Twin Flames: Don’t Give Up!

You are — all of us twin flames are — on a journey of sacred union with your divine self. When you meet your twin flame, this process is shifted into high gear and there is no turning back. You can fight it, you can try to wish it away, you can see it as a curse and an impediment — but all of these things bring more pain and don’t allow you to experience all of the riches that are there.

Your twin flame is not a separate person who is “doing anything” to you — they are another aspect of you that is serving you on all levels of your path. They are you! So giving up on them, turning away, judgment, unforgiveness, seeing them as “unawakened” or “not deserving” of your love or healing — all represent a misunderstanding of what is really going on.

Your twin flame serves you at every level of your being, at every stage of your journey. When you are still dealing with co-dependence (defined as feeling and acting incomplete within yourself and searching for this completeness outside of you), your twin flame will deliver this incompleteness to you on a silver platter. They will refuse to “be there” and meet these “needs” (which are really just conditioned beliefs that another person can do this for us). Eventually, because of this lack, you will be directed to Source (God/the Divine Presence) and you will find that fulfillment within. Then the twin flame dance can shift, and they can show up to dance more fully with you.

If you have “given up” on your twin flame, this is a stage in the journey. You are tired and need a rest and a break and a shift in your focus and energy. You have been working hard and maybe are not seeing the “results” you had hoped for at this point; you worry it’s all an illusion and you are wasting your time. You have been focused too much “out there” and need to go deeper within to find what you are looking for. Shift your thinking from “giving up” to “going within” as that is what you are really being guided to do. Focus on your own healing, ascension and service/mission and things will rebalance for you. Be kind to yourself, you have been through some hard things.

Yes, this journey is hard — our egos are being purified through fire and we are clearing templates for humanity — do we think this is going to be easy? We are called over and over again to give up what is lower for what is higher — and the world is full of things telling us to go low. We are called to choose love and forgiveness over and over. We are called to go within. We are called to become our own healers, our own gurus, our own lovers, get on our path of mission and service, and fight all of the monsters on the path along the way (that are really here to make us stronger). We have been through hellfire and back. So have any true twin flames who have kept going on this journey.

The ones who have “succeeded” — and there are many ways to “succeed” — have done so in large part by their persistence. They — we — don’t give up. Yes, this is hard — and you can do it. You came to Earth for it, you are built for it. You are a twin flame. You are here for a reason. Keep going, keep going, keep going…

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