Out of Bed & into the Fire: Damage Control During Relationship Breakdown




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This is a “how to” manual for separating couples and for professionals who want to help reduce the negative impact of relationship breakdown.

For Couples: In this very important guide, you will learn how to reduce the damage of relationship breakdown to yourselves and your children (if you have any) as you go through “purification by fire” during the emotional and legal process. This manual will teach you how to have more control of the process and may save you many thousands of dollars. As part of this, you will learn how to find the best lawyer for your needs, to work together with your lawyer as a team, and how your lawyer can be your best friend in the process. Finally, you will learn how to separate with as little damage as possible to you and your family, overall, for the long term, while also protecting the best interests of your children, including their safety and well-being.

For Lawyers: This manual is a “must read” if you’re interested in learning how to work in a way that helps to reduce the negative impact of relationship breakdown and, potentially, earn more money in the process. Whether or not you’re already trained in mediation or collaborative family law, this manual will provide you with an approach that can assist you to do reduce damage with your matrimonial clients and their families, no matter how upset they might be. Research has shown that 50% of divorcing clients end up dissatisfied with their lawyers, even if they win their case, because these clients feel that the lawyer charged too much and used methods that were too adversarial. This manual will teach you how to have many more satisfied clients, who will then want to work with you on other issues in the future and refer their friends to you as well. Although adversarial methods must be used in some cases, the fact is that only 3 to 5% of divorces end up going to court. Why not access more of the clients who don’t want to fight in court? Here you will learn how to work with them in ways that suit their needs.

For Therapists and Mediators: Psychologists, social workers, family therapists and mediators – learn how to maximize your effectiveness when working with couples in the crisis of relationship breakdown by using the “Navigating the Divorce Process” approach outlined in this manual. As well as gaining more clients for this work and increasing your effectiveness with separating clients overall, imagine your satisfaction at the end of the day, knowing that you’ve been instrumental in elevating the functioning of both your clients and their lawyers.

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