Dancing with Your Twin Flame: Hidden Selves



I (Jill) will never forget the first time I had contact with one of Remi’s “hidden selves.”  It was near the beginning of our union, I said something that triggered him, and before I knew it, I was dealing with an angry, pouty, resentful “child” – where had my beloved gone?

All I knew how to do at that point was to try to reason with him and get the “real Remi” back – which didn’t work at all.  Then I retreated to the bedroom and spent most of the night crying wondering what the heck had happened and how we could fix this.

Remi, of course, had the same experience with me – though my “hidden selves” showed up differently than his did, the experience for him was the same – Jeckyll into Hyde, beloved into “someone else.”

For example, I have a very strong inner mother, who believes the kids should always come first and the beloved should take a very major back seat until they are all grown up – who cares about twin flame union or mission.

I also have an inner lover who would love to ship the kids off to a very great boarding school where they would be happy without me, and run away into the sunset with my beloved.

And an inner mystic who just wants to live in a crystal tower and channel Spirit all day, then sneak out and meet my beloved at midnight, then come back to the tower by morning for another day of blessed solitude…

You get the idea.  And Remi has his own set of hidden selves – and so do you and your twin flame.  And they are all interacting with each other and thinking they are right and deserve to run the show!  You can imagine how complicated it can get with all of these parts – instead of a dance, it can look and feel more like a battle, within you and between you.

We did these battles over and over before we figured out what was going on.

For us, working with our hidden selves has been one of the single most helpful things we’ve done in our journey.  As we’ve become aware of them, in ourselves and each other, transformed and matured them, and helped them dance together as a healthy team within us and between us, our hidden selves have become increasingly powerful helpers in our union and mission.

This webinar is to teach you how to do this for yourselves and your twin flame connection.