Power of Eight Group – wait list only


**Both Groups are full.  If you’d like to be added to the waitlist, please email us with “Power of Eight Waitlist” in the subject line and we’ll let you know if a spot opens.

Welcome to the Power of Eight!  You will be working in a powerful group of eight souls, harnessing the Divine field of consciousness and the power of intention, to transform and manifest in any area of your life.

We combine Transforming Blockages healing techniques, intuitive guidance and healing from the two of us, intention setting, quantum consciousness work, divine energy activations, and the “Power of Eight” manifestation vortex to bring you a very transformational experience!

We get regular feedback from past participants of this series that this group brought major life changes — both inner and outer — and we are thrilled to be offering this once again! It also creates a wonderful community with the group of 8, and most past groups have continued to meet in some form after the series was over. 

This series is open to all participants of our Transforming Blockages series and is for you if:

* You are ready for a quantum leap and big shifts in your life
* You are familiar with the Transforming Blockages tools and practice them regularly (we will be giving you homework!)
* You can commit to showing up for each of our six meetings (barring emergency of course)
* You are ready to do the inner work and take guided action steps to transform and manifest

*Important note: full commitment and live participation is required in this group as we will be working with group members individually and using the Power of Eight to manifest for each of you.  We will be taking 8 registrations only, and then will begin a waitlist.  If you have participated in a past group, we ask that you email us your interest, and and we will offer spots to past participants on a space-available basis.

*Our first group is full, so we’re now registering for Group Two, which will meet Mondays at 12:30 pm Pacific on March 4, 11, 18, 25 and April 1 and 8.  

We are excited to see who shows up to transform and create with us in this powerful field!

Feedback from past participants:

“My overall being has improved exponentially.  My work and mission are flourishing.  My relationship with my beloved twin flame is getting better all the time.  I’m growing and learning to love and take care of myself and my twin sees this and it’s helping him grow as well.  Everything in my life continues to go up, including my confidence level. My health is excellent and I’m more open to miracles than I ever was before.  Once again 5 stars across the board.  I really looked forward to this group and it was so nice to get to know the other goddesses.” ~ M.O.

“I feel calmer and clearer on what my mission is, and how my work now plays a part in it. I’m excited about the next steps in terms of getting more fully on mission – and these steps have manifested. I have cleared a lot of fears about being on mission and in power.  I think this series has helped me to maintain equilibrium in a really difficult part of my life (in 3D at least) – and to stay in my power with a person who used to scare me. All sorts has happened during the 12 weeks – it’s almost breathtaking looking back at how much has happened. I think this series has helped me to stay grounded and connected – thank you both so much for that.”  ~ G.M.

“Since the group working together, I have been running to catch up with myself.  Here are the outward results (edited for space):

  1. I purchased a condo in the City of Chicago AND Moved!  (this was a huge thing for me because I felt that I had no roots as I have zero blood family and have been separated from my twin and I am from Hadar where the planet blew up). 

  2. I rented an office space to do healing work from.  HUGE HUGE HUGE step…

  3. I just got an upgrade in my day job…it is a position that will allow me to reveal a more high vibration in my day to day affairs and is a step in the direction of developing my healing work and being able to transition.

My entire Life has shifted since the group.  AND I have been reconnected with my twin.  Amazing. You guys are amazing!!!!  Thank you so much!!!!  Holy Cow! ”  ~ M.K.