From Darkness To Light: Let’s Do This!

“The strength of the whole universe is pulsing through you. It can never be taken away from you. Breathe and stay close to what you know. Nothing has changed, we are just seeing more clearly what we have created. It is unbearable to see, but it will not break you. Fully awake, eyes wide open, rooted in your assignment..we are ready for this.” ~ Chameli Ardagh
OK everyone….deep breath. Since it became clear which way the election was going to go, we’ve been through the spectrum of emotion, as we know many of you have. We’d like to share our journey through our own feelings and reactions and where we are now, in the hopes that it may help you get through it too.
Our first impulse was to run away, get far far away from this madness. Up until last night we have been making plans in our own union to join even more fully, bringing Remi to the U.S. so we can be together full time in one place rather than having to go back and forth to Canada, and all of a sudden we were questioning our plans. Is this where we want to be after all? Lots of tears, anger, bewilderment.
As we processed the emotions, we began to be shown possibilities of where all of this could be heading, and our energies slowly but surely started to shift. (And yes, we’re sticking with our plan. Rather than getting away, we’re going to stay here and use these energies to heal and serve more fully; more about that later in this post!)
We realized we could look at these events as being very very “bad,” but we really have no idea where all of this is leading.
Events of great darkness on this planet have often been the precursors to awakening the light more fully, and we see this situation as the same. This is shaking up the system in a very deep way, bringing the shadow of collective consciousness right up into the light so we can look at it and deal with it. No more hiding it away; it’s in our faces now.
We’re looking to the Dalai Lama (among others) as a role model right now. He lived through another country invading his homeland Tibet, destroying and desecrating all that his people held sacred, driving them out of their temples and homes — a “bad” event if there ever was one. Yet his perspective on this is that ended up being good — it led to Tibetan Buddhism coming out of the secret temples and brought to the rest of the world, where it has inspired and enlightened many people who otherwise would never have had access to it.
Like the Dalai Lama, rather than seeing this election as a national tragedy, we’re choosing to see this as an opportunity for many things to happen that haven’t been possible in the field of consciousness before. Rather than more darkness, we see this is an opportunity for more light.
We are not in denial about some of the very real suffering that may be headed our way — this new American leader is a wild card and unpredictable and none of us really know what he’s going to be up to and some of it could look very bad indeed. There will be ongoing healing needed for all of us and for the world as we witness and are impacted by the events to come.
But whatever happens in 3D, we have a choice how we respond, and that is our power. We choose to take our power in this situation and take every opportunity to turn this into an event for the good, and we invite you to do the same.
What if, instead of going into despair and anger, we take our energies and use them to clean up our own act more fully? Where in us is there still hatred, judgment, selfishness, etc. – this is an invitation to purify that in us and around us. If there was ever a time to go more fully into love, this is it.
What if, instead of running away and hiding, as many people want to do right now, we turn up our light more brightly and stop hiding in the closet, shrinking our gifts and our potential out of fear, shame, and old wounds? The world needs our light now more than ever — if there was ever a time to go more fully into world service, this is it.
What if, instead of feeling small and powerless, we realize that no matter what is going on in 3D “reality,” we can be more powerful than ever to create what we came to create? This is not stopping us, this is not even slowing us down. If anything, it is giving us all more fuel to work for the light. If there was ever a time to go into more power, this is it!
“Fully awake, eyes wide open, rooted in our assignment, we are ready for this!”
Yes, we are.  And so are you.  Let’s do this!
Many blessings,
Jill & Remi
© Twin Flame Healers
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