Power, manifestation, abundance — and your twin flame union

We cannot emphasize this enough: power, manifestation, abundance and mission ALL relate to your twin flame union. If you have an imbalance or lack in any of these areas, it will show up in your union process. Full 3D union cannot, and will not, happen until you have transformed a very great deal in all aspects and dimensions of yourself, including these areas.

It can be tempting to think we can just hang out in the clouds and not worry about these things, and somehow union will magically manifest – that idea is out there and some people believe it. We see way too many twin flames waiting for some outside force in perfect divine timing to deliver their twin to their front door, while they avoid doing the deep work of inner transformation, being in power, on mission, or taking charge of abundance and manifestation in their life.

Your twin flame is not meant to replace anything in your life, and they will not fill a void for you that you are meant to fill with your own creation. Being a twin flame in union is being a powerful creator and a sovereign divine being, no less.

If you want to be in fuller union, you need to get in your power, get on your mission, and learn how to manifest – including how to manifest abundance using your sacred gifts. Healers and other world servers need to learn to be in sacred exchange with the world – and to value your gifts and your service.

We see way too many gifted healers donating (or charging peanuts for) their services to friends and family, while (sometimes literally, sometimes figuratively) living in their mother’s basement, and working a job that has no alignment with their life purpose to make ends meet. Whom does this serve? Not you, and not your clients either!

While on the outside it may look like being a giving and caring soul, what it is really doing is keeping you down at a lower level than you could be, busy scrambling for rent each month (and feeling crappy) instead of devoting yourself to becoming a more masterful healer, and living in higher vibration on Earth, and making a powerful impact on the world. When you commit more deeply to giving your gifts and honoring yourself as a healer/server, you open doors to serving many more at a higher and more powerful level.

Money can be a dirty word in spiritual circles – and it doesn’t have to be. It’s a symbol for value, giving and receiving, and can absolutely be as spiritual as anything else. It can also be a symbol for what you value and can give you important clues about what needs to be healed, transformed, or upgraded in your life.

We’ve noticed absolutely that people don’t value what comes to them free, easy, or cheap nearly as much as if they have to reach a bit deeper and make a bigger commitment. True story: we have given a number of free sessions over the years, and it happens far more than not that the person will not show up, be late, or in some way sabotage the gift. That is because that is a pattern in their life – and it shows up everywhere – and yes, including in their twin flame union.

Same with personal power – many advanced souls see that as a dirty word. But it is anything but. Our viewpoint is that it is part of your sacred calling on Earth as an advanced soul and twin flame — to go into your power and give to the world from there. As you’ve heard us say before – you can’t accomplish much, and certainly not lasting 3D union with our twin flame, unless you’re in your power.

And, no — it isn’t easy. Twin flames and other advanced souls tend to struggle with both money and power because of past lives where we got our heads chopped off for speaking our truth or being healers, old family and collective beliefs, feelings of being unworthy or ashamed, childhood wounds, past lives where we misused power, fear of hurting others, and so on. Better to be a pleasant, harmless, limp noodle instead, right?

That’s what we used to think. We both went from being small little mice hiding in a corner, afraid to make a peep, to giving in small ways, to taking small steps, then bigger steps, then big leaps into world service. The same can be true for you. The tools are out there — use them. And this isn’t making a one-time or small effort — what gets you results is using your tools for healing and clearing, and TAKING ACTION toward your goals over and over and over again — that is what gets you where you want to go.

You are not serving people by serving their smallness or lack (or your own either). And if you are not on your mission, or don’t know how to generate abundance doing what you love – better get going. Far better to rise up in your own mission, power, and abundance and help them get there too.

As you go up, you create pathways for others to go up too. There is a law in physics called “entrainment,” whereby nearby energies go into resonance with each other. In entrainment, it isn’t the most positive vibration that “wins” – it’s the most powerful vibration that does. Our view is that it is all of our job to become powerful “entrainers” to help lift humanity up. As Sai Baba said, everyone should regarding themselves as a messenger of God/the Divine.

Imagine a world of lit-up healers, world servers, transformers, alchemists and so on who are all engaged in sacred, abundant exchange with the world – and inspiring others to do so? THAT is part of what we are here to create – and you are too.

Think of your gifts – and how are you giving them to the world? How are you valuing and honoring yourself as a healer/transformer/teacher, etc.? And in this, how are you modeling for others that this is possible and do-able? How much more could you be serving the world by engaging in deeper, more committed sacred exchange?

We hope that you – as we do — want to work with people who want to make a commitment to their own healing and growth — otherwise you can end up with people who aren’t committed and will stand you up or show up less for their own healing in some way, or “spiritual tourists” who are just looking for the next interesting, cheap, easy or free thing while avoiding the real work of ascension, mission, and union. No thank you – we don’t have time for that, and we suspect you don’t either.

So please don’t let anyone tell you that don’t deserve to give your gifts to the world in sacred exchange. It doesn’t mean you can’t give things away – tithing is a wonderful thing – donating or giving away as you see fit and are guided to. This is why we do a combo of free calls, videos, and cheaper webinars, all the way up to the fuller, more powerful transformational series where you need to make more of an investment, and receive even more as a return (both from us, and from yourself).

In this system, people can come in at whatever level they are currently manifesting, or where they are ready to take a leap up and create at the next level and commit to something more – it’s up to them. Then we never feel taken advantage of, and we are confident that anyone who needs our help can get it at whatever level they are aligned to. Win-win.

So we hope this inspires those of you who are major wizards, or “wizards in training” – healers, transformers, writers, teachers, way-showers, template-changers, and so on — to get in power, clear what stands in the way of you being on your mission, living your life in alignment with your sacred life purpose and twin flame union, and sharing your gifts in a way that honors your gifts and inspires and lifts others up in the process –and helps you create fuller, deeper twin flame union.

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