Sacred Longing Vs. Obsession

Many of us don’t understand the difference between sacred longing and obsession, and this causes such a great deal of pain and confusion in the twin flame journey!

Simply put, sacred longing is the divine yearning for what is for us – who and what our soul wants to be, do, experience.  Obsession happens when the ego jumps on the sacred longing train – and tries to drive.

Sacred longing is at the heart of every twin flame journey, and in fact every journey our soul wants to take this lifetime.

Sacred longing is straight from the soul – it is divine.  It lets us know where our soul longs to be, and points us in the direction our divine self wishes to go.

Sacred longing is an onboard navigational tool that will give us a very big clue about what is in our highest good – it’s the soul saying a very big YES and making sure we pay attention to that which we are meant to have, be, or do.  It lights us up inside and makes us feel an inner sense of bliss and excitement.

As twin flames, we have an inbuilt sacred longing for our twin flame, an inextinguishable fire that burns bright within us.  No amount of “water” — doubt, negativity, other people’s opinions, our own fears – can put out this fire, no matter how hard we try.

Most of us are not taught how to handle sacred longing with mastery and skill, therefore many of us (before we know better) either try to push it away, or cling to it with attachment, neither of which works very well at all.

So many twin flames getting confused on this point.  There are many people telling us to “let go” of our twin flames, and yet many twin flames find this impossible, and feel like failures for being unable to do this – but on some level it just feels “wrong.” On the other hand, some of us try desperately to merge with our twin flames in order to complete something that is missing in us, to fill hole in us.

The issue here is the difference between sacred longing, which is of the soul, and obsession, which is of the ego.

Obsession comes in two forms: sacred longing + ego/attachment, or small self yearning (our ego desires, which often push us away from our twin flame).

When our sacred longing for our twin turns into obsession, we have attached ego to this high vibration connection – and we all know how that goes!  We go into clinging, trying to control, trying to “get” something from our twin flame (a commitment, or them to “do something” we want them to do, to be different in some way).  The very predictable reaction from our twin flame is to push away from such energy, hence the “running” we all know so much about.

Or we become the “runner” – pushing them away because we don’t know how to handle the connection in a high vibration way.

This dynamic is built in to the twin flame union energy for a reason – our twins are programmed to push us away when we try to “get” something from them that is based on ego or control (and vice versa).  it actually protects you from building a lower vibration connection with your twin flame, therefore perpetuating the very dynamic twin flames are here to transform.

In the old paradigm of relationship, your partner is supposed to “complete” you, meet your needs, give you what you cannot yet give yourself.  The problem with this, of course, is that you become dependent on that person in order to feel whole, to feel loved, to feel good.  Then when they are not available, and when/if they leave, you go into great suffering and are immediately seeking the next person/thing to fill that hole within you.  You are not free (and neither is the other person In this connection, who must act a certain way in order for you to feel ok).  It is a connection based on lack and control, not freedom and unconditional love.

As we all probably know by now, twin flames are here to do something different.

We are here to be in our own divine sovereign power, in our own beingness of unconditional love and divine wisdom – and so are they – then we can merge with our beloved in union at a higher level.  There is no dependence, and not overly independent, but a sacred, dancing interdependence filled with the energy of the divine masculine, the divine feminine (whatever gender the twins are, this makes no difference) and the Divine third energy (the holy Spirit).

The only thing that can fill that hole is becoming that which you seek and going straight to the source rather than outside yourself – to God/Spirit/the Divine Presence.  Not your twin flame.

So what is a twin flame to do?  First, to try to get rid of sacred longing won’t work – but you need to point it in the right direction.  Direct your sacred longing in three ways:

  • Toward the Divine
  • Toward your sacred life purpose/your mission to serve humanity
  • Toward fiercely healing and transforming all obstacles to union, within you and between you and your twin flame

That’s it!  Easy to say, challenging to do – in fact many spiritual teachings have many volumes and chapters about methods to do this.  The ego is a tricky little bugger and has all kinds of tricks up its sleeve to get this process going haywire.  You don’t have to let it.

You are more powerful than all of the forces that try to separate you from your twin, but you must become a master at using and direction your twin flame energy in the proper direction(s) rather than letting it run amok and go in the wrong direction.

To your union, with all our love,

Jill & Remi

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