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Healer Training Groups

If you are wanting to make quantum leaps in your journey of union, ascension and healing with our support, are willing to learn and use the tools you need to do your own healing work, and are ready to take positive action steps in your life – this group is for you!

Learn using our methods

If you are called to work as a healer/transformer and learn from us using our methods, this group is for you!

Healer Training Group, Level One: The first stage is in a small group format, maximum of 6 per group, meeting twice a month for three months (total of six meetings) to practice your skills, have a community of practice partners, and receive training and guidance from us.

You need to have completed the entire webinar series Transforming Blockages to Your Twin Flame Union before registering for this training, as you will need all the healing tools to participate here.

An aspect of the program is your own personal transformation, so a portion of each meeting will be focused on individual healing as well. These groups result in major transformation and ascension for the most if not all participants. We will be guiding and supporting you through this process.

Group meeting times will be determined by participants’ availability and time zone. You will be contacted once you register to get your time and day preferences.

Healer Training Group, Level Two: After completing the first level, participants will be supervised in a small group process as they work with clients.

Individual Supervision & Training: Participants can choose to work with us in individual supervision instead or along with group work.

Certification: We are currently planning a certification process. The time participants have worked with us will be counted toward the certification when this is ready to proceed.

For helping professionals with a minimum of a Master’s degree in the helping field, the individual and group supervision can count toward accreditation with the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, the world-wide accrediting body in this field.

Feedback from past participants of our Healer Training Groups:

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I am grateful for all the effort and support and encouragement you have given us throughout. My mission is on fire at the moment and I have never felt so full of vigor in relation to life purpose. I’m experiencing improved relationships with my loved ones and the Universe is providing many lovely opportunities.

You have navigated as trainers with grace , understanding and when needed a firm hand (haha) and again I am so grateful with your generosity – both of you in sharing your insights.
I have learnt so much from how you and Jill do healing work and complement each other and the two of you as trainers has been equally important for me in balancing my own methods as a healer

Sereena S.
Training with Jill and Rémi (and the other training participants) took me where I now feel an accomplished junior healer. As the training is now ending, I have new clients and very close fellow healers to move forward alongside and get support and help from. I learned how to go about a healing piece, gained knowledge and become self assured because you do it with Remi and Jill’s immediate feedback.
Stephanie P.

Before taking (the Healer’s Training), I didn’t believe I was a healer. Now I know I am one. The training allowed me to develop and trust in my healing skills, to speed up my own healing process and get to know a group of powerful beautiful souls. It was one of the most important things to happen to me in 2017.

Taitane D.
Learning your techniques for clearing and healing were helpful and inspiring. I find your matter of fact approach to dealing with dark energies is so needed at this time on earth. I also appreciate how you combine various modalities and traditions to weave together a multidimensional approach to working with advanced souls in varying states of awakening who at times find themselves like fish out of water.
I often refer to your approach as spoken healing or co-creating with the divine. This approach deepens your own divine connection to your twin and soul group. It helps you remove your own blocks to source in the process, so it is a layered approach. The self-development aspect was quite intense!! and brought up new and old (and twin) issues to the surface for me to deal with.
The end result was empowering personally and professionally
Casey G.
These calls feel like a meeting of the tribal elders. It’s nice to be with family, and the deepening connection in working with these other healers is beyond touching.
Hailey J.