Sessions for Couples

These powerful and transformational sessions are designed to help you create a harmonious, radiant, transformational sacred union that works at both the 5D and 3D levels. We will work with you on both your 5D union and ascension process, as well as do guidance and healing for the 3D aspects of your union and lives, including:

  • A soul reading (Akashic record reading) of your connection at the soul level, your divine life purpose and mission, your soul group of origin and the primary energy center for each of you

  • Clearing of blockages multi-dimensionally (current life, past life, ancestral, family of origin, inner child, sub-personalities, trauma, collective templates, etc.)

  • Dealing with “other players” such as current or past spouses or partners, children, work related issues, geographical challenges (should I move?) etc

  • Your life purpose and mission as a couple

  • Handling triggers skillfully, effective communication, the dance of separation and togetherness, the dance of soul and personality/ego

Our sessions are unique in that:

  • We work together as a twin flame pair, so when working with us you will be receiving a unified twin flame field of energy that creates a powerful vortex of healing and transformation.

  • We are trained and experienced counselors and healers. Both of us have master’s degrees in counseling and a combined 60-plus years experience in the helping field. In addition, Remi is certified as a couple and family therapist and trainer.

  • We have six years experience working full time with twin flames all over the world, so you will be getting tried and tested healing and guidance from our real-world experience

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PLEASE NOTE: This session is for couples only. Both have to attend the session. For those of you booking this session, please make sure your partner listens to at least one webinar or watch at least one of our videos so they are familiar with our work and feel it is a fit for them as well.

That was the best healing session either of us have had in our lives and the shift was profound and instant in the 3D for all 3 of us (including the ex partner for one of them). Truly grateful beyond words. You are both so incredible, thank you. Lately I’ve been walking around in awe and constant gratitude. I could have never ever imagined the first session we had that my life could and would look like this today. So thank you. I will thank you for the rest of my life. I bow to your incredible souls.

Dov. M.

We had three sessions as well as the Transforming Blockages webinar: I wanted to say thank you for all the amazing work you do, for all the amazing help and guidance you’ve provided my twin and I through our individual sessions and through all your webinars. We are FINALLY fully united (YAY!), and are honestly both a little in disbelief that we actually got here ;-).

He and I have been reflecting that we don’t know where we’d be if it wasn’t for all the work you’ve both done, and for you bringing it forward to guide others. We know that part of our mission is to guide others as well, and we’re so grateful for you having come before us.

Emily L.
Since we have spoken last a tremendous amount has shifted for us. We have grown to a solid level. We have figured out together what our mission truly is.
Kevin & Tina
We got married last year…major remodeling on our house and did a wedding celebration in Sept for friends and family. Busy year!! Thank you to our sessions with you we were able to move forward to say yes to marriage. All feels right. I feel like we can be supported by opening and clearing the way to align in our highest purpose, individually and as a couple.
Carolyn & Tom
We continue to bask in the wonder of our session with you. It was an empowering affirmation of our knowing and path.
I really don’t know where to start, but I guess I’ll go with this first, THANK YOU. I’m not just saying this, (also I’m quoting my twin) you both were our last hope. You both are such wonderful souls as well!! We thank you with unconditional love to you both.
Brook & Andrew
The session last night was unbelievable! We were just flabbergasted! I wanted to thank you guys again soooo much!!! Each of you are sincerely soooo sweet and compassionate, I could really feel that so from the bottom of my heart thank you thank you thank you! Every single little thing was so true. You guys are really good! This truly was beyond all my expectations. And I had some expectations because by watching your videos on youtube I knew you guys are the real deal. But still this was beyond anything I could have hoped for.
Lucero V., Netherlands
WE DID IT!! Our first vacation together. We had a great time. Many times I could feel stuff coming up, usually bonding issues and I was able to nip it in the bud by listening to a personal session or the week 2 of the December teleseminar series. He is taking a stand for himself more, especially in the karmic relationship of being under the influence of a friend who was supposed to play the role of keeping us apart. He actually commented some old acquaintances that are doing the old rigid stuff, “oh he’s still stuck in that” etc. WOW! That is a complete turn-around. We were also able to be intimate on a level I did not expect was possible, this was just an amazing gift. None of us talked about “are we a couple or not”, and he seemed to come much closer and during the vacation it seemed like he was more willing to go with this “whatever the heck this is “relationship “one day at a time and see what happens”. He also started talking about that he wants to take more vacations together. He didn’t react negatively to people we met calling him my “boyfriend” etc. He said it was the best vacation he has had since he can remember, and that he was able to deeply relax the whole time!
Laura R., Amsterdam
It helped so much to have both of you uncover we have a special bond, you helped us see some of our past and how its showing up between us, tools that can help us dance in the sunlight than muddle in our upset and we were so thrilled to hear that we can create a huge impact together on the world as well as feel joy together; never bored being an understatement when we are in the light. I feel and felt your presence, healing and incredible divine advice, something that will have a huge impact on my twin flame and I.
Steph and Jeff
As I sit here writing you I am still bawling my eyes out but only feel tons of joy, awe, and love..and tons and tons of gratefulness to you two. We stood at the precipice after (our session) yesterday, and for the first time, stepped off into the dark unknown fears we have carried for lifetimes. The fall was terrifying, but the landing was soft and full of love and safety like I’ve never known or experienced. We could not have done it without the two of you. We love you very much for this. We thank you for every heartbreaking moment you have ever experienced, every dark night that you wanted to die and felt so alone, for everything you went through to save us. Thank the Gods for you two. THANK YOU!!
Jen and Travis

Small Group Sessions

Transforming Blockages Small Group Sessions

These small group sessions are for members of Transforming Blockages To Your Twin Flame Union webinar series (for more about Transforming Blockages and to join us, go HERE )

In these small groups, limiited to three participants, we will do healing and guidance for any aspect of your life – mission, union, ascension or wherever you want to focus. We can focus on both 5D issues and 3D issues as you wish. These small groups are very powerful and tend to be synchronistic, so you will benefit from the healing and guidance we do with the other two group members as well.

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Here is some feedback from participants of our Small Group Sessions:

I am truly amazed at how much ground you covered for us collectively and individually! I am still processing all of the information and have had some very insightful downloads and a lot of healing and releasing energy moving through me these past few days. Not only did I receive vital information about my mission and twin flame journey, but I also feel like you unlocked some deep blockages that have affected me mind body and spirit that I hadn’t been able to access previously through other healing modalities. I am looking forward to seeing how this all continues to unfold! I really enjoyed the group session, especially since it was so synchronistic, which made it quite rich in content beyond our individual issues. I am so grateful that I found you when I did and so honored to be able to connect with you and your work. You guys are inspiring! Thanks again for all of your help and support. I so appreciate your wisdom, insight, healing gifts and humor! Until our next meeting…
Merideth B.
I wanted to drop in and give you a big wow and thank you. What you were able to show me and what I was unconscious of that has now been made conscious was very helpful. I am humbled and in complete awe of who I am and what I am actually doing here. There are not enough thank you’s. As far as being in the group, for me, it allowed me the chance to assist and be a part of the power that multiples have. Until now I had felt alone. But with the group’s energy, it opens up boundless possibilities.
Nicole F.
Thank you so much for that wonderful session last night. It was such a whole feeling to be working with other twins on this unique journey. I was so touched to hear their stories and powerful things they are working though. Also deeply inspired by your guidance and homework. It was a really powerful experience that I am deeply grateful for. I feel so blessed to have been guided to you! Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Hailey J.
It is truly the first time since I’ve been on the Twin Flame journey when I no longer deny what I am, and I’m embracing my mission. I feel joy (re. learning about her underlying anger) because when I found this ‘wonderful news’ and I didn’t go defense (at least not consciously), and I did not run. It’s always great to work with you! And I’m very grateful for these small groups.
I hope they continue.
Thank you so much!! I want to let you know since the call last Thursday I’m feeling so good and my twin is feeling lighter too! Thanks for my homework 🙂 I’ve been focusing on connecting w him in higher realms and it feels amazing!

Individual Sessions

Transforming Blockages Healing and Guidance Sessions

These sessions are for members of Transforming Blockages To Your Twin Flame Union webinar series (for more about Transforming Blockages and to join us, go HERE )

Individual sessions with us include:

An Akashic record reading/soul reading for you and your twin flame/soul connection

Multi-dimensional healing and guidance guided by what you want to focus on, including:

  • Your twin flame union / mission

  • Your mission/life purpose

  • The ascension process

  • Your 3D path

  • Past life issues

  • Healing the inner child

  • Abundance and manifestation

  • Being in divine power

  • Clearing ancestral templates

  • Past life vows, contracts and agreements

  • Other relationships (your spouse or ex, your twin flame’s spouse or ex, etc.)

  • Soul group issues

As of June 2018, we have 150 pages of unsolicited positive feedback from our clients and from webinar participants, sharing their healing, transformation, and positive life shifts (including in their twin flame union, mission, and overall well-being). You can view a sample of these HERE

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