Kuan Yin On the Dragon and You

Gather round for some stories, dear twin flames, starseeds, indigos and sensitive souls!  We have some things to share.
When our work was just getting started, back in 2014, we got the guidance to leave behind our respective lives and security and move to the small island of Salt Spring, off the coast of British Columbia. We were told by Spirit that was where we needed to be to grow our work exponentially. It made no logical sense, but after sitting with it, pondering and continuing to check in and get a “yes,” we made the leap.
It was our first time living together, we found a beautiful home up high on a hill overlooking the ocean and a nearby island, and we thought we were going for peace, quiet, and bliss and all was going to be rosy in our world. Ha!
What actually happened was we got there and very shortly, one of our neighbors began clearing all of the trees on their property – besides being heartbreaking, it was noisy and actually at some points shook the ground, making being in our home unbearable. Our landlord came onto our property daily and did various projects (at one point even building another cabin he planned to rent out right next door). Then the neighbor on the other side of us began logging his property. So much for peace and privacy!
In addition, the energies there were so powerful it brought up many of our wounds very quickly. We both went into deep emotional states and various coping styles we had learned from childhood and just let me say, it wasn’t pretty or fun. We were in the fires of purification for sure.
We could have run away and said “to hell with this, and you – this isn’t what I signed up for!” But our guidance kept telling us to stay, to go through it, that this was happening to get us where we needed to go. So we said yes over and over, and stayed there, and stayed together, and kept going on our mission — even though we were kicking and screaming along the way. And Spirit was right – through all of this, we clarified our mission, we grew and healed and learned so much – and our work did grow exponentially. That was the birth of Twin Flame Healers.
Another story: we’ve shared with you the bliss of our wedding, now we’ll tell you a bit about what it took us to get there.
It took us five years from our meeting to our wedding, and we can say all kinds of things about that, but the truth is we had things from our past that got in the way – fears, wounds, you know the drill.
Last year, as soon as we decided to get married, to say yes to fuller union, guess what – the crap hit the fan. For six weeks before the wedding (even though we had no date set, Spirit knew!), we had tons of fears and distrust come up and we were bickering more than we had since Salt Spring.
Yes indeed – another trip through the fires of purification, this time in relation to Union. Some of the fears that came up were ridiculous: At one point, I (Jill) confessed to Remi that I was terrified that, as soon as we got married, he’d turn into an undershirt-wearing, squirrel-shooting husband yelling at me, shotgun in hand, to bring him his dinner and a cold beer. Haha, it’s funny now but it sure felt real then!
Even getting to Remi the day before our wedding (we still didn’t know yet we were getting married the next day!) was extremely difficult – my kids were melting down and I was feeling guilty for leaving, I had all kinds of things happening that I needed to deal with in 3D and felt irresponsible leaving home, there was terrible weather moving in, etc. etc.
As I was driving to the airport, Remi and I were talking and he told me that once I got down there, he was getting me a ring – I almost drove off the road! I started shaking and part of me was excited and part terrified.  I actually considered turning around and going home instead of coming to him – the feelings were that intense (twin flame “runner” aspect coming up at the last minute).
Until the very last minute I wasn’t sure I was getting on the plane – it was that touch and go. Of course I did get on the plane, and even though there were more glitches along the way, you all know the story of what happened after.
This happens every time – we say yes to something very powerfully (Salt Spring and mission, our marriage and union), then the Universe/our higher self gets busy putting us through all kinds of purification and clearing what stands in the way. It’s all orchestrated by Spirit to get us where we need to go, and it’s also why so many people turn away from transformation. It hurts! It’s hard! We don’t know what’s happening!
I shudder now to think of what I would have missed if I had said “no” the day before our wedding – the magic and bliss of the following day and all that has come after. Of course, we would have had another window, but I am sure glad I jumped through that one. The rewards have been incredible since we both said a fuller “yes.”
So how do we do this? We’ll share with you one of our powerful guides.
Before the shit hit the fan on Salt Spring and we were newly there, we wanted to get ourselves a gift as we celebrated this new phase of our coming together. We went to a metaphysical shop and saw this statue that immediately drew both of us. It was an image of the goddess Kuan Yin riding a dragon, and we both went “huh?” Kuan Yin is gentleness itself — what is she doing on a dragon? Even though we work with Kuan Yin all the time, we had never seen this version of her before.
We discovered that this image represents a goddess of compassion, in her heart and healing radiance, riding the dragon whose job it is to transmute the darkness she encounters along the way. To us, this represents the powerful masculine serving the powerful feminine so that a great deal can be accomplished.
The twin flame journey is about love, yes, but it’s also equally about power. Having the power to withstand the fires of purification that will inevitably come your way as a twin flame and advanced soul and still say YES. You could say that this is transforming and activating the masculine and feminine at a higher level within us and between us. Healing, love, and power = high level of transformation.
Those of us with crappy childhoods usually become experts at saying “no.” We’ve learned that being in our power is a terrible thing, and the last thing we want is more pain. We wrongly think that by avoiding our pain, we’re going to get the goods, or at least avoid more crap, when actually the opposite is true.
So a lot of our wounds are still there even though we might not realize it. We end up feeling it’s pointless to try to resolve it and we either give up or aim small. Why bother trying to resolve it and go more fully into light and service? We learned from childhood that going forward in our power is a terrible thing. And too dangerous to consider! We’ve learned to put up with small jobs, small love, or not even that much – the opposite of mission and true union.
You, and we, voted to go into this darkness this lifetime – our souls said “sign me up!” We decided to go through various forms of darkness so we can transform for ourselves and the planet and so we could go more broadly and serve more powerfully. Through transmuting our darkness, we become a bright light, a beacon. We can’t get there unless we open up our dark corners and transmute them.
Difficult childhoods are the norm for twin flames and advanced souls. We’ve seen some exceptions, but not many. We chose to experience this, of course, so we could transform it for ourselves and more broadly. In some ways, this is the “game” of Earth – alchemy of darkness into light. But we forget what we’re up to and get caught up in it, stuck and small. As a result, we (and our twin flames) often carry a whole pile of luggage that we haven’t yet been able to heal.
Traditional forms of helping (psychology and counseling) don’t deal with these issues deeply enough, so many of us have given up on that stuff. A lot of us have turned toward holistic methods, such as psychics, meditation and so on, and that usually doesn’t heal our basement either.
We can also go into wanting our twin to save us, or anybody else to save us, and for sure that doesn’t work!
Because of all of this, too many of us end up saying no: We don’t get on the plane, we move off the island, we run away from the chainsaws of life. We give in to our fears and doubts, we take all of the difficulties as a “sign” that it’s not meant to be. Sometimes of course, we need to move on, but it’s crucial to know when we need to stay. This applies to both union and mission — saying yes to being a transformer however that looks for you, taking your place as you who you truly are.
It’s now time to transmute these issues more deeply – to say no to our small side, to say yes to our inner Kuan Yin on a dragon.
If you think that’s all well and good for others but not for you — “I’ve been through too much crap and I can’t do it,” please think again. In our experience, ANYTHING can be healed and no one is a hopeless case.
I (Remi) “defeated” over 60 helper/healers over decades because they didn’t have the right tools for me. I figured I was the problem — I was a hopeless case. Once I found the tools that worked for me, and for other “hopeless cases,” I learned that even our deepest wounds and traumas can be transmuted quite quickly. Today, that’s what we do.
As a result, we’ve both become more fully Kuan Yin on our dragon, facing darkness (both inner and outer) head on, calling on the powers to do that, transmuting everything in the way, and saying yes to dancing with the universe more and more fully.
We want this for all of you. But only if you want it too!
This is now the focus of our work: helping you get free of the wounds that keep you stuck and small and saying “no,” and helping you get get on your own personal dragon so you can say YES to your highest path and purpose. We’re starting this weekend with a free call, then launching into our next webinar series, and onward from there. Find it all here:
If you’re ready, we’re here.
All our love,
Jill & Remi
P.S. – If you want to see our Kuan Yin statue (she’s pretty awesome!), go here: https://www.facebook.com/twinflamehealers/
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