Welcome all twin flames, soul mates, and anyone experiencing the life-altering ride of a soul relationship!
We're here to help.
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Healing and Guidance for Twin Flames & Soul Connections

We are Jill Miller and Remi Thivierge, twin flames who began our journey together in 2011, married in 2016, and are living our union and mission full time. We’ve known since the beginning that we are here not only for our own journey, but to help you — twin flames, soul connections, and everyone on the path of ascension — navigate this intense, challenging, and transformational path of union.

We believe we’re all part of a big shift on Earth, and that all twin flames have a mission not only to help each other, but to help the planet, and our sessions and webinars reflect this. We work with you to find your unique soul’s purpose, and help you uncover the blocks and obstacles to living your mission and union full time.

We are both intuitive transformational guides and healers who have extensive training and experience as counsellors, and we have both been on our own healing and spiritual growth journeys for decades.

We walk our talk and only offer you the fruits of our personal experience and learning. We are transparent with our own lives, and share what we have been through when it is helpful to you. We can provide guidance and healing whatever is going on for you in any stage of your journey — together, separated, or somewhere in between.

We offer healing and guidance sessions wherever you are worldwide, a growing number of online webinars and audio courses, a training/mentoring program, videos through our YouTube channel, a blog, and ongoing free healing calls and webcasts.

We are here to serve you on this challenging, difficult, and transformational journey, and we look forward to connecting with you!

To your union,

-Remi and Jill