One of the best decisions I have made since becoming enlightened as a Twin Flame is seeking the counsel of Jill and Remi. They are truly who they say they are. As a team, they are authentic, but more importantly deeply loving. Their knowledge and healing abilities are of the highest order. The work they are doing frankly is priceless. I will definitely be using them again and referring every person, regardless if they are a Twin Flame to them for counseling. You want a couple like them speaking into your life while walking the Planet Earth.

  • M.S., USA
You and Jill have helped both my twin and I beyond measure.  I really appreciate and understand everything you both have taught me.  Just when I can’t take it anymore my twin will do or say something so loving and kind it keeps me going.  Lately I keep reminding myself I can only meet my twin in the higher realms and that’s exactly what’s happening!  I remember what you said about how we can no longer stay small and it is so true !  My twin called and told me ,”everything was going to work out”. That we were going to spend time together.  This came from him without me having to ask him for what I wanted.  I learned that he wants it too.  So I do the clearing and healing and praying and unconditional loving and I’m so grateful and as u said I keep checking in because the energies are so strong.  Thank you a million times over.  My twin and I have made and are making so much progress!  You have helped me to help him and myself in ways I never dreamed of.
  • M.O., USA

Thank you so much for all of your help. You saw me at one of the lowest points in my life when I felt totally devastated and felt so alone especially during the dark night of the soul. I will be forever grateful for all the healing you did for us and letting me know what was really going on when I was seeing things emotionally and perceiving things the wrong way 😉 if I hadn’t had some of those sessions I don’t think I would of been able to handle all of this. I am so glad I found you when I did.

You both are beautiful caring souls. The real deal. You both knew things that M. and I were thinking and feeling word for word! I am glad there are real Twin Flames like you that are here to help others on their journey when we feel like we are going crazy and want to give up. There is so much fake stuff online about twin flames it is getting kind of out of control on YouTube but genuine real twin flames will be guided towards you for help 🙂 I have told others about you so hopefully they have made an appointment and get the proper help from you both 🙂 Sending you love and light. Words can’t thank you enough!

  • J.B., Canada

I got my miracle tonight (one day after our session) after asking for it – God sent me it!!  Tonight he called me (very not like him) and I got a glimpse of the man I met and fell in love with almost 4 years ago for the first time in a long time… We talked for hours. He has been so lost and cold and closed off to me for so long and I’ve longed and suffered so heart broken for so long. I believe 100% this is a miracle and a direct result of the work and healing / guidance from you beautiful souls. Jill and Remi you two are saving lives and rescuing souls that would NOT make it through this mission we all signed up for. You are making a difference and you are directly responsible for saving so many who wouldn’t be able to do much of anything but suffer alone without your help. You are truly amazing angels walking on this planet…

  • L.C., Canada

Haha. VERY WOW. Thank you for the support, guidance and healing! The work you do truly transforms! Here is a blurb you may use on your website:

“Working with Rémi and Jill has transformed my life in a short time! They are gifted healers and spiritually aware. With great skill and compassion they utilize many healing modalities and with Higher assistance connect to the core issues and usher in positive transformation. On behalf of myself and my Twin Flame, I am profoundly grateful.”

  • R.G., California

Thank you Jill and Remi for your healing! You really are powerful healers! The 180 degree turnaround I am feeling regarding leaving for UK (running away from my twin and myself!), plus the dissolving of the fear of losing him is amazing! God bless you and this Earth needs more healers like you. You are like purifiers! The way I see it is like I am an old silver cup (or something), so tarnished that looks black/green all over the outside, forgotten somewhere for many years, that is up for sale on a Sunday’s garage sale. You picked it up and polished it to its original shine and it looks great now! It shines and it can do its original purpose once again!

  • D.T., Eastern Canada

I am truly grateful to have crossed paths with Jill and Remi. When I found their Youtube channel, something in me felt that I was in need of their services and, thankfully, I heeded my intuition. I have been struggling for many years now and have just recently met my Twin (which has added more confusion and chaos in my life) I can confidently say that Jill and Remi are the real deal. Throughout my entire session, I felt huge shifts in energy and like a 1000 tons were lifted off of me and my Twin on an energetic and emotional level. On a physical level, I feel I can now stand and walk taller and straighter. You can truly feel their loving and compassionate energy through the phone. I get nervous discussing metaphysical topics with people because I know how dangerous it can be, but Jill and Remi immediately made me feel very comfortable and safe. I highly recommend working with these two. They are a dynamic duo and together bring forth wonderful gifts of healing and wholeness. Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart.

  • A.O., USA
Jill and Remi,

After our call yesterday T. (twin) admitted to me he had (done something upsetting, details omitted to protect privacy). 😳😥This was a big deal because I had asked him not to do that and that it would be the one thing that would hurt me the most. I told him I never wanted to see him again. That lasted for about 45 minutes. After many hours of crying and processing I came to realize that both of our biggest blocks was a fear to be in union but it was a fear of being completely vulnerable and trusting one another.  I realized how much trust it took him to tell me and how vulnerable he had to be to expose himself to finally do it and that ego part of me flew right out the window and it was replaced by only unconditional love, compassion and understanding. My anger-none. 😳Unf-ingbelievable. As I sit here writing you I am still bawling my eyes out but only feel tons of joy, awe, and love..and tons and tons of gratefulness to you two. We stood at the precipice after (our session with you) yesterday, and for the first time, stepped off into the dark unknown fears we have carried for lifetimes. The fall was terrifying, but the landing was soft and full of love and safety like I’ve never known or experienced. We could not have done it without the two of you. We love you very much for this. We thank you for every heartbreaking moment you have ever experienced, every dark night that you wanted to die and felt so alone, for everything you went through to save us-Thank the Gods for you two. THANK YOU!!😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘


Bless you both!!
We love you so..
  • J. & T.., USA

My twin felt a deep call to return to our area and has actually been living with me. We’ve been able to do some work around the twin flame idea and around some of his issues with sex, etc. I continue to learn about him and about myself and everything that comes up, I know how to shine a healing light to it —- and it is all working, which is really exciting. I marvel at our different I am since I started working with you. I’ve grown so much and really can’t fully express the gratitude I feel to you for your guidance.

  • S.E., USA

I absolutely love working with Jill and Remi. It’s so refreshing to see how well they harmonize and complement each other. The transformation I experience with their spot on knowledge of what needs to be healed, is simply amazing. So much has changed in my life since I first came across their website. I will never forget how I couldn’t stop crying for hours because of the tremendous relief I experienced from hearing about sensitive souls and twin flame relationships. I now know that all the dreams I had as a child about my “perfect” partner and transforming the world we live in can really be attained. And whenever the next obstacle comes up, I know where to get help and guidance.

  • R.R., Switzerland

I just wanted to thank you so much. The two of you are awesome. Your combined energies are so beautiful. I feel as though I am shifting in a positive direction on all levels. I woke up this morning feeling better. Heaviness in my chest is gone. I have reflected on some of the things revealed during the session, and it makes sense to me. It explains why I was so different from my family and my determination to be a healer in spite of the obstacles in my upbringing. It helped me to understand the origin of the intense negativity, or black hole (as I refer to it) that seemed to be working against me that was much deeper than my experiences in this life time.

Again thank you so much. It was great to experience the healing power of two twins who have come together for the good of humanity. You both are a force to reckon with.

  • N.C., USA

I just wanted to thank you first and foremost for all you have done for me. The healing and tools you have given me have literally transformed my entire life. Looking back 3 years ago I was ill, miserable, unhealthy, incredibly depressed and felt myself slipping away. I wondered why for 22 years I had been a doormat for people’s insecurity, fears and hatred.

Looking at my life now- I am so incredibly happy sometimes I have to pinch myself to see if its all real. I feel confident, powerful, loving, compassionate, nurturing, and caring (qualities I thought I would never learn how to possess). And these emotions are so beautiful- sometimes it’s almost like I am drive to tears because of it. I feel my body radiating with energy. I feel the hot/cold energy emanating from my body and palms. There is a beautiful quote by Albert Camus “Life should be lived to the point of tears.” I find that living my life that way- injecting my good energy, healing, and love into every situation and every person- I can see how I’m changing the world and it is the most beautiful gift that I could ever be given. I am so grateful for having the chance to work with you all. I have healed so many people because of your help, healing and tools you have given me.

I have mended the relationships with my family, my mother, my grandmother, my father, and siblings. I have taught them (to the degree that suits their consciousness level) to inspire them and how to heal themselves. I can see how much I have changed their lives solely by focusing on changing my own self and giving them unconditional love and not trying to change them in any way. Just by loving my own self, and making myself the best person I can be- I inspired them, and for the first time in my life I have my whole family’s approval and the accept me and are so very proud of me. I am so glad I finally got to see this day…I AM SO GRATEFUL AND THANKFUL <3 <3 <3.”

  • A.S., USA

I just had to share my joy! “S”, my twin texted me today and said he missed me and misses “us”… He said his daughters have been driving him crazy busy with girl stuff and he has no clue… lol, I told him I could help him, etc… then we had our usual loving banter back and forth for a while… this is great news because I haven’t seen him for over a year or talked to him in a long while… also, I had just finished listening to our healing session again for about the 13th time and had just finished doing more healing on him when he sent the first text! Sooo elated :)!!!

  • D.G, southern USA

Thank you so much for an absolutely amazing session yesterday! I truly don’t have the words to describe how powerful and beautiful, yet gentle and nurturing it was! I want to cry thinking about it! Thank you for all the clearing and especially for the way you assisted me to reconnect in with myself – it feels so immense and overwhelming (in the most deliciously beautiful way!). It was just such a pleasure and a true honour to simply be in your beautiful energy. I feel so grateful that there are wonderful people like you in the world, lighting the way on this crazy crazy path!

  • S.M., Canada

WE DID IT!! Our first vacation together. We had a great time. Many times I could feel stuff coming up, usually bonding issues and I was able to nip it in the bud by listening to a personal session or the week 2 of the December teleseminar series. He is taking a stand for himself more, especially in the karmic relationship of being under the influence of a friend who was supposed to play the role of keeping us apart. He actually commented some old acquaintances that are doing the old rigid stuff, “oh he’s still stuck in that” etc. WOW! That is a complete turn-around. We were also able to be intimate on a level I did not expect was possible, this was just an amazing gift. None of us talked about “are we a couple or not”, and he seemed to come much closer and during the vacation it seemed like he was more willing to go with this “whatever the heck this is “relationship “one day at a time and see what happens”. He also started talking about that he wants to take more vacations together. He didn’t react negatively to people we met calling him my “boyfriend” etc. He said it was the best vacation he has had since he can remember, and that he was able to deeply relax the whole time!

  • L.R., Amsterdam

Hi… it’s A.S. from Oklahoma city… you did a session with me back in may.  I’ve been steadfastly doing my clearings and inner work… there were/are some days where I still listen to ur webinars 3-4 times per day. .. the clearings have helped me and I’ve sent many people to ur videos, etc.  You guys are amazing… thank you for all your knowledge in clearing dark energies Remi… and I’ve felt u help me a few times since, thank you for everything! I did the work for my tf also not expecting anything but freedom for him & the rest of my soul family & at the beginning of this month I felt him blast into the upper realms & then he suddenly began communication with me through my psychic medium friend.  We’ve been doing soul level healing and he remote views me all the time now and tells me he is in love with me… haha, I did not have any idea such a thing would happen, but it’s all because of the healing… I concentrating on continued healing for all of us, for all twins around the world. .. as the energy work for the grid is def part of our mission.. I just wanted to tell you how your work is setting me free … I’m becoming the earth angel goddess you guys helped me see that I am… I love you both very much. Thank you for your hard work!!

  • A.S., USA

I just wanted to thank you for your help. I have had a lot of results from it, including my twin flame taking the initiative to see me!

  • J.B., Canada

Thought I would share something crazy. I intuitively knew i needed to work more on myself last session instead of focusing specifically on Twin Flame. You guys did a healing for me about sexual abuse. Interesting, the very next day, one of my cousins called me, telling me she was tired of her family hiding her grandfather’s sexual abuse. I love how much you two not only want to heal their clients but family, soul group, etc. too…thank you for you two being you. You both are such a treasure.

  • J.B., USA

Thank you SO much for a truly powerful healing. It was so very supportive, loving, graceful and masterful. I loved working with you both. You are a most extraordinary pair!

  • C., US

The session was so intense and the unfolding from there is even more intense. it’s like a huge opening was made and all sorts of things are now shifting about.

  • M.C., USA

So many blessings and so much miraculous transformation and shifting into more love and more light has come for my life and so many others around me through working with you both. Thank you again. I cannot thank you enough.

  • T.V., Canada

Since our last session some interesting shifts with my twin have come up. He said he would like to do the next session with me. I truly believe the healing session made a significant difference with us. We interacted differently and were more open with one another. We also connected intimately on an even deeper level which hadn’t happened in a couple months. He specifically asked to see to see me more often.

  • L.D., USA

Things are really shifting between my twin and I. I do the healing you gave me in our session daily. We’re now connecting on a daily basis. She says she thinks of me all the time. (Female twins. Some months of no contact before our session.)

  • L.H., USA

I have been working on the clearing stuff and goddess study you recommended and last weekend was out in NYC for a concert and bought an extra ticket to offer my twin. He accepted it. I was absolutely floored by that response; I had no expectation that he’d do anything social with me. So I just wanted to thank you for your guidance.

  • H.K., USA

Knowing you has changed my life in a huge way. It’s really been dramatic.

  • R.K. New York

I’m SO FREAKING HAPPY. I’m currently sitting here with my heart chakra all the way up to my crown chakra vibrating (for lack of a better word) with happiness, and it is awesome. Ever since I did the healing work with you guys, there was an instant shift. Even the day after the session, the instant I walked into the same room as my twin he just started glowing, so I’m assuming that the healing work has been helping him too. Even in a picture of us from that day, he looks even happier than me.

  • C.D., USA

My twin and I are doing very well, since our session with you a while ago. We communicate so well, and so regularly, that whenever there’s a glitch, we get through it pretty easily… I’m learning to be gentler, more loving and gracious.

  • S.B., Canada

I am tremendously grateful for being divinely led to the both of you. Your insight and guidance has helped me to heal on all levels of my being. I am in a state of relative peace. You guys are awesome! (Twin flame woman with breast cancer)

  • N.C., USA

The shift since our session has been phenomenal. I cleared all the stuff with my twin since then.

  • M.C., USA

Things are going really well. My twin is with me daily now and there is a steadiness in my soul and a new life coming forth. Thank you for the clearing and for your help. It’s moved us through, and although we are not in contact in the 3D world, that could not matter less as what is occurring now is beyond anything that has been able to occur there.

  • D.F, USA

Thanks for the great session. It continued all night in my sleep where I was hearing high beings in hundreds of different “languages” doing clearing and healing.

  • R.H., USA

(Session with a twin flame couple): The session last night was unbelievable! We were just flabbergasted! I wanted to thank you guys again soooo much!!! Each of you are sincerely soooo sweet and compassionate, I could really feel that so from the bottom of my heart thank you thank you thank you! Every single little thing was so true. You guys are really good! This truly was beyond all my expectations. And I had some expectations because by watching your videos on youtube I knew you guys are the real deal. But still this was beyond anything I could have hoped for.

  • L.V., Netherlands

Since our session, truly amazing miracles have been happening in my life.

  • P.G., Gernany

Someone even asked me at work what I’ve been doing because I look younger to them.

  • N.P., USA

He’s called me twice all in the space of 3 hours apart. He emailed me and asked for my number and then called me and then a couple hours later called me again. First time in 10 mos.

  • D.P., Korea

Thank you so much for my session last week, and for the group healing call last weekend! Both of these sessions had profoundly positive effects on me, and for my twin as well. I’ve already noticed an increase in communication and straightforward honesty from him, both of which have always been very sporadic. I’m feeling a much stronger sense of self, and my personal clearing and healing work has been much easier since speaking with you.

  • C.J., USA

All the clearing healing etc, has really saved my life and his life who knows how many other souls too from all the extended clearing and healing. Thank you!

  • K.C., Florida

I just wanted to say holy cow, it is thick here in Paris and thanks for letting me know to clear as I go along in the city! Its quite a bit, but its why I am here. Also, I really wanted to thank you guys again for assisting us as a couple! We are talking again constantly which is so nice, she seems extremely excited about me being here. She sent me some songs that said ‘wait for me to come home’ and I told her I liked them and she said she was glad I did! Not sure why she cannot just say so directly, but it’s progress in the right direction! She has definitely come a bit more out of her shell and I keep putting protection for her constantly. Its a lot of clearing for this city, her, and me 4 shoo! It is very interesting as we get closer I can feel her more, sometimes I even get glimpses now of what she is seeing, which is new. I do feel we will be together very, very soon and will stay that way……I hope all twin flames will do that! I know we are still not out of the woods yet, but I think once we are together officially things will really pick up…..and we are both stubborn and want to keep this going….so glad we are that way! You are very right as some couples just do not know what to do, and it does stall things a lot. Our sessions have been very useful!

  • M.F., Paris

Thank you both SO much. Things have started shifting already. My twin came home last night and he felt clear and like a thousand pounds had been lifted off his shoulders.

  • A.V., Canada

I found the session extremely helpful and healing. I feel a lot better and was sooo excited that immediately I called my twin as soon as the session ended and shared with her what had transpired. She as well seems very excited and can’t wait to hear the recording for herself.

  • M.R., Australia

It’s a miracle. We’ve had two years of no contact. And now he came to see me after my two sessions with you.

  • L.L., Italy

I’ve been listening the recording of our session every day + every morning your Daily Energy Clearing, and I´m planning to continue that. I can feel how the healing goes deeper and deeper every time. I feel a lot of energy moving. And I can also see that the colours of my aura are brighter than ever.

  • K.P., France

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping get to this place of love. I am in tears writing this…you have helped me turn my life around after years of not wanting to be here and feeling like I didn’t fit in.

  • P.D., Australia

Thank you so much for this & for such an incredible healing session! I felt a major internal shift after our talk, and my TF and I are now communicating.

  • A.S., Western USA

Thank you SO much. I actually feel a lot better. I didn’t think it was possible considering the state I was in when I called. I have so much gratitude for your work and appreciate the all sacrifices and challenges you both undertook to serve as healers.

  • H., USA

My twin and I work for the same division and when I saw him at work the next day after our session, I was amazed at the shift between us. We were so at ease with each other, like we were when we first started spending more time together outside of work. I am so grateful for your help in healing the obstacles between us.

  • J.H.

I am so blessed to be able to work with Jill and Remi, true twin flame map carvers, they have provided myself and my twin so much insight into our twin flame dynamic. When I have been at my darkest they have provided so much light, I cannot thank them enough.

  • R.C., Australia

It was absolutely wonderful working with you both, too. Things feel much lighter and it has reignited my focus towards my mission.

  • M.T.

After our session, I feel more able to feel joy, My twin says its simpler to relate to me and be around me like I don’t have so much luggage and difficulties anymore. I’ve been doing Jill’s suggestion and hanging out with him at soul level, and he says now that he thinks about me all the time, joking about me “getting in the way because I’m always there”!! Also the telepathic “noise” from the woman wanting to keep our union from happening isn’t so bothersome, but it took about a week to keep on clearing before it settled down. My mother’s face looks lighter and more relaxed, and maybe its all the ancestral clearing I’ve been doing lately!!

  • L.R., Amsterdam

You are amazing, I so love the work I’m doing with you !

  • E.B., Paris

I wanted to give you some feedback…My twin and I have contact nearly every day again after our session. I do my homework, and it helps a lot. It seems that the healing works very well and he gets bits of it too.

  • C.E., Germany

My suspected twin had been completely off the radar the last couple of weeks prior to our session suddenly, two days after I talked to you, he “appeared” again.

  • I.W., Sweden

Things have changed between us since my session with you. the love feels more heart centered rather than energetic… and VERY intense!! It was like a MASSIVE influx of light.. and I now more fully understand your comments about blowing fuses.

  • K.R.

Thank you so much for my session yesterday. I feel as if a weight was lifted off my neck and shoulders, I sometimes get crippling pain there. (This is a client who’s been struggling with chronic pain for years following an vehicle accident.)

  • A.A.

I can’t come up with the right words to express in language what I feel and how sincerely grateful I am to have had the extreme honor of speaking with the two of you tonight. It was truly overwhelming to be in connection to the two of you, to feel so comforted and understood. It’s a humbling experience. It feels foreign to be embraced and ‘seen.’ It’s very emotional and profound. I felt like the session could have gone on forever, with me just being soothed by your voices and knowing that you truly care and were willing to invest your time and energies in the hopes of creating a better life for me…. a total stranger. So very touching.

  • K.A.

Remi, I followed your advice on letting my twin take the lead and the great news is we are back totogether…

  • R.C., Australia

Jill, when you channel it hits the heart like an arrow tipped with agave syrup. Many people work with Akashic records but it is the elegance accuracy and power of your words in translation of divine intention that gets to the very essence of each person’s soul and personality.

Remi, I feel the high beings you are working with praising you and expressing the deepest gratitude to have someone who hears and understands them so completely and has them be in their fullest power to do the work they so long for in intercession. Quan Yen comes forward to say the words “pristine” and “unparalleled” to describe the clearing you do as a channeler.

  • N.B.

I want to thank you for the incredible work and mission you are on. The consultation was INCREDIBLE as much healing went on and on and on afterwards. You two are right on target with mission and what a powerful, lovely duo that you are.

  • M.H.

The peace of mind of finally having the tools I need to help myself and others in my soul group and beyond is absolutely priceless. Each time I listen to our session the healing goes deeper and broader and I feel more free.

  • N.B.

So much has happened since my twin and I spoke with you. We are getting ready to come into Union. As we get closer we are confronted with more and more darkness — demons, ETs, so much denseness. He grounds me everyday, he is the string and I am the balloon.

  • M.F.

Words cannot express my gratitude to both of you. Truly an amazing session at so many levels! I have listened to the recording twice…doing the healings as I went. Quite exhausting as there was so much and a lot of areas landing for me now.

Much love to you both! You are doing such an incredible service to advanced souls and to humanity. So appreciated!!

  • A.R.

There are no words to describe my gratitude to you guys. And guess what today, two days after my session with you, my twin has contacted me without sending her anything!!!!!!!!! What can I say every cell in my heart will always be grateful for you….

  • E.H.

I felt for a while that I was missing something within my Union, or shall I say, I was busy not following my intuition. What i had been picking up on was not covered by any other Twin Flame teachers I had seen, so I was feeling rather lost and confused about my next steps. In the end I took the plunge and booked a session with Jill and Remi. I am so glad I did. It was by far the most incredible session I have had. I was met with compassion and understanding. Their care and authenticity glowed through which naturally created a sacred space. I discovered critical aspects of my Union which only Jill and Remi have been able to understand to date. It took several days to get my head around what had happened within the healing…it was that transformational. I highly recommend Jill and Remi. They are exceptional at what they do! It may just give you the clarity you need!

  • A.E.


THIS STUFF WORKS!!!!!!!!! Yup!! My Twin and I resumed contact in September after almost a year of 3D silence! Slowly, we built our email contact from once a month to daily. All the while, I’ve been working diligently to clear and heal myself, him and us using your materials, Reiki, SRT, etc. Your guidance and transformational magic has been and continues to be KEY to our 3D reunion process!

  • R.G., USA

I just got thru listening to the webinar on twins freaking out. It was really great. I enjoyed every word. The cool part is I don’t find myself freaking out anymore. My twin is responding more and more. He now answers almost every email. I keep them positive and nurturing and he knows exactly how I feel about him and he doesn’t appear threatened. I don’t mention the “love” word, just everything else I say of course lets him know that I do love him. He can’t miss that. And I know he ‘trusts” me. That is so important as he always said he couldn’t trust anyone but I am certain he trusts me. I also am staying on mission as I get such good vibes from people who come in contact with me and I know I have a positive impact on their life at that moment. So I continue to do the daily clearing and the homework that you gave me for him and me. You guys are so amazing and I am so grateful for all that you do.

  • D.P., USA

Your webinar helped us so much. We hadn’t seen each other for months and the last I heard from him he said he didn’t want to see me at all. We are going to be together again. It pushed me so deeply in to clearing and healing and honestly in the past couple weeks I have grown infinitely stronger as a spiritual warrior and goddess for us. Because I believed and I cleared and I healed. I can trust his love now. I am not afraid because he has come back. He is showing up for us.

  • K., BC, Canada

The following individual had a couple of sessions with us as well as working with our downloadable webinar – Indigo Soul Work:

Ever since the session I had with you a couple of weeks’ ago, my twin has noticed a huge difference in his general mood, and well-being – he described it as more “lightness” and his meditations have been very clear and deep. Of course, I’ve been doing a great deal of clearing for him and his home/family the area he lives in and the wider country. He says he can often sense my presence “my consciousness” as he calls it, inside him at moments during the day (I would guess he’s picking up on the clearing I do for him at those times). For myself, all I can say (and it’s no small thing) I am much much happier. Now if I wake in the morning less than happy I immediately clear etc. and feel energized again. I’m getting better at it – it’s definitely my mission – I feel a sense of empowerment and rebirth as never before! I find there seems to be so limit to the time I can check in a clear – I can clear eg. for the building where I work as a healer and this has been invaluable as we often have ladies to treat who seem to carry a lot of negative/dark stuff attached to them. I’m getting quite sensitive to it but it doesn’t bother me now I can clear and protect myself and bring in masses of light.

So, again, I want to thank you for your support, encouragement, skills and talents and guidance and these are not in order of importance by the way:)

  • K.M., Scotland

I did a huge amount of healing and clearing using your clearing protocol (from the Indigo Soul Work workshop) and focused specifically on clearing obstacles related to preventing me getting a job. I just missed out on all of the 7 jobs that I was interviewed for in the past year, with very minor reasons as to why. The feedback for the last job was so trivial as to why I didn’t get it and I felt that I was blocked by dark energies impacting on the decision. Then amazingly I received an email from the company of the last job that missed out on asking if I was still interested in the position. I met with them today and they were nearly begging me to take the job!! I find this so absolutely amazing! The person that they chose pulled out during the time frame since I started to and continued to do the clearing. The director said that they should have chosen me in the first place!!

  •  P.T., Australia

The connecting (with other participants) is great as we are gaining more power/transforming as a group…..feel like this is the phase we all agreed upon;)…..only great things can come from this…..twin flame superduper uper transforming powers!!!! Hell ya………we got em running scared now……..taking the bulls down…..this is our planet!!!……Cheers!

  • M.F., Paris

Thank you so much for everything. I have grown so much from doing all this and feel so much better (re. sessions and teleseminars). I don’t think that I would have survived this year well if it wasn’t for you and Jill.

  • P.T., Australia

Thanks Remi and Jill, loving this group, seriously the only thing keeping me sane at the moment especially with all these intense energies going on this month.

  • P.D., Australia

Wow you two have done such a great thing!! To be able to talk to other twins is so valuable beyond words.

  • K.C., USA

Thank you for serving your mission so diligently & being so gracious with your gifts. It has already made a profound difference in my life. I am certain that I have a much better chance to serve my mission more fully because of the both of you.

  • S.M., Canada

Your webinars are so powerful, and they go so deep with healing.

  • A.L.

Listening to your clearings have also opened communication and bringing us closer.

  • E.H.

I have been so grateful for the sense of… enlightenment? lightness? shift? from listening to your webinars!

  • C.L.

You are my life saviors and I’m so grateful that you exist.

  • S.B.

We really enjoy your webinars. Especially, the one on reconnection with our twin. I called him on his birthday a few days ago. He responded right away and spoke for 20 minutes. He even asked me if I would like to be on the beach with him, he would like to go to Mexico in Feb. I said yes. Quite a contrast from trying to connect with him four months ago when he did not want to see me, did not want to hear anything about me. I clear the issues every day. I now realize what to do and not what to do. Thanks so much for all of your healing work that you do. God Bless.

  • J.L.

Re. the webinar series for December, 2015: I want to share my feelings about the amazing sessions you had…first of all thanks because I feel more in my path and energetically close to my still runner twin, but clearly now I know that I am in his heart for sure and I absolutely have to trust and have faith on myself and on him and in god. My fears are his fears, my job is to learn how to overcome my fears and teach others how to forgive and trust themselves and each other..well this is what I have understood till now thanks to your webinars.

  • E.L.

Re. the webinar focusing on Mission: I am so very glad I joined for the webinar this evening! It was truly a gift to hear your stories and helped me tremendously in understanding my journey. 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing. I am more determined than ever to keep going for the mission… I am steadily fighting all the battles, within me and outside of me. I have such respect for you guys having made it through all of your obstacles. What an amazing journey you both have had!!!!

  • N.T.

Thank you or sharing these powerful tools with the rest of us, much needed!

I am writing to give feedback on this webinar, and the Indigo Soul Work which I did, I have started using some of the prayers I learned from you in my work (basically, at the time, I am just finding my own “style” from several healing modalities that I have learned). The results have been AMAZING. This stuff works! I have been able to help a friend who I believe is a sensitive soul and a very powerful healer, but has been in a really terrible shape for many years, both in terms of physical and mental health, clinically diagnosed with a whole bouquet of stuff. I was called to do especially the clearing prayers for her, removing entities, while doing energy work. Literally, her bones have realigned. She wrote to me later that she had forgotten what it was like to feel “sane”, and can’t remember when she felt so good the last time, started cleaning the house which had not been cleaned since June, etc. This is really a powerful inspiration.

  • I.K.

Re. the webinar about mission: Thank you once again for a most beautiful call!! God bless you both always and all the healing and wisdom you are sharing so generously and with such humility!

  • P.A.

Re. webinar on mission: It was so intense to learn about your personal stories and how you connected… It really rang some bells. Thanks for all the clearing and especially the one about karmic issues, the feeling to be unworthy and obstructions to the mission. It will really help me as my mission in … is the thing that scares me the most in the World; I am regularly stuck in my anxiety about that and have difficulties to take step and move forward with that. As it is THE thing that I love so much, I put too much pressure on me, have so much fears to fail and I just get paralyzed …. My twin is more on his personal mission but I think he has the same anxious but about me and our connection (lol). THANK YOU very much for all the help you provide to every twin flame, I just think you are amazing amazing people. <3

  • L.B., Switzerland

I am so grateful to have a community of like minded souls to connect with via your work and healing gifts. I am learning and healing via the webinar’s and do notice my twin and I connecting more since I’ve been doing the work.

  • L.H.

The work you guys have put out has been a real ‘life-saver’ for me and also for my beloved this year.

  • K.E.

Looking forward to these wonderful seminars. The last lot (December), and our one on one session has changed my world in the most incredible ways, and still continues to do so.

  • M.T.

I am doing well and had a rough recent time working through my stuff around ego. Making progress. My TF has been in touch and is now facing me rather than facing away. We are talking and in a new place from the long, painful separation although miles a part in many ways. The December seminar series kept my heart open and healed us.

  • M.B.

Must tell you both again how grateful I am to both of you, Jill and Rémi! The transformative tools that you give so generously are indeed fostering great healing and change. This afternoon, I listened to your recording of Childhood Wounds & Ancestral Templates. Interacted is a better word than simply listened. Powerful, powerful stuff!

  • R.G.