New Year’s Message and Update from Jill & Remi

Happy New Year Everyone! An update and message from us:
2017 was in many ways a “retrograde” year for us. As we’ve written before, one of Jill’s kids got thrown a major challenge that changed everything for us very quickly. Before this happened, we had some big plans and were very excited about what we were planning to create — and that had to all go out the window as we needed “all hands on deck” to deal with what he was going through.
As a result, there was lots happening in the inner world, but our outer creativity and productivity slowed way down….and we had to surrender, be with what is, and not what we think “should” be. As two twins on a mission, this was HARD! We needed to trust that what was happening was giving us all gifts even if what “we” wanted was something else. At the same time, we needed to be powerful in the midst of everything and not let the challenges sink us – to keep saying yes to our mission or our union – to keep going in the midst of it all. Surrender and power — the two wings of the bird. Yin and yang. Union.
Now, at the beginning of the new year, we’re seeing the results of what we went through, deeply and clearly. Our union survived a massive test and we went through a massive initiation. As you all know – this ain’t easy (and that’s an understatement)! We know that two or three years ago we would have handled it so differently (and so much worse!) – but with who we are and what we know now, we used it to go even higher. We can report – not to toot our own horn, but more to show you what is possible and what you can have too – that despite all of the intense fires we were going through, we did not have ONE argument – no blasting, no blaming, no running away, no grasping out of fear – since our challenges began in July. That’s six months (and counting), certified twin flame conflict free – woo-hoo!
As a result of all of this, we are receiving massive gifts that we’re just now seeing the first glimpses of.
We stand in a new place. The union here is mind-blowing. When I (Jill) first read Jenna Forrest’s twin flame stages, it really resonated, and I wondered “what would harmony and radiance feel like?” We’re beginning to know. We’re experienced enough to know all the stages contain their own challenges, so we don’t believe we’re on total easy street – and yet – we have achieved harmony (for now) and are experiencing more and more radiance, and we can tell you – it’s incredible. And this is what we want for you too!
We often joke that if people really knew what we went through to get here they might run for the hills – but we do share ourselves and our journeys, even many of the yikesy parts, for this reason – so you DO know how much it takes to get what you’re hoping for. And that you can do it too! You have to go through major fires of transformation and keep saying “yes.” It’s a mix of surrender and power – deeper and deeper at each level. And as you go, your power, your love, and your wisdom increases exponentially until you become, literally, a new being. That’s what we’re all up to on this journey.
We haven’t had it any easier than you have – we’ve had to go through all the stages and challenges just like you – we had a pre-existing marriage, a big age difference, kids, an international border issue, childhood trauma, and so on – we’re no different from many of you.
And, we want to tell you – we’re hearing from more and more twins that we’ve worked with that they are experiencing shifts in their union – reconnecting, going higher – including from people who’ve been apart for many years — it’s all incredible!
We don’t share any of this to make you envious (believe us, no one would be envious of our 2017!), we write it to inspire you to what you can have too. Yes, we have “the prize” – twin flame union in harmony and beginning radiance – but we have worked for it, we have been willing to go through massive fires, and let everything go that stood in the way. We got here by persistence and not giving up, and using the tools we know work to help us heal and transform – and we’re here to give this to you too.
Our intention in 2018 is to help you all get MORE of what you’re here for – and to help you not be afraid of what it takes to get it! You can do this! If we can, you can, so make 2018 your year to pull out all the stops and go for it! Twin flames unite!
All our love,
Jill & Remi
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