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Understanding The Chasms at the Top of the Twin Flame Journey

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Think of a pyramid – wide at the bottom, narrow at the top. When we are younger souls, we can think of ourselves at more the bottom of the pyramid, with a lot of vast space to explore and experience many things on Earth and other galaxies. We have a lot of room to roam, the goal is experience and learning as a soul.

As we ascend throughout our many liftetimes, and we go up in the pyramid (up in vibration), the path narrows, as the Higher Self begins to direct our path in a more focused way, so we can have the experiences we need to go up to the higher levels. The path of initiation and the mastery tests we are sent become more intense, more directed.

When we connect with our twin flames and begin the process of sacred union, we have traveled a vast deal of territory, we are very experienced souls – we are getting near the top of the pyramid. When we meet and activate the union process, we are ready to ascend. We begin the final process, the final lessons – we tie up all our loose ends. This process happens very fast and is very intense, and no stone may be left unturned at these levels. We are not off the spiritual hook anymore.

Any flaws, any bad habits, any old wounds and fears must be transmuted if we want to continue the journey, and we are kept at certain levels until we transform these things. Only light may go all the way up, so all of our darkness must come up to be cleared.

You may have heard us use the analogy of the “first goose.” When geese fly in their formation in the shape of the “v”, there is a “first goose” who flies at the front, and has the hardest job as it is hitting the air and creating a current for the geese who fly behind them. Twin flames are very much “first geese” – we are all flying ahead, taking on the hardest jobs, the toughest air, breaking ground for those who follow. Even clearing a family or ancestral template is being a first goose, the first to fully fly free and therefore help others in your ancestral line do so too. It is a path of service.

Up here, near the top of the pyramid when union is in full activation, we are meeting our last challenges, our “last goose” – or more accurately, our “last geese” – the deepest chasms of our shadow that we have left for last. We have met our “ring pass not” – the tasks that must be done before we reach the very top and ascend with our twin flames.

Think of it as you have a to-do list that includes going to the dentist, but you really don’t want to go to the dentist. It’s your very worst fear. So you do everything else on the list first – pay the bills, walk the dog, even the unpleasant tasks get done first, but the one that strikes your heart with fear, we tend to avoid until we can’t avoid any more. The pain of the tooth can’t be ignored.

In meeting our twin flame, we get to go to the dentist. Many of us have healed and transmuted a very great deal – we have dealt with many aspects of being and ascended quite high. But there are still our “dentist” areas that we avoid because they are filled with such pockets of pain and fear – our “last geese.” Our twin flame can often accurately see what our last geese are, and until now, we have been blind to them. Even when they mirror them, we try to avoid seeing it. And we can see theirs, and they can be blind to theirs as well. We all really, really want to avoid going to the dentist!

One of the greatest gifts of the twin flame journey, even though it doesn’t feel like it at the time, is that our “last geese” are pointed out to us through our twins – and some last geese are only accessible through the deepest portals of sacred union. We have only been able to access and see with the help of the twin flame connection.

Think of these as being very deep chasms – you are flying quite high and then, ooops, down you go into a deep dark chasm, full of shadows and monsters. Then you transmute, then up you go again, higher than you could before. Ascending, then falling, then ascending higher, then falling deeper, and so on.

The question is not, will you go there – the question is, how will you handle yourself when you do. And how you will you handle it when your twin flame is in a chasm of their own.

We think these places are to be avoided, when in fact they are the keys that allow us to go up and stabilize at a higher level. But again, we need to know how to handle ourselves here.

Not knowing how to handle ourselves (and our twins) when go down in these chasms is one of the main reasons many twin flames fall apart at this level.

We see it in the other, but we don’t see it in ourselves. We can see them in their chasm, and judge and blame them, but we don’t realize we are avoiding our own.

This is not the warm pink fluffy twin flame stuff, this is the deep mystery school that if you want full embodied union, and to go all the way to the top — you must attend to and master.

What we are talking about is deep, embodied sacred union with your twin flame – going all the way into the sacred mystery until you are one at all levels.

And this has become our work. Our task now is honing in on learning and mastering how to ascend and descend – the heights and the chasms, that is the very heart of the union process. Mastery at all levels, union at all levels, all the way to the top.


If you want to join us, we are offering our core healing techniques webinar that will give you the tools to do a great deal of your healing yourself, without being dependent on other healers, psychics, etc. This saves you a great deal of time, heartache, and money if you learn how to do it yourself. Then you can reach out for high-level guidance when you get stuck, but you can fly more powerfully on your own. We begin live on Tuesday, July 3 at 11 am Pacific.  Link to register is below.  (If you are live in a developing country, are a single parent, or receiving public assistance, please contact us for a reduced rate for this or any other of our webinars).

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Sacred Longing Vs. Obsession

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Many of us don’t understand the difference between sacred longing and obsession, and this causes such a great deal of pain and confusion in the twin flame journey!

Simply put, sacred longing is the divine yearning for what is for us – who and what our soul wants to be, do, experience.  Obsession happens when the ego jumps on the sacred longing train – and tries to drive.

Sacred longing is at the heart of every twin flame journey, and in fact every journey our soul wants to take this lifetime.

Sacred longing is straight from the soul – it is divine.  It lets us know where our soul longs to be, and points us in the direction our divine self wishes to go.

Sacred longing is an onboard navigational tool that will give us a very big clue about what is in our highest good – it’s the soul saying a very big YES and making sure we pay attention to that which we are meant to have, be, or do.  It lights us up inside and makes us feel an inner sense of bliss and excitement.

As twin flames, we have an inbuilt sacred longing for our twin flame, an inextinguishable fire that burns bright within us.  No amount of “water” — doubt, negativity, other people’s opinions, our own fears – can put out this fire, no matter how hard we try.

Most of us are not taught how to handle sacred longing with mastery and skill, therefore many of us (before we know better) either try to push it away, or cling to it with attachment, neither of which works very well at all.

So many twin flames getting confused on this point.  There are many people telling us to “let go” of our twin flames, and yet many twin flames find this impossible, and feel like failures for being unable to do this – but on some level it just feels “wrong.” On the other hand, some of us try desperately to merge with our twin flames in order to complete something that is missing in us, to fill hole in us.

The issue here is the difference between sacred longing, which is of the soul, and obsession, which is of the ego.

Obsession comes in two forms: sacred longing + ego/attachment, or small self yearning (our ego desires, which often push us away from our twin flame).

When our sacred longing for our twin turns into obsession, we have attached ego to this high vibration connection – and we all know how that goes!  We go into clinging, trying to control, trying to “get” something from our twin flame (a commitment, or them to “do something” we want them to do, to be different in some way).  The very predictable reaction from our twin flame is to push away from such energy, hence the “running” we all know so much about.

Or we become the “runner” – pushing them away because we don’t know how to handle the connection in a high vibration way.

This dynamic is built in to the twin flame union energy for a reason – our twins are programmed to push us away when we try to “get” something from them that is based on ego or control (and vice versa).  it actually protects you from building a lower vibration connection with your twin flame, therefore perpetuating the very dynamic twin flames are here to transform.

In the old paradigm of relationship, your partner is supposed to “complete” you, meet your needs, give you what you cannot yet give yourself.  The problem with this, of course, is that you become dependent on that person in order to feel whole, to feel loved, to feel good.  Then when they are not available, and when/if they leave, you go into great suffering and are immediately seeking the next person/thing to fill that hole within you.  You are not free (and neither is the other person In this connection, who must act a certain way in order for you to feel ok).  It is a connection based on lack and control, not freedom and unconditional love.

As we all probably know by now, twin flames are here to do something different.

We are here to be in our own divine sovereign power, in our own beingness of unconditional love and divine wisdom – and so are they – then we can merge with our beloved in union at a higher level.  There is no dependence, and not overly independent, but a sacred, dancing interdependence filled with the energy of the divine masculine, the divine feminine (whatever gender the twins are, this makes no difference) and the Divine third energy (the holy Spirit).

The only thing that can fill that hole is becoming that which you seek and going straight to the source rather than outside yourself – to God/Spirit/the Divine Presence.  Not your twin flame.

So what is a twin flame to do?  First, to try to get rid of sacred longing won’t work – but you need to point it in the right direction.  Direct your sacred longing in three ways:

  • Toward the Divine
  • Toward your sacred life purpose/your mission to serve humanity
  • Toward fiercely healing and transforming all obstacles to union, within you and between you and your twin flame

That’s it!  Easy to say, challenging to do – in fact many spiritual teachings have many volumes and chapters about methods to do this.  The ego is a tricky little bugger and has all kinds of tricks up its sleeve to get this process going haywire.  You don’t have to let it.

You are more powerful than all of the forces that try to separate you from your twin, but you must become a master at using and direction your twin flame energy in the proper direction(s) rather than letting it run amok and go in the wrong direction.

To your union, with all our love,

Jill & Remi

P.S. If you want help mastering this and other aspects of your twin flame journey, you are warmly invited to join us for our upcoming webinar series Twin Flames: Navigating the Journey, beginning next Saturday, March 10!  We will be teaching you the many areas where twin flames can go astray, and will give you a map on how to go to a higher and higher level as obstructions come up.  Like all of our webinars, this one is transformational, so join us for upgrades and positive shifts in your union, mission, and ascension!  You can find out more the register here: http://twinflamehealers.com/product/navigating-the-journey/

If you want to learn the methods we use for our own healing, and what we use with our clients, you are welcome to join our Transforming Blockages to Your Twin Flame Union series, which comes with ongoing support for your journey.  Find more and register here:  http://twinflamehealers.com/product/transforming-blockages-to-your-twin-flame-union/


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Twin Flame Valentine’s

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Valentine’s Day celebrates “love” – hearts and flowers and jewelry type of love.

Twin flame love is so much more.

For us (Jill and Remi) to truly love each other and be together the way we are now, we’ve had to go into our darkest deepest emotional basements and purge out our old fears, wounds and beliefs, let go of all attachment (to pretty much everything, including the ways we wanted each other to “meet our needs” or be different in any way), jumped over many “impossible” hurdles to be together, walked through the fires of transformation over and over again, done countless hours of healing and clearing, faced our deepest shadow selves (both within and together), opened our hearts of compassion to everything that is “unlovable” in ourselves and each other…

We’ve been through hundreds of hours of crying, purging through rage, feeling abandoned, feeling unfairly treated, judging, blaming, thinking the other guy was the problem (nope!), stuck in old habits, thinking we were right when really we were just holding onto something out of fear…

It has not been a “hearts and flowers” type of journey!

Your twin flame journey has likely not been filled with a lot of hearts and flowers either.  That is because – that is not what you are here for!  You are here for so much more.

As a twin flame, you are so much more than a “lover” – you are a sacred alchemist.

“Love” on Earth is going through a transformation, coming home to its roots of what it is intended to be, and finally taking flower on the Earth plane.

You, brave soul, come to Earth with a plan — the wonderful idea that you and your twin flame would be a part of this revolution happening today, that you would play your part. You knew it wouldn’t be easy, you knew you would have to give up and sacrifice much, you knew you would be going against the grain of what others taught you to think, feel, believe and want.  Yet we forget that is what we are up to, and we yearn for the “hearts and flowers” anyway.  We need to remember who we are and what we’re really up to.

If you think of the twin flame journey as more of an epic adventure like the Wizard of Oz, Harry Potter, the Lord of the Rings – rather than the “love” stories we are raised to believe in – you’ll have a much better map of what this journey really is and what you can expect.

It’s a hero’s journey – and if you start off trying to wear a princess dress (or the male version of one), you’re going to figure out pretty soon that’s not what is needed!  Better take off the satin and put on your adventure gear.

This journey is about so much more than you and your small self, your attachments and desires.  In fact, the more you let go of all of that, the more you receive.  All hero’s journeys are done for a bigger purpose, and you and your journey are no different — you are here to help transform the world.

You need a hero’s map and a hero’s tools, you need to know where you’re going and how to meet the challenges along the way.  And you need to remember your twin flame in all of this — they are on their own hero’s journey too.

They haven’t shown up on the white horse yet to rescue you because they aren’t supposed to — this is a co-creation where we are both the heroes.  In this story, there is no guaranteed “end” — that is up to you, depending on the inner work you do, the choices you make and the actions you take.  It’s your hero’s journey after all.

If you’re not with your twin now, and are feeling lonely and deprived today when others are out there with their hearts and flowers, remember what you came for is so much more than that. Set your eye on a higher prize.

Re-imagine today as a sacred celebration of you and your twin flame as embodiments of the divine whose story is not yet made its full arc.  You are still on the adventure.  Fill yourself today with appreciation for all you’ve been through, what you’ve endured, what you’ve learned, how you’ve grown and transformed.  Look for the richness in this journey, rather than what you lack.  If you look, you will find it.

Take your seat as the divine transformational being you are.  Let go of the old “dream” – it wasn’t really your truest dream anyway, it was just what you were conditioned to believe.  Take your new “dream” – that of a cosmic epic adventure where you are a hero in a very great story, complete with heroes, villains, and lots of hardship and difficulty – and also unexpected help, miracles when you least expect them, magical experiences that defy belief, and sacred companions for the journey.

Journey on, sacred adventurer!  We’ll see you on the path <3.

All our love,

Jill & Remi


© Twin Flame Healers 2018

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Power, manifestation, abundance — and your twin flame union

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We cannot emphasize this enough: power, manifestation, abundance and mission ALL relate to your twin flame union. If you have an imbalance or lack in any of these areas, it will show up in your union process. Full 3D union cannot, and will not, happen until you have transformed a very great deal in all aspects and dimensions of yourself, including these areas.

It can be tempting to think we can just hang out in the clouds and not worry about these things, and somehow union will magically manifest – that idea is out there and some people believe it. We see way too many twin flames waiting for some outside force in perfect divine timing to deliver their twin to their front door, while they avoid doing the deep work of inner transformation, being in power, on mission, or taking charge of abundance and manifestation in their life.

Your twin flame is not meant to replace anything in your life, and they will not fill a void for you that you are meant to fill with your own creation. Being a twin flame in union is being a powerful creator and a sovereign divine being, no less.

If you want to be in fuller union, you need to get in your power, get on your mission, and learn how to manifest – including how to manifest abundance using your sacred gifts. Healers and other world servers need to learn to be in sacred exchange with the world – and to value your gifts and your service.

We see way too many gifted healers donating (or charging peanuts for) their services to friends and family, while (sometimes literally, sometimes figuratively) living in their mother’s basement, and working a job that has no alignment with their life purpose to make ends meet. Whom does this serve? Not you, and not your clients either!

While on the outside it may look like being a giving and caring soul, what it is really doing is keeping you down at a lower level than you could be, busy scrambling for rent each month (and feeling crappy) instead of devoting yourself to becoming a more masterful healer, and living in higher vibration on Earth, and making a powerful impact on the world. When you commit more deeply to giving your gifts and honoring yourself as a healer/server, you open doors to serving many more at a higher and more powerful level.

Money can be a dirty word in spiritual circles – and it doesn’t have to be. It’s a symbol for value, giving and receiving, and can absolutely be as spiritual as anything else. It can also be a symbol for what you value and can give you important clues about what needs to be healed, transformed, or upgraded in your life.

We’ve noticed absolutely that people don’t value what comes to them free, easy, or cheap nearly as much as if they have to reach a bit deeper and make a bigger commitment. True story: we have given a number of free sessions over the years, and it happens far more than not that the person will not show up, be late, or in some way sabotage the gift. That is because that is a pattern in their life – and it shows up everywhere – and yes, including in their twin flame union.

Same with personal power – many advanced souls see that as a dirty word. But it is anything but. Our viewpoint is that it is part of your sacred calling on Earth as an advanced soul and twin flame — to go into your power and give to the world from there. As you’ve heard us say before – you can’t accomplish much, and certainly not lasting 3D union with our twin flame, unless you’re in your power.

And, no — it isn’t easy. Twin flames and other advanced souls tend to struggle with both money and power because of past lives where we got our heads chopped off for speaking our truth or being healers, old family and collective beliefs, feelings of being unworthy or ashamed, childhood wounds, past lives where we misused power, fear of hurting others, and so on. Better to be a pleasant, harmless, limp noodle instead, right?

That’s what we used to think. We both went from being small little mice hiding in a corner, afraid to make a peep, to giving in small ways, to taking small steps, then bigger steps, then big leaps into world service. The same can be true for you. The tools are out there — use them. And this isn’t making a one-time or small effort — what gets you results is using your tools for healing and clearing, and TAKING ACTION toward your goals over and over and over again — that is what gets you where you want to go.

You are not serving people by serving their smallness or lack (or your own either). And if you are not on your mission, or don’t know how to generate abundance doing what you love – better get going. Far better to rise up in your own mission, power, and abundance and help them get there too.

As you go up, you create pathways for others to go up too. There is a law in physics called “entrainment,” whereby nearby energies go into resonance with each other. In entrainment, it isn’t the most positive vibration that “wins” – it’s the most powerful vibration that does. Our view is that it is all of our job to become powerful “entrainers” to help lift humanity up. As Sai Baba said, everyone should regarding themselves as a messenger of God/the Divine.

Imagine a world of lit-up healers, world servers, transformers, alchemists and so on who are all engaged in sacred, abundant exchange with the world – and inspiring others to do so? THAT is part of what we are here to create – and you are too.

Think of your gifts – and how are you giving them to the world? How are you valuing and honoring yourself as a healer/transformer/teacher, etc.? And in this, how are you modeling for others that this is possible and do-able? How much more could you be serving the world by engaging in deeper, more committed sacred exchange?

We hope that you – as we do — want to work with people who want to make a commitment to their own healing and growth — otherwise you can end up with people who aren’t committed and will stand you up or show up less for their own healing in some way, or “spiritual tourists” who are just looking for the next interesting, cheap, easy or free thing while avoiding the real work of ascension, mission, and union. No thank you – we don’t have time for that, and we suspect you don’t either.

So please don’t let anyone tell you that don’t deserve to give your gifts to the world in sacred exchange. It doesn’t mean you can’t give things away – tithing is a wonderful thing – donating or giving away as you see fit and are guided to. This is why we do a combo of free calls, videos, and cheaper webinars, all the way up to the fuller, more powerful transformational series where you need to make more of an investment, and receive even more as a return (both from us, and from yourself).

In this system, people can come in at whatever level they are currently manifesting, or where they are ready to take a leap up and create at the next level and commit to something more – it’s up to them. Then we never feel taken advantage of, and we are confident that anyone who needs our help can get it at whatever level they are aligned to. Win-win.

So we hope this inspires those of you who are major wizards, or “wizards in training” – healers, transformers, writers, teachers, way-showers, template-changers, and so on — to get in power, clear what stands in the way of you being on your mission, living your life in alignment with your sacred life purpose and twin flame union, and sharing your gifts in a way that honors your gifts and inspires and lifts others up in the process –and helps you create fuller, deeper twin flame union.

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For those of you feeling discouraged on your twin flame path…

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For those of you feeling discouraged in your twin flame path…

Remember the saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day” — well neither are twin flame unions.

This is a deep, transformative journey and for many twin flames it is a long (long!) process — a spiritual marathon that requires more than we think we have inside us sometimes. We’ve come up with 45 different areas that we see as crucial to transform and/or upgrade in order to ascend, be on your mission, and come into union more fully with your twin flame. 45!!! Until you have taken ALL the steps and focused on ALL of the areas you need to — don’t give up! It just means there is more to transform. And you can do it — you were built for it. You just need a map and tools — and you need to keep at it and not give up. Persistence is key.

In 2018, on planet Earth, there is no reason why anyone who wants to heal, transform and come into union cannot do this. We’re not talking about “everyone can have 3D union” because from what we can tell some will and some won’t — and for some twin flames that is not even the plan.

3D union or not — the twin flame path is still a massive gift (and if you’re not seeing it like this, you have some things to clear and transform). Even for those who are not “planning” full union this lifetime, or for whom it will not happen — you can make such huge strides in ascension, mission and high vibration existence, and help the planet anyway — and why not give it EVERYTHING you have?

You are here on the planet for a reason — and that reason is so much bigger than you and your human experience this lifetime. You are a divine eternal being who is here on Earth to transform on behalf of humanity and to help Earth ascend — that’s our perspective. And twin flames have an even bigger job — to create a transformed, unified field of energy that creates massive waves of transformation, healing and love that is helping this planet ascend. We know this because we have experienced it, and we have seen it from some of you.

Yes all of this transformation is a huge job and yes it can take awhile to see 3D results, and it can be tempting to want to “give up” and quit doing the work. But where does that leave you? Not on your divine path, and for sure, no closer to union! Remember if you do the work: “No evidence, no evidence, no evidence — big evidence!” Yes, and yes! If you haven’t seen the “evidence” yet — keep going, because it’s coming.

And you have bigger challenges or more to transform than most — great — that means you are a powerful soul who is likely here to be a teacher, healer, wayshower, alchemist, transformer, etc. — or have some other big mission. Don’t see yourself as a “hopeless case” — you’re not.

The gifts that come on this journey are many — and the further and higher you go, the more gifts you receive — and there are NO EXCEPTIONS if you keep at it. Trust us, you are not the one person that will not “get it” if you truly really commit to your path and transformation, your mission, union and ascension and DO THE WORK required.

This is not a quick and easy “fix” — don’t expect it to be.

But you can expect — and receive — miracles and upgrades if you know what need to transform, and have the tools to transform it. And you can expect — and receive — both 5D and 3D results (though they may not show up in the forms you expect) if you keep going and don’t give up. You are no exception to this rule, it is spiritual truth.

ASK for help if you need it — it will come. And if you’re feeling totally stuck and blocked, and you’re doing healing work already, most likely there is a hidden block you can’t see — reach out for help for someone who really knows what they’re doing to help you. ONE hidden block can stop you in your tracks until you clear it — but again, all you have to do is see it (or get someone to help you see it), transform it, and on your way you are.

Our most powerful blocks can be our most powerful gifts once we transform them. And as you transform them, you learn something in the process, and then you can share it with others, and it all helps you on your path anyway. You can’t lose — keep going, keep going, keep going!


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New Year’s Message and Update from Jill & Remi

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Happy New Year Everyone! An update and message from us:
2017 was in many ways a “retrograde” year for us. As we’ve written before, one of Jill’s kids got thrown a major challenge that changed everything for us very quickly. Before this happened, we had some big plans and were very excited about what we were planning to create — and that had to all go out the window as we needed “all hands on deck” to deal with what he was going through.
As a result, there was lots happening in the inner world, but our outer creativity and productivity slowed way down….and we had to surrender, be with what is, and not what we think “should” be. As two twins on a mission, this was HARD! We needed to trust that what was happening was giving us all gifts even if what “we” wanted was something else. At the same time, we needed to be powerful in the midst of everything and not let the challenges sink us – to keep saying yes to our mission or our union – to keep going in the midst of it all. Surrender and power — the two wings of the bird. Yin and yang. Union.
Now, at the beginning of the new year, we’re seeing the results of what we went through, deeply and clearly. Our union survived a massive test and we went through a massive initiation. As you all know – this ain’t easy (and that’s an understatement)! We know that two or three years ago we would have handled it so differently (and so much worse!) – but with who we are and what we know now, we used it to go even higher. We can report – not to toot our own horn, but more to show you what is possible and what you can have too – that despite all of the intense fires we were going through, we did not have ONE argument – no blasting, no blaming, no running away, no grasping out of fear – since our challenges began in July. That’s six months (and counting), certified twin flame conflict free – woo-hoo!
As a result of all of this, we are receiving massive gifts that we’re just now seeing the first glimpses of.
We stand in a new place. The union here is mind-blowing. When I (Jill) first read Jenna Forrest’s twin flame stages, it really resonated, and I wondered “what would harmony and radiance feel like?” We’re beginning to know. We’re experienced enough to know all the stages contain their own challenges, so we don’t believe we’re on total easy street – and yet – we have achieved harmony (for now) and are experiencing more and more radiance, and we can tell you – it’s incredible. And this is what we want for you too!
We often joke that if people really knew what we went through to get here they might run for the hills – but we do share ourselves and our journeys, even many of the yikesy parts, for this reason – so you DO know how much it takes to get what you’re hoping for. And that you can do it too! You have to go through major fires of transformation and keep saying “yes.” It’s a mix of surrender and power – deeper and deeper at each level. And as you go, your power, your love, and your wisdom increases exponentially until you become, literally, a new being. That’s what we’re all up to on this journey.
We haven’t had it any easier than you have – we’ve had to go through all the stages and challenges just like you – we had a pre-existing marriage, a big age difference, kids, an international border issue, childhood trauma, and so on – we’re no different from many of you.
And, we want to tell you – we’re hearing from more and more twins that we’ve worked with that they are experiencing shifts in their union – reconnecting, going higher – including from people who’ve been apart for many years — it’s all incredible!
We don’t share any of this to make you envious (believe us, no one would be envious of our 2017!), we write it to inspire you to what you can have too. Yes, we have “the prize” – twin flame union in harmony and beginning radiance – but we have worked for it, we have been willing to go through massive fires, and let everything go that stood in the way. We got here by persistence and not giving up, and using the tools we know work to help us heal and transform – and we’re here to give this to you too.
Our intention in 2018 is to help you all get MORE of what you’re here for – and to help you not be afraid of what it takes to get it! You can do this! If we can, you can, so make 2018 your year to pull out all the stops and go for it! Twin flames unite!
All our love,
Jill & Remi
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Twin Flames: No “One Size Fits All”

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Wow it’s a wild world out there right now in twin flame land! Some twins who have been teaching together have gone their separate ways. Some have become born-again Christians and renounced the twin flame concept altogether. Some are embracing their solitude and telling others to forget about your twin flame — it’s all about you. Some are claiming to be able to get you to “manifest” your twin flame — ready or not! The messages are all over the map — do this, do that, let go, it’s all an illusion, no it’s not — no wonder so many twin flames’ heads are spinning!

The truth is — there is no “one size fits all” path for twin flames. Each of you is unique, and each has your own path to walk through this wild journey.

There are on the planet at this time a huge diversity of souls. Earth is part of a huge divine experiment/learning experience and much of it is beyond our 3D human comprehension. What we can tell you for sure is that you are unique with your own soul’s plan that you have laid out for yourself this lifetime – and if you are a twin flame, you and your twin have made these plans together.

For some, your soul’s path is to transcend the need for a physical connection with your twin flame and fly solo for now, and that is perfect for you at this time. But for others, it is your soul’s deepest calling to merge in physical union and give union your all, and that is your right path (as it was for us). Anyone who tells you that you must take the path they are taking, or that you are “wrong” for the path you are taking has a lot to learn, just sayin.’

Think of the blind man and the elephant story: “an elephant is only a trunk” or “an elephant is only a tail.” When you read any “one size fits all” advice, that’s what’s happening — that person is speaking from a slice of the twin flame journey — and a limited perspective. But we can tell you from working with thousands of twin flames – there’s a whole elephant out there!

In our Akashic record readings, we work with 18 primary soul groups of origination – where you come from originally – your “soul family.” In addition to your primary soul group, each person has their own primary energy center — one of seven, based on the chakra system. (Some people call these the “rays” — blue ray, etc. and that each twin flame pair belongs to one of the rays). Some of you are volunteers assisting humanity, some are here as souls on a journey to learn and grow, some are here merely to teach or heal and raise vibrations, some are here to bring codes of unconditional love or true power, and so on.

Each of us has our own unique set of DNA – both spiritual and physical. We belong to Earth families as well as soul families, and all of that plays out in how we need to live our lives and take our journeys. Twin flames have decided before incarnation what their plan would be – and because Earth is a free will zone filled with untransmuted energy, it can be easy to forget the plan and get caught up in a “thread” or timeline that may not have been part of the original plan, and the twin flames must adapt and find a new way through.

This is a multidimensional, very complex path — don’t get fooled by offers of quick or easy fixes, promises or guarantees of physical union with your twin flame, or anyone who wants you to become dependent on them and their teachings. It goes without saying to avoid teachers with lower consciousness than you have (you can feel this), huge egos (you can feel this too!) or anyone or anything that just feels “off” to you. It doesn’t mean they are wrong (although they might be) — they are walking their own path too. You don’t need to judge, just be in your power and know that their teaching is not right for you at this time.

Certain teachings may be a fit for you at some point in your journey, then they no longer are and you need something different. Some of you (like us) like to “mix and match” from different teachings and traditions and find your own recipe, which is ever evolving. Don’t worry if what once resonated for you no longer does — you’ve just evolved and your awareness has too.

Please be very discerning with “channeled” material — some of it is great, when it comes from a higher dimensional source coming through a clear and clean channel. But some is being filtered through lower consciousness, and some channeled material is distorted by negative energies in order to confuse people and try to lead people astray.  Any teachings that are based on someone’s untested channeled ideas but no real wisdom or experience, have little or no benefit for twin flames actually walking the path.

Ask your own higher/large self to guide you — at all times. Because this path is so tricky and complex, it can really help to have teachers, healers, and guides when you need them — but have your discernment button switched to “on” at all times. Trust your intuition, find what deeply resonates for you, and follow that.

Leave the rest for those for whom it resonates — and don’t get caught up in confusion just because so many people are saying contradictory things. Remember the elephant — we may be experiencing only the trunk or the tail right now, but ultimately we are all meant to see and experience the whole elephant — transcending polarity, duality and limited consciousness and dancing in the bliss of Oneness.

For now, find your own way, and let the rest go. 

©Twin Flame Healers 2017

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Down the Rabbit Hole and Back Again: Dancing at a Higher Level as Twins

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Dear Ones,

It’s been awhile! We got an email last week asking us if we’d fallen down the rabbit hole. Our answer: yes!

We’ve been on quite a journey, which has taken us down roads we never expected to go, pushing us up the ladder of initiation, testing us, transforming us, and ultimately changing and expanding what we thought our lives and work would be.

It started back in July, when Jill’s son started experiencing strange and troubling symptoms “out of the blue”. We saw very quickly that he was being taken through major purification to catch up to where we were. In response to his crisis, we also would be being tested, strengthened and purified. We saw that all of this was to help all three of us go to a higher level together, and would ultimately help us learn in order to help other twin flames going through their own tests and challenges more fully.

In spiritual terms — it was all good — but the 3D was another story! Before we knew it, we were down the rabbit hole of a world of parent/stepparent with a child going through a severe difficulty. Everything changed for us — our upcoming plans, where we had planned to live — all of our carefully constructed dreams came crashing down.

While we were grieving, we were also clear: we were in the midst of an orchestrated initiation/mastery test. While essential in the path of ascension and union, these tests are never “fun.” They can take many forms, but often come in the form of a major 3D challenge, as we were going through.

Since we are way showers and mapmakers, we’re also twin flame guinea pigs — we knew we were being taken through it not only for our own growth, but so we can help create a broader template — and this level was new for us.

Though we might not have the map of this experience fully complete yet, we know what it did for us so far. It helped us heal a split between twin flame union and and the family template (divine mother/divine father) that both of us have struggled with greatly, and tested our union at higher levels of “fires and purification.”

Our higher selves were asking: Can you hold together as a twin flame pair up here, with all of this challenge going on? Will you do what you did before, or can you do it differently now?

Where we fell apart before, we stood strong now.

To get through it, we HAD to come together as divine parents. Remi had to step into the role of “divine father” for Jill’s kids and embrace Jill’s “divine mother” — a role he had resisted before. And Jill had to be fully present mother and twin flame partner both — which she has struggled with. In this situation, we merged our twin flame selves with our divine mother and father — more union within us and between us. Ahhhh! What a major relief.

And now, we’re much more able to help twin flames to heal more broadly, not only for the individuals and the twin couple, but also in relation to the parenting aspect that can be so challenging for so many twin flames — how to come together more fully when there are children in the mix.

It requires very deep healing for both twin flames in relation to both their inner divine mother and father, healing for their inner child in relation to the parenting they got (this and other lifetimes), and transforming of the broader collective energy (family, ancestry and collective consciousness) we all carry.

This is not just about parenting — it’s about taking the challenges and mystery thrown at us by the Universe, and rather than try to hold onto the old and pretend we’re solid and stable at all times, to dive into the mysteries and “falling apart” for a time — knowing it is taking us to a new level, with ultimately more to give.

And this is one of the main reasons we share ourselves with you — so you can see our struggles and how we resolve them, what we learn, and what we do with all of this — to help you do the same with your own challenges and lives, as individuals and twin flames.

To share the riches of our learning and growth with you, we’re inviting you all to join us for some upcoming events:

We are offering a free call where we will be sharing some of our learning with you, doing healing work for everyone on the call, and introducing a new phase of our work, on Wednesday, November 8, at 11 am. The link to register is here:

Twin Flame Free Call

Beginning on November 11, we are offering four new transformational webinars on topics we have found crucial to helping our own union — focusing on the twin flame dance within us and between us. You can join us for any single webinar, or get the whole series at a discount.

Here’s the series:

11/11: Dancing With Your Twin Flame: Hidden Selves

11/18: Dancing With Your Twin Flame: Communication

12/2: Dancing With Your Twin Flame: Reconnecting After Separation

12/9: Dancing With Your Twin Flame: The Goddess Within

Details and registration can be found here: Dancing With Your Twin Flame.

If this inspires you, join us! We look very much forward to sharing with you what we’ve learned in our own journey, and helping you in yours.

To your transformation and union, with all our love,

Jill & Remi

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Twin Flames: Don’t Give Up!

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You are — all of us twin flames are — on a journey of sacred union with your divine self. When you meet your twin flame, this process is shifted into high gear and there is no turning back. You can fight it, you can try to wish it away, you can see it as a curse and an impediment — but all of these things bring more pain and don’t allow you to experience all of the riches that are there.

Your twin flame is not a separate person who is “doing anything” to you — they are another aspect of you that is serving you on all levels of your path. They are you! So giving up on them, turning away, judgment, unforgiveness, seeing them as “unawakened” or “not deserving” of your love or healing — all represent a misunderstanding of what is really going on.

Your twin flame serves you at every level of your being, at every stage of your journey. When you are still dealing with co-dependence (defined as feeling and acting incomplete within yourself and searching for this completeness outside of you), your twin flame will deliver this incompleteness to you on a silver platter. They will refuse to “be there” and meet these “needs” (which are really just conditioned beliefs that another person can do this for us). Eventually, because of this lack, you will be directed to Source (God/the Divine Presence) and you will find that fulfillment within. Then the twin flame dance can shift, and they can show up to dance more fully with you.

If you have “given up” on your twin flame, this is a stage in the journey. You are tired and need a rest and a break and a shift in your focus and energy. You have been working hard and maybe are not seeing the “results” you had hoped for at this point; you worry it’s all an illusion and you are wasting your time. You have been focused too much “out there” and need to go deeper within to find what you are looking for. Shift your thinking from “giving up” to “going within” as that is what you are really being guided to do. Focus on your own healing, ascension and service/mission and things will rebalance for you. Be kind to yourself, you have been through some hard things.

Yes, this journey is hard — our egos are being purified through fire and we are clearing templates for humanity — do we think this is going to be easy? We are called over and over again to give up what is lower for what is higher — and the world is full of things telling us to go low. We are called to choose love and forgiveness over and over. We are called to go within. We are called to become our own healers, our own gurus, our own lovers, get on our path of mission and service, and fight all of the monsters on the path along the way (that are really here to make us stronger). We have been through hellfire and back. So have any true twin flames who have kept going on this journey.

The ones who have “succeeded” — and there are many ways to “succeed” — have done so in large part by their persistence. They — we — don’t give up. Yes, this is hard — and you can do it. You came to Earth for it, you are built for it. You are a twin flame. You are here for a reason. Keep going, keep going, keep going…

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Twin Flame Union: How To Get out of the Way

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The twin flame connection will cure your co-dependence – if you let it. It will actually pretty much cure everything. It’s like the ultimate soul medicine.

So much of it to us, in navigating the twin flame journey, is allowing that process to happen and not getting in the way. Getting out of the way of what this connection is trying to do for us.

It’s trying to heal you. It’s trying to bring you closer to God. It’s trying to upgrade you in every way possible. It’s trying to get you on your mission and in your life purpose. It’s trying to bring you joy and happiness.

But so many of us don’t know how to work with the energies. If you let the process work, if you get out of the way of it, miracles happen. We’ll say it again: miracles happen when you get out of the way of what the twin flame energies are doing.

It’s like God on steroids — there is nothing better and yet so many people miss the show.

We have too — we’ve absolutely missed the show at times. By focusing on what we don’t have, what we’re not getting, what’s wrong. What your twin flame is not doing, what they’re not saying, how it’s not turning into a marriage right now…

Forget all that for now — really. If you want that, you’ve gotta do this first.

So, how do you “get out of the way” of your twin flame union and let it work its magic and miracles for you?

The first key is “trust” and you can’t skip this step — to trust and to know that this process is being orchestrated for you. Your job is to go where it wants you to go, and trust that it is taking you right into heaven on earth, because it is (if you let it).  Too many of us are being “dragged kicking and screaming into heaven” because we haven’t been taught some essential things.

Twin flame union and ascension go in an ascending spiral — you are always going up but the spiral needs to take you down in regular waves as part of the process.  The “downs” look like deep feelings, triggers, 3D challenges and difficulties, with our twin flame and in life in general.

I (Jill) trained as a rites of passage/initiation guide many years ago, and this training gave me an invaluable gift in this twin flame journey.  I was taught the cycles of growth — how death is necessary for rebirth and goes so much easier if we embrace it, say yes to it, know how to lean into it rather than push it away.

I deeply knew and trusted, by the time I met Remi, that things are always going “up” — but to get “up” we have to say yes to “down.”  There is an ever-ascending spiral and we are on it.

We need to know how to surf these waves and say yes to the ebb and flow of this process.  As we handle these things, we go up higher than we could have before.

We have too many examples to count at this point of the way things have happened to challenge us, then turned out to be the very medicine we needed to get us where we wanted and needed to go.  It’s not very smart to get mad at the Universe for orchestrating things on our behalf.  Yet we do.  Or at least we used to, haha.

We do know better now and usually get ourselves out of that mindset very quickly.  To us now, the question is “what is Spirit doing with us?” Sometimes we get answers, sometimes we don’t — we need to just live it and trust that the “answers” will come.  Sometimes it isn’t an answer at all — it’s an experience, that we may never fully understand.  But we will feel the results, and they will take us to the next level, every time.  Every time.  And this is true for you, too.

So many times we misunderstand the blessings being orchestrated on our behalf because they look (and sometimes feel) so bad.  But this is only on the surface.  Under the surface, in the deep workings of things, there is infinite beauty, magic and grace, and if we could understand this, suffering would be over.

Notice we said “suffering” — not “pain.”  Pain is part of life, but suffering is not caused by pain.  It is caused by resistance to flow — trying to make something go away, or trying to make something stay that wants to move — and by misunderstanding what is happening and as a result, believing the (usually negative) stories we tell ourselves.

Feel the feeling, drop the story.

Any feeling, fully felt, will move — that’s what feelings do when we get out of the way — and will eventually turn into peace, relief, and even bliss.  Don’t believe us — try it for yourself.  The next time you have a feeling, instead of going into a story about it, just breathe and feel.  Let it move.  If you start to go into your head and tell yourself a story, breathe again and dive into the feeling.  Watch what happens.

As a teacher of mine says: when you fear no feeling, you are free.  Truth.

When you know how to fully feel, and get out of your head and telling yourself scary and unkind stories about yourself, your twin, the Universe, God and life — you can ride the waves of ascension, right into mastery.

Think of a bird, riding the thermals upward — that’s the feeling you’re going for.

When you hit a challenge, the sooner you can accept that it’s something being orchestrated for you to make you stronger, to transform you, to help you become more powerful and more loving — the sooner you can ascend.  Feel the feeling, drop the story, go with guidance.  Ask “what is Spirit bringing me now?” and “What is being asked of me?”

Let’s all give ourselves a break right now for all of the years we’ve been getting in our own way — riding the waves of ascension is not exactly a life skill we’re taught in school (or in most families).  In fact, it’s the opposite — we’re taught the illusion of control and linear “reality” when really nothing could be further from the truth.

There are more skills needed here for sure — we need to know when there are outside energies or forces that need to be transformed.  We need to know when physical action is required (and then take it!) and to know when we’re guided to just feel and be (and then just feel and be).

We need to know when to stop doing something, leave a job or relationship that no longer serves us, give up some comfort or security for the sake of something greater.  We need to learn “when the horse dies — get off.”  No matter how scary or impossible that may feel.

We need to grow and mature in our understanding of what is really going on and what others are up to — not just look at the surface of things and base our lives on shallow understanding (misunderstanding).  We need to become masters of compassion and power, the masculine and feminine energies.  We need to create and live a sacred dance of union within.

How could we ever be bored on this journey?  Once you have a deeper understanding of what is going on, judgment will end.  You will still have discernment as this is necessary, but there will be no more judgment of anything — yourself, your twin flame, what is happening.  You will develop an awakened curiosity at each new thing life throws at you — “hmm, what is Spirit up to now?”  And when you get it, ahhh….you will only want to say “yes.”  And then watch the magic and miracles unfold, as they want to, as they are meant to.  And then you won’t want to be anywhere else, but on this journey, right now.