! Info is here: http://twinflamehealers.com/shop/
We look forward to being there with and for you in 2017. Onward and upward for us all!
All our love,
Jill & Remi
© Twin Flame Healers
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We Said Yes! Our Next Level of Sacred Union

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On December 8, 2011, my life changed forever. It was the first time I looked into the most incredible eyes I’d ever seen — bright blue, full of knowing, and all I could think about was “I know you!” and all I could feel was waves of the purest, most unconditional love I’d ever felt. Remi, my twin flame (though I’d never heard of twin flames before that day!).

Our journey actually started a few weeks earlier, when I was looking for a healer for my sensitive soul son, and I wanted just the right one. I’d been searching for awhile, but on a day a few days before Thanksgiving, a video popped up with my search words. I clicked on it, and there he was! The feeling that rushed through me was so intense, and the words that popped into my mind were “I should have waited for him.” Huh?

He was talking about healing for indigo kids, and every word out of his mouth was something I recognized, something I could have (or had actually) said myself. It was like experiencing another version of me, but with enough polarity that I was intensely attracted, on a different level than I’d ever felt — soul attraction (as corny as that sounds)!

I knew immediately he was the healer I had been looking for, and I emailed him right away asking for a session. He replied, and gave me his last session spot before he was leaving for India for six weeks.

The day of our session, I was so nervous and excited. Of course I had to look good (hehe) since we were going to be on Skype. It turns out it didn’t matter of course, but those were my girly thoughts at the time.

The time came, and there he was. By the end of the session, finding out I was a healer too, he asked me for a trade, turning me into a colleague rather than a client (good move, Remi!) right away.

After we hung up, I was shaking — literally trembling with so much energy moving through my body that my teeth were chattering. I called a dear friend and she intuitively tapped in and said, “This just changed your life.” We had no idea….

Anyway, that was just over five years ago, and as you all know our journey has taken many twists and turns and ups and downs and we have really dived in full time, full hearted and full souled into this twin flame dance. Although we are fully committed, marriage was never important to us — we’d both been there, done that and honestly both of us had some fears and reservations about going down that road again, even with each other.

But recently, it started to come up more and more and we finally said, “let’s do it!” It felt like the right next move for us and felt important somehow in terms of going to the next level of union — taking it all the way down into 3D — married.

On the fifth anniversary of our first meeting, I flew down to California where Remi was soaking up some sun, and when we woke up on day 1 of year 6 of our journey, I was getting some incredible downloads about twin flames and a few glimpses into the next phase of our journey of mission.

We went out to breakfast, and the conversation turned to, “maybe we should just do it, this week while we’re here” and then to “why not today?” It just felt right, the first day of our sixth year, December 9. We checked the numerology — good. Astrology — fine. No roadblocks.

So, in typical fashion for us, going with the flow, we got our license that morning, found a wedding officiant who did same day weddings (a goddess!), and with zero planning and wearing our sandals, had the most beautiful, spontaneous, joyful wedding, just the two of us and our wedding helpers, on Butterfly Beach.

Our vows were spontaneous and I couldn’t even tell you what we said, except I was crying through most of it with utter joy and the bliss was incredible.

I’m honestly surprised at how great it feels to be married to each other — we never cared about it before but it feels amazingly right and like we’ve come even closer together.

We’re ready to soar now into our next phase of Union and Mission — we’ve gotten some big messages which we’ll share with you soon.

For now, we send you all our love and our blessings with the bliss of our wedding and new marriage and sacred union at this next level — and we’re ready to help you go onward and upward into your own sacred union and mission. It’s never just about us anymore, we’re all in this together .

Namaste and jai ho!

© Twin Flame Healers

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How To Communicate With Your Twin Flame When You’re Royally Pissed!

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We’ve all been there. Maybe some of you are there right now.

You’re pissed. He/she has said/done/implied something that has you majorly up in arms. I don’t deserve this! This isn’t the way he/she should be! I’ve had it! (Sound familiar?)

Then you rattle off that angry email/text/phone message and…voila! We all know how well this goes (not).

So…what to do instead?

I’ve been angry today. Not at Remi (lucky him haha) but at others. Something well-meaning I wrote inspired a few angry emails, one of them feeling really insulting and unfair. I had decided not to respond, then my more primitive side took over and I was busy crafting a beautifully redemptive email. I could feel the heat and “righteous anger” building — the fire in the belly — and luckily my higher wiser self kicked in and I hit the pause button.

What came to mind was Kali and Durga — two goddesses who are different aspects of each other. I’ll tell you their stories because they are important goddesses (we believe) for all twin flames.

The Hindu story goes like this: the gods and the demons are battling for the heavens and Earth, and the battle has been going on for a very long time. The demons have some wonderful tricks up their sleeves and are winning the battle, kicking the gods out of heaven one by one, disturbing the balance of light and dark.

Finally, the gods decide to call a council and see what they need to do. After putting their heads together, they realize “we forgot the feminine!” and together they call upon the great Goddess, as yet unmanifest, to come help them in this epic battle.

The Goddess shows up as Durga: radiant, in her full sensual power, riding a tiger. She has many arms, and the gods, wowed by her energy, hand her their weapons one by one. Calmly, in her truth, restoring balance, she rides through the battle ground, slaying the demons one by one.

She is not angry, only very very clear: these demons have too much power; they have upset the balance with their tricks; they need to go. She is able to slay all of the demons but one, a buffalo demon who has a special power: when he is injured, every drop of blood that hits the ground births a new form of him.

Durga realizes something else is needed, and from her forehead is born Kali. Kali is not beautiful, or sensual, or calm — she is royally pissed! She wears a necklace of skulls, her skin is blue, her hair is Medusa-like, and she has a long, pointed tongue. Kali goes to work on the buffalo demon, and as his blood spills, Kali’s tongue catches it before it hits the ground; she is victorious and kills the demon.

The problem is, Kali can’t stop. She is so filled with rage, she continues to go through the land, destroying everything in her path. What finally stops her is Shiva, her beloved, who offers her his vulnerability by laying in her path and displaying his naked throat, hers to kill. This act of love and vulnerability wakes her up: she stops and comes back to consciousness.

Back to my story: by the fire in my belly, by the anger I was feeling, I recognized I was in Kali energy. Shiva woke me up. He reminded me that no email ever sent by Kali brings peace, or redemption, or anything but a very likely battle and some very wounded feelings.

So I breathed. And I called in Durga. I asked for the Kali energy, the anger, to be transmuted into calm power. I waited until I felt it, then I asked Durga what she wanted to say in this email.

Her answer: nothing.

And I realized she was right. When people are angry with you, when they act out, when they sent hurtful messages or do hurtful things, you will feel it, then you have a choice what to do.

Do you want to retaliate, to get back at them, to defend yourself?

Or can you take that energy and move it into your power center and act and speak from there?

When your twin flame hurts you next time, go ahead and feel as royally pissed, as Kali as you want, then ask for that energy to go into calm power, into Durga, and see what you really want to say.

Sometimes Durga does have something to say: you hurt me, I’m scared, I’m upset. But she will not blast the beloved, she will not blame and make unkind statements and accusations, she will not push and drive the beloved away with her fiery rage and her sharp tongue.

The only way to stop Kali is through consciousness and vulnerability, by going into our heart, by being willing to feel what lies underneath the anger.

As soon as I felt this shift into Durga regarding my angry email, I felt like crying. What I was really feeling was hurt, not anger. When we share our hurt, our vulnerability, the world (and certainly our beloved) responds very differently.

Kali requires cleanup and damage repair; always. Durga does a nice clean job.

To be clear: we have Kali for a reason, and we need her when we are deeply threatened or need to, say, slay a buffalo demon.

But Kali quite frankly sucks at relationship and tends to destroy trust, openness, and love. Durga can do both: power and love.

She is the goddess who is married to truth, real truth, and she will serve you so much better with your twin flame.

Be in your power, but be in your vulnerability and your heart too. Lead the way with Durga; she is a wise and wonderful ally and she’s changed my life in many ways. Let her in and see what she does for you (and let her write your emails for you!).

(Ironically, one of the accusations in the email that hurt me was that Remi and I “pretend to have no flaws.” Au contraire, our critic: we embrace these stories we tell that make us vulnerable to you as we share our foibles and our learnings and our very real flaws. That is Durga. That is us. And that is all I need to say).

Thank you, Shiva. Thank you Durga. And thank you, Kali, for being there when we need you to slay a buffalo demon and for leaving the communication with our beloved to Durga. Blessed be!

© Twin Flame Healers

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From Darkness To Light: Let’s Do This!

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“The strength of the whole universe is pulsing through you. It can never be taken away from you. Breathe and stay close to what you know. Nothing has changed, we are just seeing more clearly what we have created. It is unbearable to see, but it will not break you. Fully awake, eyes wide open, rooted in your assignment..we are ready for this.” ~ Chameli Ardagh
OK everyone….deep breath. Since it became clear which way the election was going to go, we’ve been through the spectrum of emotion, as we know many of you have. We’d like to share our journey through our own feelings and reactions and where we are now, in the hopes that it may help you get through it too.
Our first impulse was to run away, get far far away from this madness. Up until last night we have been making plans in our own union to join even more fully, bringing Remi to the U.S. so we can be together full time in one place rather than having to go back and forth to Canada, and all of a sudden we were questioning our plans. Is this where we want to be after all? Lots of tears, anger, bewilderment.
As we processed the emotions, we began to be shown possibilities of where all of this could be heading, and our energies slowly but surely started to shift. (And yes, we’re sticking with our plan. Rather than getting away, we’re going to stay here and use these energies to heal and serve more fully; more about that later in this post!)
We realized we could look at these events as being very very “bad,” but we really have no idea where all of this is leading.
Events of great darkness on this planet have often been the precursors to awakening the light more fully, and we see this situation as the same. This is shaking up the system in a very deep way, bringing the shadow of collective consciousness right up into the light so we can look at it and deal with it. No more hiding it away; it’s in our faces now.
We’re looking to the Dalai Lama (among others) as a role model right now. He lived through another country invading his homeland Tibet, destroying and desecrating all that his people held sacred, driving them out of their temples and homes — a “bad” event if there ever was one. Yet his perspective on this is that ended up being good — it led to Tibetan Buddhism coming out of the secret temples and brought to the rest of the world, where it has inspired and enlightened many people who otherwise would never have had access to it.
Like the Dalai Lama, rather than seeing this election as a national tragedy, we’re choosing to see this as an opportunity for many things to happen that haven’t been possible in the field of consciousness before. Rather than more darkness, we see this is an opportunity for more light.
We are not in denial about some of the very real suffering that may be headed our way — this new American leader is a wild card and unpredictable and none of us really know what he’s going to be up to and some of it could look very bad indeed. There will be ongoing healing needed for all of us and for the world as we witness and are impacted by the events to come.
But whatever happens in 3D, we have a choice how we respond, and that is our power. We choose to take our power in this situation and take every opportunity to turn this into an event for the good, and we invite you to do the same.
What if, instead of going into despair and anger, we take our energies and use them to clean up our own act more fully? Where in us is there still hatred, judgment, selfishness, etc. – this is an invitation to purify that in us and around us. If there was ever a time to go more fully into love, this is it.
What if, instead of running away and hiding, as many people want to do right now, we turn up our light more brightly and stop hiding in the closet, shrinking our gifts and our potential out of fear, shame, and old wounds? The world needs our light now more than ever — if there was ever a time to go more fully into world service, this is it.
What if, instead of feeling small and powerless, we realize that no matter what is going on in 3D “reality,” we can be more powerful than ever to create what we came to create? This is not stopping us, this is not even slowing us down. If anything, it is giving us all more fuel to work for the light. If there was ever a time to go into more power, this is it!
“Fully awake, eyes wide open, rooted in our assignment, we are ready for this!”
Yes, we are.  And so are you.  Let’s do this!
Many blessings,
Jill & Remi
© Twin Flame Healers
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Twin Flames: What We Resist, Persists

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Twin flames: what we resist, persists…Ohhhh yes.

We were just working with a twin flame client who asked us “does it ever go away — feeling their feelings?”  I immediately got an energetic picture that the more we try to push our twin flame away, the more they push back, and the more intrusive and disruptive this energy can feel.

And the reverse is also true: the more we accept the energetic connection, the more we accept and embrace the reality that we are a twin flame, whether we “want” to be or not, this energy can calm down and flow quite harmoniously.

Twin flames are our primary soul connection.  They just are.  This doesn’t change.  No matter what our decisions are in the 3D, whether we are pursuing active union in the physical world or not, our souls are dancing together and we have a connection that doesn’t go away.

Our souls are very powerful at intervening in our 3D lives — and thank goodness they are!  Things typically don’t go so great when we let our egos/personality selves run our lives.  So when we are actively trying to go against our soul (pushing our twin flame away, for example) our soul is going to send some very uncomfortable feelings, sensations and circumstances our way until we get it.

There is nothing more powerful than a twin flame’s entrance and presence in our lives to align us with our soul, our highest path, purpose and mission.  And there is nothing more uncomfortable than being shown our lives are out of alignment with our soul’s essence, and knowing the truth that we need to make very earth-shaking changes as a result (in career, relationship, location, identity, and so on).  No one wants to have their life blown up, and yet that is what the twin flame connection often does.

My life totally blew up after I met Remi — thank God.  I was living out of alignment with who I truly was, and when we connected this lifetime I immediately knew big changes were coming.  A few days after we met, my soul told me “this is your most important soul connection — honor it.”  The more I resisted this, and tried to put other things first, out of duty, guilt, or fear, the worse things got and the more anxiety and stress I felt.

Recently I was shown that as a twin flame, it really is a sacred duty to honor this soul contract by giving our twin flame connection a front and center place in our lives, rather than back burner status (or worse).  This doesn’t mean you have to drop everything and run and marry your twin flame (though it might!), but rather than you feel deeply into the connection and see what it is asking of you.  This means making room in your energetic life for your twin flame (which they are going to take anyway if you try to push them away!) and letting that energy work on you, activating your healing, growth, and mission.

Remember that as a twin flame, you are here to serve humanity with this connection.  It is so, so, very much more than a relationship.

Many of you struggle because your twin flame is acting out of ego or fear, but the more you can put your reactions aside and deal with them at the soul level, the more success you are going to have in this union.

So what to do if your twin flame is acting in a very negative way towards you?  Love them anyway.  It doesn’t mean you need to give them 3D space in your life, but if you have compassion and know that they are acting the way they are because of old wounds, hurts, and negative templates they are carrying, if you shift your energy towards them from judgment and blame into healing and forgiveness, miracles can (and do) happen.

As a twin flame, you have great power to help them heal, and we highly recommend you use this power. Ask yourself, if my twin flame is acting negatively, what in them needs to be healed?  Just as important, ask yourself: what in me is reacting and what is this showing me about me?  Going into great compassion and putting on your “healer hat” means guaranteed growth for you. Take all of this as a gift and it goes so much better!

This is a connection that asks a lot of us, but we were built for this.  We’re up to the task.  You can do it!  Find a method of healing that works for you and use it, every day.  Dedicate yourself to this and watch the miracles happen in your life — we see it over and over again in our lives and our work.  The clients who get miracles are the ones who embrace the connection, even though it isn’t easy, and put their energy and time into the healing the twin flame path asks of us.

There are no guarantees that your twin flame will heal enough to “wake up” and come to you, or start acting in ways that you hope for, but you WILL grow, heal and transform, and that is guaranteed.

We are also doing very real service for this planet — we are template-carriers, and we are here to be template-transformers.

Instead of trying to push away this twin flame connection, use its power as it was intended to be used: as a transformational gift for you, them, those around you, and the world, and watch and feel how much better life goes!  Blessings to you all <3.

© Twin Flame Healers

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Our Most Worthy Petty Tyrant

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(Jill) had a dream last night that sparked something I wanted to share with you. In the dream, a very powerful woman was standing in front of a crowd accepting an honor of some kind. She started her speech by saying, “I’d like to thank my ex for wishing I got a brain tumor, because without him and all of that, I wouldn’t be standing here today.” Whoa…and yes.

Carlos Castaneda wrote: “My benefactor used to say that a warrior who stumbles on a petty tyrant is a lucky one.” He defines a petty tyrant as “a tormentor – someone who either holds the power of life and death over warriors or simply annoys them to distraction.”

He goes on to say, “Nothing can temper the spirit of a warrior as much as the challenge of dealing with impossible people in positions of power. Only under those conditions can warriors acquire the sobriety and serenity to stand the pressure of the unknowable. The perfect ingredient for the making of a superb seer is a petty tyrant with unlimited prerogatives. Seers have to go to extremes to find a worthy one. Most of the time they have to be satisfied with very small fry.”

So, aren’t we blessed? We don’t have to look far to find a petty tyrant that is worthy of us, and yes I’m speaking of our twin flame. Remi and I can say for sure that we have been each other’s most worthy petty tyrants in the five years we’ve known each other, and in these five years in we have become seers and warriors beyond what we knew was possible before we met. So can you.

As a result of going through all we’ve gone through, I am a different person, exponentially stronger and lighter and freer, with more purpose and passion for living and serving and life. And it’s not because Remi made it easy on me! And I see the same results in him.

How might your thinking and feeling about your twin flame (and your life) be different if you appreciated your twin for the way they are your “worthy petty tyrant,” helping you infinitely up the mountain to power, strength, compassion, joy, and so much more?

A favorite story (from the book “Twin Souls” by Maurie Pressman and Patricia Joudry) tells of Archangel Michael and Lucifer in a battle on a set of stairs. Archangel Michael is above, and as Lucifer comes at him with his sword, Michael is forced up and up the stairs. After a great battle, he finally reaches the top, lays down his sword, and holds out his hand to Lucifer, who joins him on the top step, as brothers. Whoa again!

Twin flames are, for each other, sometimes Archangel Micheal, inspiring the twin to go higher and lifting them up, and sometimes Lucifer, being each other’s wonderfully worthy petty tyrant, driving them up the mountain of growth, healing and transformation.

The Phoenix didn’t get to rebirth before its old self died, in the fires of transformation he/she rose again, in a new form, more powerful, lighter and free. And so it is with you. <3

© Twin Flame Healers