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About Us

We are Jill Miller and Remi Thivierge, healers, intuitive guides and twin flames who began our union journey this lifetime in 2011, married in 2016, and are joined in union and mission in service to twin flames and other advanced souls worldwide.

We knew from the beginning of our connection that we were here not only for our own union, but to create a map and ways to help other twin flames and soul connections grow and ascend through their own experiences. We’re all part of a big shift happening on earth, and our role is to help the twin flames, starseeds, indigos and other sensitive souls (you!) who are here to help the planet heal and transform. We have worked full time as guides and healers for twin flames all over the world since 2013.

When we connect with you, we bring you the fruits of our experiences and learning. We are both trained and experienced guides and healers (our bios are below) who only teach what we know and live. Our work continues to evolve as we learn more from our personal transformation, union and the twin flames we work with. We teach and heal with compassion and humor, and share our selves and our journey openly with you. Like many healers, our personal journeys have been long, winding, and often challenging paths, and it has taught us both courage, wisdom, grace, compassion, acceptance, laughter, true power, and deep love, all of which we offer to you.

Together, we combine our gifts and experience as twins to see both the masculine and feminine side of each reunion journey, providing guidance and healing at a profound level.

All of our sessions and webinars are done together, so you get the energy templating of a twin flame pair in union in addition to the healing and guidance work we do with you.

Our Training and Experience

Jill Miller MA is an intuitive guide and healer whose mission is to help twin flames and other advanced souls navigate the intense and challenging journey of reunion and awakening and bring about a new paradigm of sacred union to earth. Her professional journey began in 1994 at Naropa University, a Buddhist-based college in Boulder, Colorado, where she learned to integrate traditional methods of psychology with spiritual philosophy and practice.

She spent nearly two years living and working at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California, learning energy healing, trauma healing, yoga, and shamanic journeying, among others. Her last 20-plus years have been spent learning and growing all over the U.S. and beyond: she has studied and practiced wilderness rites of passage, feminine spirituality and leadership, Akashic record reading and healing, sacred ceremony, coming-of-age for girls, conscious relationship, and women’s circle facilitation. She is a Divine Openings giver, and she holds advanced training as a Soul Realignment™ practitioner.

Remi Thivierge MSW RSW RMFT is an intuitive healer with more than 40 years of experience in the helping field. He is certified as a clinical member and approved supervisor with AAMFT (American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy), as well as being a licensed clinical social worker. He brings together cutting edge methods of healing from the west and ancient healing methods from the east. His work is multi-dimensional, focusing broadly on such issues as childhood trauma, ancestral pain and patterns, past life vows, our energy bodies, and difficulties at the level of the soul. He is the author of Profound Healing for Indigos and Other Sensitive Souls, and Out of Bed, Into the Fire (a book on relationship breakdown). Since connecting with Jill in 2011, his work has expanded to focus on twin flame couple and family issues that emerge within the twin flame union process.