Blueprinter Souls



Are you a Blueprinter Soul? Blueprinters are a group of souls who have come on a special assignment to Earth — to help shift the planet from old templates into the “New Earth” frequency.

Each Blueprinter has a deep connection to the divine “blueprint” of this planet, and each has their own unique mission related to this. Some are here to help shift the planet into divine love, some are here to connect with locations that have been through war or trauma to help transform them, some to help people understand and manifest inner power, some to transform certain grid points on Earth, some to resolve polarity and heal rifts between the masculine and feminine, or between different cultures and religions, and so on…

Many of you Blueprinters are also twin flames, and have a shared mission with your twin as well. All of you have a big job to do! However, in our work with you, we have come to know that many of you share some common blocks that get in the way of you being in your power and fulfilling your mission. This results in you hiding out and playing small, and this serves no one, including you!

Lots of Blueprinters find us and quite a high percentage of our clients are Blueprinters — as a big part of our mission is to help you so that you can help the world. Many other soul groups here on Earth at this time have a shared mission with the Blueprinters — we’re all in this together¬†.

If you know or believe you are a Blueprinter, please join us for this transformational webinar just for you! This webinar will help you transform these blocks, learn how to understand yourself as a Blueprinter, and manifest your unique mission on Earth more fully. We will make time during the webinar to answer your questions about life on Earth as a Blueprinter Soul.

While this webinar is designed especially for Blueprinters, those of you from other soul groups who feel a resonance with this will benefit too — each of us is essential to the current shift happening on Earth, and many of the things we’ll be helping the Blueprinters with will assist you too. If you are a healer, coach, teacher, or guide, you likely have Blueprinters in your client group, so this webinar will help you understand and learn how to help this special group of souls!