World Service – Training & Healing



We invite participants of Transforming Blockages who want to broaden their mission to join this four-part series on world service!  This will be both a practical and spiritual training.  Participants will learn how to transform negative energies in their community as well as in broader areas anywhere in the world, and learn how to build in positive energies.

We will cover the following areas:

* Helping to heal energies in your community, for the people and the land

* Learn how to do distance healing anywhere in the world 

* Learn the types of issues you can clear and how to do it

* How you and you loved ones might be impacted by various negative energies when you do this broad healing work, and what you can do to resolve it

* How to become more solid and powerful and access high beings so you can become more effective and, in the process, greatly benefit from this world service work

Understand and how to resolve issues for yourself, other participants, and for the team when you do world service with a group

Important note: When we do very powerful healing work, it’s possible for previously frozen energies to come up to be healed that may be painful for some people. Participants of Transforming Blockages have learned many tools to transform emotional and other energies, and they have our ongoing support if they get stuck. However, please be aware that this series is only for participants of Transforming Blockages who feel fairly solid and who do ongoing healing work for themselves. You can choose to participate in this healing series later on if the timing is not right for you now.