Twin Flames: No “One Size Fits All”

Wow it’s a wild world out there right now in twin flame land! Some twins who have been teaching together have gone their separate ways. Some have become born-again Christians and renounced the twin flame concept altogether. Some are embracing their solitude and telling others to forget about your twin flame — it’s all about you. Some are claiming to be able to get you to “manifest” your twin flame — ready or not! The messages are all over the map — do this, do that, let go, it’s all an illusion, no it’s not — no wonder so many twin flames’ heads are spinning!

The truth is — there is no “one size fits all” path for twin flames. Each of you is unique, and each has your own path to walk through this wild journey.

There are on the planet at this time a huge diversity of souls. Earth is part of a huge divine experiment/learning experience and much of it is beyond our 3D human comprehension. What we can tell you for sure is that you are unique with your own soul’s plan that you have laid out for yourself this lifetime – and if you are a twin flame, you and your twin have made these plans together.

For some, your soul’s path is to transcend the need for a physical connection with your twin flame and fly solo for now, and that is perfect for you at this time. But for others, it is your soul’s deepest calling to merge in physical union and give union your all, and that is your right path (as it was for us). Anyone who tells you that you must take the path they are taking, or that you are “wrong” for the path you are taking has a lot to learn, just sayin.’

Think of the blind man and the elephant story: “an elephant is only a trunk” or “an elephant is only a tail.” When you read any “one size fits all” advice, that’s what’s happening — that person is speaking from a slice of the twin flame journey — and a limited perspective. But we can tell you from working with thousands of twin flames – there’s a whole elephant out there!

In our Akashic record readings, we work with 18 primary soul groups of origination – where you come from originally – your “soul family.” In addition to your primary soul group, each person has their own primary energy center — one of seven, based on the chakra system. (Some people call these the “rays” — blue ray, etc. and that each twin flame pair belongs to one of the rays). Some of you are volunteers assisting humanity, some are here as souls on a journey to learn and grow, some are here merely to teach or heal and raise vibrations, some are here to bring codes of unconditional love or true power, and so on.

Each of us has our own unique set of DNA – both spiritual and physical. We belong to Earth families as well as soul families, and all of that plays out in how we need to live our lives and take our journeys. Twin flames have decided before incarnation what their plan would be – and because Earth is a free will zone filled with untransmuted energy, it can be easy to forget the plan and get caught up in a “thread” or timeline that may not have been part of the original plan, and the twin flames must adapt and find a new way through.

This is a multidimensional, very complex path — don’t get fooled by offers of quick or easy fixes, promises or guarantees of physical union with your twin flame, or anyone who wants you to become dependent on them and their teachings. It goes without saying to avoid teachers with lower consciousness than you have (you can feel this), huge egos (you can feel this too!) or anyone or anything that just feels “off” to you. It doesn’t mean they are wrong (although they might be) — they are walking their own path too. You don’t need to judge, just be in your power and know that their teaching is not right for you at this time.

Certain teachings may be a fit for you at some point in your journey, then they no longer are and you need something different. Some of you (like us) like to “mix and match” from different teachings and traditions and find your own recipe, which is ever evolving. Don’t worry if what once resonated for you no longer does — you’ve just evolved and your awareness has too.

Please be very discerning with “channeled” material — some of it is great, when it comes from a higher dimensional source coming through a clear and clean channel. But some is being filtered through lower consciousness, and some channeled material is distorted by negative energies in order to confuse people and try to lead people astray.  Any teachings that are based on someone’s untested channeled ideas but no real wisdom or experience, have little or no benefit for twin flames actually walking the path.

Ask your own higher/large self to guide you — at all times. Because this path is so tricky and complex, it can really help to have teachers, healers, and guides when you need them — but have your discernment button switched to “on” at all times. Trust your intuition, find what deeply resonates for you, and follow that.

Leave the rest for those for whom it resonates — and don’t get caught up in confusion just because so many people are saying contradictory things. Remember the elephant — we may be experiencing only the trunk or the tail right now, but ultimately we are all meant to see and experience the whole elephant — transcending polarity, duality and limited consciousness and dancing in the bliss of Oneness.

For now, find your own way, and let the rest go. 

©Twin Flame Healers 2017

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