What’s New in 2017: Getting Free!

Thank you all for your gifts of love and blessing as we shared our wedding with you.  It was amazing to take a ride on that bliss wave with you all <3. Now on to the next leg of the journey…
Welcome to 2017! It looks like it’s going to be a wild ride. We’ve been given some powerful visions and teachings that are shaping what we’re up to this year.
Ascension for everybody is intensifying and speeding up. Can you feel it?
Ascension goes in a spiral — we go up to connect with light, then we go down to purify the dark, and then up again. These cycles support each other and both are necessary, and these waves are stronger and more powerful than ever before. We’ve been experiencing very high highs, and very low lows. It feels to us like a “final clearance sale” on Earth — a time of great purification of whatever is left over that needs to be transformed so that we can go UP into the vibration of love, awakening, and bliss. As the saying goes, we can only go as high as we’ve been low.
In a vision I (Jill) had on our wedding day, I saw this great big ball of light, like an energetic sun, coming gradually and surely to Earth. In front of this ball of light was what looked like an asteroid field of dark particles, and I was shown that, as this light was coming, it was pushing up and outward all darkness in all forms, more powerfully than ever before here on Earth.
I then was shown twin flames, starseeds, indigos and all other souls who volunteered to come be a part of this shift activating their light and creating a gridwork across the planet that allowed this light access points into the 3D.
I saw that the more souls activated this light, the easier and quicker the process can go — and that a great deal of the darkness that has been here can be transformed and transmuted quicker and easier than has ever been possible before, finally creating this great shift we’ve all known was coming, and why many of us signed up for this lifetime.
This time is incredibly powerful for individual, twin flame, and collective transformation. We’re seeing it, we’re experiencing it in our own lives and with our clients.
At my end, as much as I’ve dedicated myself to healing and ascension, there were still some parts of me that were stuck and blocked and really getting in the way of both mission and union. In the last few months, two huge patterns I’ve had (avoidance of greater mission, and avoidance of greater union) have been able to shift — blessed be. These patterns didn’t shift because of more effort, but because I could see them more clearly (the light shining on the dark). I took advantage of these powerful energies coming our way to finally transform them.
This is possible for you — right now. It’s not only possible, but we see it as part of your divine purpose on Earth. The more of us who transform our darkness and negativity and activate our light NOW will be helping to shape this next phase of Earth into something much better than it would otherwise be, for everyone.
We also see Earth getting very uncomfortable for those who aren’t transforming. You will be feeling the collective purging that’s going on — and seeing it in 3D around us, you sensitives and empaths especially. Spirit is really going to be “shaking your tree” if you try to stay in the old vibration.
Purging isn’t fun. It’s messy and you’ll likely be seeing sides of you (and your twin flame and others around you) show up that you’d rather not deal with. It’s OK, they’re just coming up to be healed. Treat yourselves and others with compassion, but don’t get passive — do your healing. The energies are supporting you in moving through old stuck patterns and wounds very quickly and more efficiently than ever before.
The old matrix is dissolving, but we still have work to do. The darkness is afoot, as well as the light, and it’s in our hands how we dance with this.
If you’ve been hiding in your closet, or avoiding healing the icky stuff you haven’t wanted to deal with, NOW is the ideal time to shift this and show up for yourself, your mission and the planet.
It’s time for ALL of our fears and limitations to be transformed — these come from past lives, collective energies, childhood wounds, and negative outside influences we don’t know how to transform. The more darkness you transform, the more light can come in.
We’ve been guided to use these current energies to help you transform all of this at a deeper level than was possible up to now — using this wave so that you can go UP to the new levels of vibration, mission and union that are possible now and in the future.
Then, we’re going to be helping you create and manifest what and who you are meant to be in the new energies. There is no stopping this wave, you’re on it, we all are. Your only option is whether you flow with these transformational or resist and struggle more.
In these times, healing = miracles. Activating your light = miracles.
The theme of our mission right now is “getting free,” and here’s what we’ve got upcoming for you:
* As our gift to help you with these energies, we’re offering a free transformational call for you this Sunday, January 22, at 11:30 am Pacific/2:30 Eastern/8:30pm Central Europe time.
This call is for all twin flames, starseeds, indigos, and everyone on the ascension path. Register here: http://twinflamehealers.com/product/getting-free-intro/ Please share with anyone you feel would benefit!
* Quicker access to us for SOS sessions. We’re also trying an experiment so that those of you who need SOS sessions can get in sooner. We’ve created two small group session spots in the coming few weeks with room for three people and see how this goes. Each participant will get 20 minutes of personal healing, and will benefit as well from the healing we do with the other two. (We find that the Universe arranges these things synchronistically!).
* Weekend sessions. We’ve also opened up some weekend sessions spots for couples who need our help quickly, with a 60 and 90 minute option. Info about the new session types is here: http://twinflamehealers.com/book-your-session-online/
And last but not least, we have two upcoming webinar series for those ready to dive in and get free! Info is here: http://twinflamehealers.com/shop/
We look forward to being there with and for you in 2017. Onward and upward for us all!
All our love,
Jill & Remi
© Twin Flame Healers
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