All About the Men!



This webinar focuses on understanding and healing twin flame men – whether you are one, or love one -and want to understand more fully how you, your twin, and your relationship ticks and how to be with all that.

Most males have a harder time with the twin flame connection than females – partly because of the difficult ancestral and collective templates they have taken on as part of their mission, partly because of how they relate to intense emotions, and partly because of the male/female relating dynamics.

In this webinar, we will help you understand it all more effectively and give you the tools to be more fully present in the twin flame connection, whether you are male or female. If you are a female this will help you have a deeper understanding of your male twin, and teach you how to use your feminine twin flame energy in a way that draws him closer and helps him heal, rather than pushes him away or overwhelms him. If you are male, this webinar will help you be more fully on your mission, help you be more in the relationship with your twin if you’re with her, or how to take steps toward her in a way that’s likely to be effective if you’re apart.