Transforming Blockages: Going Higher and Deeper



For those of you who’ve taken Transforming Blockages, we joyfully invite you to go on our next transformational adventure with us!

Transforming Blockages: Going Higher and Deeper is our powerful new series, using the seven main chakras as our portals for each class, plus clearing and activating the 12 chakra system (Earth Star, Soul Star, and beyond), and doing healing and clearing for your Monad and Logos (and beyond).  This series is profoundly healing and activating, taking you into your next levels of ascension, healing, mission, and union.

We work at the following levels: individual (within you), your mission and life purpose (out into the world), and your twin flame union (sacred relationship).  Although we will be covering relationship issues, this series is for non-twin flames as well and you can use it for your individual growth only if you choose.

We do transformational work with you on the following topics:

Earth Star:   Connecting with the Divine Energy of Earth, bringing Heaven to Earth more fully (for you and your twin)

First chakra:  Trust and dependency — Healing survival issues, Creating an inner sense of safety in the world and in relationship

Second Chakra:  Manifesting, Money, Creativity, Sexuality

Third Chakra:  Honoring oneself more deeply, Healthy boundaries, Healing substance abuse/addiction (for you and your twin)

Fourth Chakra:  Healing and opening the many chambers of the heart, Healing unresolved loss and depression, Deeper forgiveness toward ourselves and others

Fifth Chakra:  Aligning with Divine Will, Expressing yourself (in the world and with your twin flame/beloved)

Sixth Chakra:  Healing our thoughts & belief systems, Increasing intuition, Clearing delusions

Seventh Chakra:  Your purpose in life, Connecting more fully with Spirit/the Divine, Becoming a more powerful creator

and Higher:  Opening the Soul Star and above, Clearing and upgrading for your soul group, extended soul group, Monad, Logos and beyond

We can’t wait to take this next level of the journey with you!