Twin Flames: Navigating the Journey (six-part webinar)



As a twin flame, you are gifted the opportunity to have one of the highest and most blessed of human experiences on Earth.  You hold in your hands the keys to reaching and living in vast states of bliss, harmony, and oneness consciousness, and becoming a living template for a new paradigm of love, relationship, and divine partnership.

This is no fairy tale — this is your possible reality.  But in fairy tales, it’s the two meet, marry and “live happily ever after” — no work required!  For twin flames, the story is quite different (as you all well know!).

The twin flame journey is both an intensely spiritual experience – and one that requires an enormous amount of mastery, skill, and practical, grounded knowledge to keep making progress on this journey.  This webinar series covers both the practical and the spiritual aspects of union, grounded in our seven-year journey as twin flames, as well as with our experience with clients over the years and feedback from them and from webinar participants.

We’ll be discussing the essential healing and transformational tasks of each area relating to union, the common pitfalls and how to avoid them, how to increase the likelihood of fuller union with your twin flame this lifetime, and how to make the journey less about suffering, and more about bliss.

Join us — and welcome to your next level of union, mission, and ascension!