What If One or Both of Us Is Married?



Many twin flames experience great suffering because they meet their twin “out of the blue” and they are married or in a relationship, perhaps with children, with existing commitments and responsibilities.  This webinar focuses on one of the most painful and difficult aspects of the journey for many twin flames -what if one (or both) of us is married?  What now?

In our experience, it is very possible to navigate the twin flame journey harmoniously if one or both of you is married. It takes a deeper understanding of the situation, and a great deal of growing – but it can be done.

When Jill and Remi met, Jill was married with two younger kids, so we teach what we know from our own experience as well as working with many married twin flames in all kinds of situations.

We will tackle the following situations, among others:

  • I’m not sure if I should leave my marriage to be with my twin
  • My twin is married and won’t leave his/her spouse
  • I’m married and I want to leave to be with my twin, but I’m afraid I will mess up my life (and everyone else’s) if I do
  • My spouse is safe, my twin is scary, but my soul is pulling me to leave, help!
  • I’m afraid my kids/boss/mom/society will hate me if I get a divorce
  • Can I stay married and still do my mission with my twin flame?
  • How long should I wait for a married twin, or should I move on?

We will also look at the deeper “soul story” and some of the issues that are happening when you meet your twin and one or both of you is married, and do healing for you and your twin flame so that you can make choices that align with your soul and your mission.