Co-Dependency vs. Twin Flame Love



As advanced souls who often have dysfunctional childhoods, and didn’t learn healthy boundaries growing up, we can tend to have issues with co-dependency and not know where the line is crossed between unconditional love and being a doormat.

As twin flames, we’re here to upgrade the templates of love on the planet, yet most of us don’t (yet!) know how.

In this webinar, we’ll talk about how co-dependency differs from twin flame acceptance, love and surrender; how to set good boundaries in the 3D while being unconditionally open and loving in the twin flame journey, how to recognize abusive behavior vs. twin flame acting out and how to handle both. We do lots of healing in this webinar for you and your twin flame.

Here’s some feedback from a participant:

“You have outdone yourselves yet again with this webinar. It was so exceptional and helpful! Such amazing insights!

The merging of psychology concepts and spiritual principles and healing work has just unraveled another layer for me and helps me relax, focus on mission and Source Love. Things are really feeling clearer.” ~ R.G.