Other Players in Your Twin Flame Connection



Think of the twin flame union process as in some ways a cosmic chess game where the twin flames are the king and the queen — and yet we have a lot of other players on the board.

We have exes, current partners, past partners, children, well-meaning friends, jealous other people, kids, our family of origin, clan, co-workers, etc. All of these players can impact the twin flame union very profoundly.

How do we as twin flames keep ourselves the king and the queen of the chess board, not letting other players dictate what is essentially a divine union and a soul contract that is important for humanity, while at the same time, showing respect and care and making sure that we’re attending to the highest good of everyone in our lives?

We help you make sense of these complexities with “other players” in our twin flame journeys, while doing healing and giving you practical tools to handle it all!